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Workshop Recap

Lesson 33 from: How to Make Money

Ramit Sethi

Workshop Recap

Lesson 33 from: How to Make Money

Ramit Sethi

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Lesson Info

33. Workshop Recap

Lesson Info

Workshop Recap

I've had a lot of insights over the last three days I mean I've learned a lot about different types of language we use it's easy to say stuff like we have a fear of failure but what does that mean let's dig beneath the surface and connect on the actual words we use nobody ever wakes up and says I have a fear of failure what do we say? I don't think I can be that guy I didn't go to that school I don't make that much money when we are able to truly understand what people say what their hopes fears and dreams are and we could use it to help them them first always them and invariably we reap the rewards later if I tell one of my students you know what, don't join my course because you have credit card debt don't join my flagship course how do you think they're gonna feel for a minute? They maybe like I don't like this guy who is this guy but it's the right thing to do if I tell one of my students you know what? Yeah, I think this course is right for you but you should choose the cheaper op...

tion that's the right thing to do or if they should choose my my highest level program I'll tell them that this is why it's right for you and do you think I have a twinge of guilt never because I've tested it I know my material is world class like we all should whether we have clients or whether we're selling ourselves to a nine to five job so it's my obligation to show them the right thing whether it's my service low and high end or not my service and someone else's so I hope everyone here now knows that when I said this is a psychology masterclass disguised as a money in business class you see what I'm talking about everybody get that things we've covered have been ostensibly about money earning money on the side personal finance and finding your dream job but what if we really learned we learned about ourselves how we think that I'm different than everyone else? I'm a special snowflake but actually I'm not I'm not you're not none of us are I've learned that we have these messages that have been given to us like uh send in your resume right goto a jollies job fairs try really hard and you can lose those last hundred pounds those last hundred dollars you can save we never stopped to critically say is this actually working? Shall I question what all these career officers have told me? We just keep doing what most people have done and so my take is that first of all the importance of the power of psychology if we could be brutally honest with ourselves and use systems and psychological techniques they're not unethical. Has anyone felt uncomfortable with anything we've talked about over the last three days? Interesting because I remember earlier somebody said stop psychologizing me as if peering into your head is a bad thing now I have a lot of writing about psychology and ethics that I've put on my site because I'm crystal clear you could use some of this stuff for nefarious purposes, but by the time you get to master it like robert, did you think he's ever going to use it for nefarious purposes? No, because he can use it for so many more good things he can actually do much more good you could make more money and everything using it for good then what do you use it for evil anyway? What nothing people who master it invariably we'll use it to become their very best selves and help their clients as well. We'll know our own barriers to success how many of us every single person in this class hopefully every single person watching has gone through and said like I I used to beat myself up about this I used to always say this I had a negative script about money hopefully I've changed that it's our own barriers often it's usually not the economy or politics it's usually right in here systems and strategy over tactics let me say that again systems and strategy over tactics in other words, people want to know tactical maneuvers to use on your resume and in your interview negotiations etcetera systems matter strategy matters like not sitting at home and sending out your resume to everyone but rather going out to meet them but you also need better tactics than anyone else in the world the script I gave you will get you started you need to know the words to say when you go to a meeting in an interview and these are the things that we've covered in the last few days okay so I want to take a second to cover biggest insights and then we'll wrap in a few minutes what have been your biggest insights in a sentence or two sarah so when I came to creative live I thought that you know, I've been reading read stuff for a while and I had done a lot of things you know, I had taken people out to coffee but then I'd also you know, dropped off the face of the planet I've negotiate my cellar and done really well in interviews and then sort of been like a midlevel performer at these positions and what I realized coming here that I had no idea that I would figure out was that I was missing a lot of the really deep stuff a lot of the eighty percent happens before you're in the room a lot of the deep psychology and while I'm a million times better than I was when I was sending out eighty resumes a day you know, thanks to you sort of upfront um this has really think rounded out my ra meet education I love that I love that you're talking about the iceberg beneath the water the stuff that really matters but everybody else wants to focus on the tactics let him let him focus on the tactics we can't help everybody will help the