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Brand Strategy Bootcamp

Scott Lancaster

Brand Strategy Bootcamp

Scott Lancaster

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Class Description


  • Clearly communicate your brand's purpose, vision, mission, values & tagline.

  • Grow your brand successfully with a proven scientific formula.

  • Build insightful customer personas to communicate with your target customer effectively.

  • Strategically out-think other brands & competition.

  • Master the 5 definitive laws of brand building.

  • Develop a founder's mindset needed to build a successful brand.

  • Verify your business idea and position it perfectly in the marketplace.

  • Decide which brand archetype is ideal for your brand to give it character and personality.


So you want to develop a successful brand strategy for your start up?

If you're an ambitious founder & entrepreneur, you'll likely want to do things right.

But starting a brand can be complex.

There are so many moving pieces.

And so much to think about.

But how do you know if your brand strategy will work?

Well what if I could guarantee your brand's strategic success?

And all you need to do is follow our step-by-step process.

This is my guarantee to you.

If you're not 110% confident that your brand strategy is perfect by the end of this course, I'll personally support you and help you perfect it.

I carefully developed a professional brand strategy action template to help you effortlessly create an effective strategy to help your brand succeed.

I can make this promise because I've been using the exact methods in this course for over a decade now.

And my proven framework to help any entrepreneur create a successful brand strategy has helped create, develop and launch thousands of brands over the years.

Many are generating millions in revenue and often go out of stock due to overwhelming demand.

This course will teach you how to develop a brand strategy that actually works.


  • Entrepreneurs & Founders wanting to develop a successful brand communication strategy

  • Freelance marketers and brand strategists looking to offer more value to their clients

  • Brand enthusiasts interested in knowing why certain businesses succeed and fail


Students only need powerpoint or keynote for the guidelines


Scott Adam Lancaster is the leading strategist for startup brands in the world, a serial entrepreneur, Fiverr Pro branding consultant & educator. His online brand building academy has helped over 25,000+ entrepreneurs successfully build their brands to date. He is also the director of Clementine House, a well respected branding agency of 10+ years, specializing in strategic brand development.

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Ratings and Reviews

Derek Williams

I was actually astounded how practical and easy this course was to implement into my own brand and put into action. Most other 'strategy' and branding courses are all theory. This course helped me go from nothing to a brand strategy in less than a few hours. Incredible and will be checking out more of their courses in future.

Josh Macphee

Concise and relevant. You can follow along with your own brand template (it is a powerpoint file FYI). Information is all very actionable and doesn't fluff on too much. The video editing can be a bit offputting at times, and the moments of humour may not be for everyone but i think the information and the structure is all on point.

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