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Finding the right Pro

Lesson 21 from: Brand Strategy and Design for Small Businesses

Haylee Powers

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21. Finding the right Pro

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Lesson Info

Finding the right Pro

finding the right designer in this lesson. I'll teach you guys all about finding the right designer for your specific needs by this time, you know that your design needs to follow a specific strategy. I recommend going to five or pro if you can afford it. These designers are more experienced and hand vetted and you'll usually get a more professional and more unique result with fiber Pro. Later in this lesson, you will see directions on how to access fiber and fiber Pro to find the right professional for you knowing what you want. It is so important to know what style you're going for before you start talking with the designer. This will make the process much faster and easier to make sure that you revisit your USP and your tone words when you start to brainstorm your logo design. If you are lost with the type of logo design, you want take a look at five or discover where you can look at logo designs as inspiration. You can also start working with the seller right from fiber discover wh...

ich is pretty convenient. Remember you can also just browse the design gigs on fiber defined inspiration. There are so many places you can look for great design inspiration. Remember though, just because you like what a logo looks like, doesn't mean that it fits your logo design strategy, all of the brand strategy you worked on, make sure that you find a logo style that fits what you're going for ideally you want to first and foremost allow the logo to be led by the brand strategy and research, collect up to three or more logo designs that you think would fit a brand like yours and use them as a reference for the next section. Once you have an idea of the type of logo you want, you can go to Fiverr dot com and navigate the logo design section. You will get a prompt to select either I know what I want or I need a design partner. Either of these will work to you an amazing logo on fiber but I would select I know what I want. This will then bring you to a pop up of many different logos styles. There are logos that are flat three D. Style and even hand drawn. Take a look at your inspirational logos and select the style of logo that you think best fits your brand. When you select the logo design, you will get asked if you will need to edit your logo. There will be three options. Yes. No and I'm not sure. Always select. Yes. This way, if a future designer down the line needs to edit your logo or have a very high resolution version. You will have it. The next question you will be asked is will you need to scale your logo two different sizes. Select Yes, this is valuable for the same reason as getting the source file. You may need to use your logo on a large project in the future. Your designer is now being retrieved logo sellers from all over the world will pop up for you to browse through. It is important that you do not choose just anyone. In order to get the best logo designer, you can first go down the menu on the left side and look at the cellar level, select top rated seller. This means that people are generally pleased with these sellers and they have the best ratings browse and find some awesome fiber logo designers browsing tips while you are browsing through fire. Make sure to look at each seller's reviews. If you select top seller, you will most likely be looking at people with amazing reviews. You can also use other filters to narrow your search like the language of the fiber cellar or the price. Make sure you also look at the seller's work. It is best to pick a seller that is doing work just like the work you are wanting to make sure you are happy with their past work before you hire them. You can look through their gig images to make sure they will be able to deliver what you want, communicating with the seller. When you are ready to start getting a seller, make sure you find 2-3 sellers and brief them on your project. Think of this as an interview, you may find that one seller understands your idea a bit better or perhaps has had experience in the industry you are in in order to start briefing your seller always show them your inspirational logos that you like. You can explain what you do and don't like about the examples and allow them to give their input as well. Some of the designers on Fiverr have a lot of design under their belt and can help you create something beautiful. You can also send your USP your brand persona and your tone words to the designer to help them get an idea of your brand as well. If you want to use fiber pro, the process is the same but instead you will select fiber Pro in the upper right hand corner on the home screen. This will give you access to the verified pros. So let's take a look at a bad brief together and see if we can spot the mistakes. Hello, can you make me a logo design that is cursive with different colors. I would like the logo to be playful. Thank you. Now, why do you guys think this is a bad brief, doesn't it sound a little bit vague as to what they're asking for? Let's go over their mistakes. They are asking for cursive, we know nothing about the style of the curse of they want. Are they looking for something hand lettered and custom or are they looking for a handwritten font? We are unsure of what they mean by cursive. The client is asking for different colors. We have no idea of what colors they want. The seller may try to clarify or they may just choose colors they think fits the design. The client is really leaving a lot of creative freedom for the seller. The seller and the client are most likely not thinking of the same logo colors. The client wants a playful logo. Once again the client is being very vague with the directions. The term playful logo can mean a million different things and the term playful can look different to each person. The client didn't provide a picture for reference, providing a reference picture will allow your seller to understand what you were looking for immediately. The client in the scenario is just expecting the seller to understand what they want and need. Now let's take this bad brief and rewrite it so that it is a good brief. Hello. Can you make me a logo designed with this type of hand lettering. My brand color palette is attached. One of the tone words for my brand is playful so I would like to add in some colorful dots to the design. I think they would look great surrounding the cursive font. I would also like to see some drafts if you can send a logo along before the final is due. Thank you. Do you guys see the difference between the two briefs? One is very vague and open ended and the second is showing the seller exactly what you want. Always make sure to give exact directions as for the revisions, Make sure to ask the seller to send you progress as they go right after you place an order. The seller will have a few days to complete the order and send the deliverable. It is useful practice to also ask the seller to send the first draft so that you can make comments on it instead of waiting for the final delivery. You may or may not have many revisions but you can go to each seller's page and look at their revisions included. They have different revisions included for different price points. I always prefer to communicate effectively and give the seller as much information as possible so we don't have to go through too many revisions before I get my final product back. It is good communication to be as clear as possible. So you can get the final design when you need it. Steps for brand design. You can either work with many different designers or one designer to create a whole package for you. It's totally up to you. But either way make sure you introduce your designer to your unique selling proposition, your persona and your tone words. If you want to split up each piece of your design with different sellers. Follow these steps Step one The colour Palette, your logo designer will often need an idea of your color palette for the logo design. You can either design your color palette yourself or hire someone on Fiverr to do it for you if you want to make your color palette yourself. I recommend using adobe color CC. Remember you can also leave the color palette up to your designer. They may have a better eye for color and if you do not want to do it. No worries. When I design color palettes, I always like to choose to neutral colors. This could be a gray, a white or black or even a tan. Even like a navy blue would be a neutral to me. Make sure you ask for the source file, the vector file and commercial use rights. Whenever you buy anything off of fiber Step two is the logo design. Take the color palette that you have designed for your brand with the fiber seller and give it to the logo designer. The logo designer will then be able to take your brand colors and create a logo of your choice. Remember to show the seller inspirational logos that you like. It's also great to show them something they've already done that you find inspiration from the topography and the logo mark will be included in most sellers work when topography is paired with a logo market is called the combination logo. An example of a logo type is coca cola's logo. It is your choice. If you want a logo type or a combination logo, just try to fit whatever your USP is and again make sure to have the source file the vector file and commercial rights. Step three typography. Most designs will come with a typeface for the logo, but you will also need to think about the typography that you will use and other elements of the brand. The best bet is to get a designer that can cover all three of these elements color, logo and typography.

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