people who are here watching this class will help the people who when this class ends in just a few minutes they've either made the decision to buy and be able to review this for years and years to come or they go out on a friday night they come back on monday and they say yeah, that was a great class I tweeted about it ten times now what what else do we learn way it's some I'm a photographer I have taken many workshops, I purchase equipment and with each one of those steps I keep thinking I'm going to improve but what I've completely forgotten about and I had no idea I was going to realize this here I have to know the barriers to my success and until I move those it doesn't matter how many workshops I attend I can read volumes of how to or whatever a photography books technique, whatever, but until I remove those none of that's going to absorb and come back out again so I've just realised what my to do list is awesome insight awesome kathy cry and everyone who knows me knows that I always do and I might just now um I think I've always been an over tea for and like well um it's okay okay um and I think what's completely amazing about this course is that I just and never really realize the value that added and I just feel really ready to own that feels amazing and then one technology for on behalf of often herds and weirdos for all of the hard work like it's so apparent that you have worked your ass off thank you on this not only, you know, providing like simplifying this assam but also owning it and modeling it so clearly thank you give me a hug come on I think you did an amazing job things we learn it doesn't matter if you learn it from me it doesn't matter if you learn for somebody else. The thing that matters is that we realize that doing more of the same when listening to people who perhaps don't know the right path to take us on that can take years and years off our lives um not to knock any other experts because there are many people who are very good at what they do and most people who are trying to help others believe that they're genuinely trying to help in fact, there are people who I go to that you probably wouldn't benefit from their people you go too that I wouldn't benefit from not everybody's for everybody that's one of the things we've learned haven't we were not trying to serve everybody we're trying to serve the right people, so I'm impressed that you were so open in sharing what you learned. I'm impressed that you were open enough teo teo to cry because I think like I think we should all be thinking about where we're going with our dream jobs with living a rich life and it is emotional when you think about the rest of our lives, right? The rest of our lives that's a long time do we want to do the right thing to want to be adding the maximum value? Or do we want to be struggling like quicksand trying random, pointless tactical and logistical maneuvers and always reading mohr and more books that say you need to do this or you need to do that never truly delving into the psychology. So uh I appreciate everyone coming here there's a reason I did this, I usually don't do events I certainly don't do events for free like this my material on my site is free but that's from my audience but I built a relationship with these guys I like them and I I love the creative community, I make fun of a lot of creative because they always weird pathologies, but I also deeply understand them. You said thanks to all the freaks and the weirdos, but I actually call myself a weirdo all the time. I am a weirdo in a different way. I love systems, I love him, and I think I can use systems to help other people, right? You don't have to go through all the junk that I went through negotiating rates and being laughed out of the room and stuff like that trying to test stories like a weirdo uh, to me, it gives me joy and so you can save that time and actually live a rich life a little faster and a little little better way I wantto make a couple of quick comments for things I want people to do. Okay, first of all, I want you to think about the key insights you've learned, and I want you to write them down it's easy again to watch something and kind of be like, okay, that was great, that moved me, I can't believe it, and then we go out and tomorrow we are the same person think about it, you've done this before you've watched something that moved you, you've read a book that inspired you, what happened the next day I don't think it's going to be all different unless you take a different type of action, so I want two things from the people who watched number one I want to share if you're interested in this stuff I've shared with you, I put together a page and I want to take us to thank you, paige, since my projector thing is not working um oh, here we go. This page is something that I want people to go to and sign up for its free, and I don't really care if you join my stuff for paid or not, I really don't care because you can't even pay me right now. Anyway, I want you to absorb what I've learned, what you've learned, and actually I want the opportunity to give you more stuff, okay? Lots of scripts, case studies and all that stuff. This is not about you giving me money. I told you I turned down over one million dollars a year in revenue because I forbid certain types of customers from joining my services. I want the right students. I don't want everyone I want to show you what I've learned, so you could do that right now, the second thing I want you to do is to consider joining this class as well, because we all know what happens, right? Think about where we've been think about the frustrations we've had in the last six months. I could tell you a million of them right now, we have