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Live Photo

Lesson 8 from: How To Take Amazing Photos With Your iPhone

Jared Platt

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8. Live Photo

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Lesson Info

Live Photo

There's something called live photos in your photo application. You'll find the live photos option here at the very top of the photograph in the middle. Or, if you're in the horizontal. It's on the left hand side of the right hand side, depending on which way you have the camera oriented. But it's a circle. It looks like a target looks a little bit like a target. Now that target, if it's lit, if it's yellow, is going to be on. That means that it's going to actually be. Recording a video file is well as the photograph. So if I want it off, I just simply click on it. And now it says, live off. So if I'm gonna photograph, we're just gonna take a photo of There we go. All right, ready? So I'm gonna just take a photo. This is just a photo, not a live photo. So there you go. That's nice. Okay, so you can see that the photograph itself, it's just a photo. It's a still photo. We can zoom into it. But when I go back to the camera and I turn on the live option now, it's actually gonna be recordi...

ng a video. So go ahead and do something interesting or cute for me. Hold on. And Perfect. And you'll notice that the icon up at the top where it says F walk. It changed during the exposure that tells you how long it's recording. Now, when we go back to the photos, you can see up in the top left hand corner, it says Live on it. That means that it actually has video. And if I just simply press on the photograph on hold, I get to actually see the photograph move. It also does that when you swipe over to it, you'll see it moves well, so that's live photos. It's a very simple process, but it is a small video file as well as a photograph all the same time.

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a Creativelive Student

This is a fast and very effective course. The teacher is excellent with his great teaching skills. Really recommended!


This course was quick and full of very specific ways to use the iPhone 7 Plus and its abilities. I only own an iPhone 6 and still found this class useful. Even though I've taken thousands of images with my phone I STILL learned a couple things I didn't know. If you have questions about your iPhone camera I would absolutely recommend this course. Well worth the money.

Vincent SMINK

Great class, with all the basics you need to take good photo's. Some interesting extra's that I wasn't aware off! Just start here and then move on!

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