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Lesson 7 from: How To Take Amazing Photos With Your iPhone

Jared Platt

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7. Filters

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I also notice in your photo application that there is a little icon on the top left or top, right, depending on what orientation urine. And if I click on that button, that is for filters. So if I click on those filters, it gives me a set of options for filters. I could have none in the center, which will leave me just the way the photograph is. Or if I click in here, I can choose some black and white options. Over here, the war is a lot more drastic. You got process cross processing down here. You've got instant chrome like a whole bunch of different types. And for me, this garage looks really kind of a little spooky to begin with, So I'm going to use the cross process. You can see that. Now it's got this really interesting look to it. So I'm gonna take the picture with the filter already in force. Now, be careful because if you choose to shoot with the filter on because you're shooting a J peg, you're actually going to be shooting the photograph and processing it, and you can't go bac...

k to the original color. So if you'd rather wait and do these kind of effects afterwards. That's a good idea. But if you know that this is what you want, you want to put that filter on it, then go ahead and put it on there now. And that way you can see what you're getting before you even take the picture. So we're gonna take a picture here and remember the HDRs still active. So these these processes or these filters can be used in other photo modes. So you don't You don't have to use them only in one specific mode. So here we are. We're doing an HDR shot, and I'm gonna take this photograph with the cross process filter in place. And here we go. There we go. And now you can see that I've got two shots here. I've got the original and across process, which allows us to see a little bit more of the detail of the window. But that's how you use the filters in your camera. And to turn them off, just simply click on the filter button again and click on the middle panel, which says none. And now you're back to a normal mode with no filters in place

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a Creativelive Student

This is a fast and very effective course. The teacher is excellent with his great teaching skills. Really recommended!


This course was quick and full of very specific ways to use the iPhone 7 Plus and its abilities. I only own an iPhone 6 and still found this class useful. Even though I've taken thousands of images with my phone I STILL learned a couple things I didn't know. If you have questions about your iPhone camera I would absolutely recommend this course. Well worth the money.

Vincent SMINK

Great class, with all the basics you need to take good photo's. Some interesting extra's that I wasn't aware off! Just start here and then move on!

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