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What is the USP

Lesson 10 from: Brand Strategy and Design for Small Businesses

Haylee Powers

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Lesson Info

10. What is the USP

Lesson Info

What is the USP

brand strategy essentials. What is the U. S. P. In this lesson? You guys learn all about creating that unique selling proposition that helps you differentiate from competitors. You will then be able to take that USP with your persona combined and create something different for your target audience. Had I tried to fit in nasty gal, would have crashed and burned a long time ago. The last thing the world needs is another boring person or another boring brand. So embrace all of the things that make you different. Very few businesses are truly unique. Look around you how many coffee shops, boutiques and jewelry stores are really that different from each other. Not many. If a customer cannot see a unique reason to buy your product over your competitors, they will always settle on the least expensive option. If there isn't anything differentiating a group of products, if they seem to have the same value and quality, the cheapest product always wins. A well branded product will give the custom...

ers a meaningful reason as to why they should buy a specific product. When you have differentiated your brand, you can then add premium prices to your product. People will pay for what they value. Coffee shoes and cars are commodities. But Starbucks, Nike and Mercedes Benz our brands. People buy expensive shoes from Nike because Nike has positioned their brand in the customer's mind as superior over other shoe brands. You need to create a unique selling proposition in order to cater to your audience and differentiate, giving them a meaningful reason to choose you over your competitors. The persona you made in the last lesson will be very valuable for you to revisit as you start to create your unique selling proposition. Make sure that you are being consistent with your personas, wants and needs as you create this new U. S. P. The USP is the most important thing you will create for your brand in this course your USP is your brand's name plus your number one unique specialty A. K. A. The difference that makes the customer want to buy from you. Your USP is meant to be short, concise and distinct. Creating your USP requires you to be committed to a single path and a single big idea. You will not share your USP with anyone directly. The goal is to show the USP through the brand elements and overall experience. Many people fear picking one single difference and niche for their brand. I assure them as I will assure you that picking one niche is good. Too many brands share too much information about what they're doing, resulting in confusion for the customer. You don't need to share every single unique attribute in your USP. You need to pick one narrow path. Our brains are fickle and they can only grasp concise and simple information. When interacting with a brand, commit to one path and rise above the noise of your competitors. Some examples of solid USPS are Volvo is the number one. Safest Car Tom's by a pair. Give a pair and voodoo donuts, The donut shop tourist attraction USPS are important because they keep a strong and consistent brand. Think of the U. S. P. As the foundation of your brand or the seed of the brand. Things like your color palette, logo design, social media collateral and more all stem from the U. S. P. As the foundation. Everything is created from the U. S. P. And leads back to the U. S. P. If your USP differentiates your brand by being simple and straightforward, use minimal imagery and a simple color palette. A USP is invaluable because it sets you apart in the industry and makes a difference so clear that everyone, the manager, the customers and the janitor can repeat it. A strong U. S. P. Will result in more sales and competitive strength for your brand. Creating a USP is also very beneficial when you're rebranding. It has been transformative for many companies.

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Malik Muzamil

Haylee Powers' "Brand Strategy And Design For Small Businesses" is a must-try. Highly recommended! 👍🌟 Plus, she looks absolutely gorgeous💕. The conversational tone and practical advice make it a game-changer for small businesses.

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