clients, they don't pay us the right amount. We don't have an idea, we have too many ideas, we don't know how to get started like, oh, my god, I'm overwhelmed. So I get on facebook, twitter show I get business cards get llc oh my god, we don't have a system for going forward right with our money. I talked about people who complain for forty years, and they never even read one good book on money, so the reason that I did this class was to be able to give a whole new audience access to the material I've been working on for years. I was, you know what an author? Let me tell you something, and author goes on book tour book tours, grueling and largely pointless for sales and author goes on book tour because an author spent years writing a book and nobody listens to him. So it's a treat to be able to come here and speak for three days. What that twenty four hours and people like actually watching? I can't even believe this it's ridiculous it's an author's dream because, like you can see the joy in my eyes, right eye I spent my life kind of learning about this stuff and testing it. And what gives me greater joy then being able to see guys come out here and be like I got my dream job, right? I'm helping in education like to me that's being able to scale what I learned, I could keep it here, but I want to able to share it. So I put a lot of my best stuff in this course. I actually was not too keen on pricing it lo tell you the truth, my prices are much higher in some cases twenty or thirty or one hundred times higher, but I know the audience here, it's creative's. I know that a lot of them are struggling toe have, uh, grow their client base, find the right clients who don't nickel and dime them all the time. I know I was there, I had people who said fifteen dollars an hour that's pretty pricey that's probably gonna be out of our budget, like fifteen bucks. I should be charging seventy five dollars an hour and they're balking at fifteen. And I just couldn't understand what was I doing wrong? What was I doing wrong? Was it the paper that I was writing my proposal on? Was it the words I was using and it turned out I had lost way back here, I didn't even know it, and so I systematically deconstructed all that I wanted to figure out. How do I take myself first and get through that step to raise my rates? As I mentioned from twenty bucks an hour to, like three thousand an hour, which is a ridiculous price, and then I wanted to test it on other people, I put thousands of people through my material hopefully the material we've covered in these three days can give you just one insight. I don't know what you guys I feel like one insight is worth it. I'm not even talking about the price I really don't care could be ten dollars, it could be a thousand dollars think about the last time you had a game changing insight, how many games, how many people had at least one game changing in sight in the last three days? Okay, I'm not even going to go higher and that I think we all did. I did myself um, so I think that we can all use this course, and I know the price is going up, so I agree with you kind of like if you're going to join it, you might as well join it now saved one hundred bucks used one hundred bucks to take some people out to coffee that's my recommendation, right? But I do think that you're going to learn a lot from what we had in the course anybody have a book, you read where you read it once a year and you discover deeper and deeper insights let me know what I'm talking about, who here believes that robert would watch this course and see a totally different level of detail than we see he's at a completely different level. Imagine you put yourself in your mind, let's say, you're you've got a business, you've got a few clients, you've got your charging forty dollars an hour imagine you some of the techniques I believe you should already be able to raise your rates thirty percent if you followed along and taken notes, I believe that let's say, six months from now, you actually raise your rate to seventy dollars an hour doing great work, work with clients, and now you're stuck. I don't know how to raise my rates or I'm not sure about a subtle positioning item because this person wants me to help them, but I don't really want to deal with them, and what do I do? Open up the video, of course, check it out on your phone, see the right thing, make that game changing insight dean found that inside earlier, when he called the friend, used the script raises rates by three x instantly propelled himself from thirty to ninety dollars an hour all of us can find one game changing insight it's why I find it so surprising that people say hey rami I'm thinking about getting this book it seems okay from the amazon reviews but what do you think I'm like why are you wasting my time with this stupid question the book cost ten dollars all right bye it read it and if it doesn't work what have you lost two hours of your life but if it does make a change that's one game changing inside you will have for the rest of your life so I'm not going to belabor the point it's been a thrill to be here I hope you get the course hope you sign up for the you are all so I can send you a bunch of amazing material but most of all I want to thank chase I want to thank the entire crew rick for coordinating and putting up with me uh I'm not try to be easy but you know my goal is to be a diva so what am I gonna do I am I going to do so on I want to thank you guys for coming here you know you applied you put videos together that's pretty harrowing stuff he came up on stage he answered questions it's not easy and I want to thank the folks watching of course are wonderful moderators get undressed I want to thank the people watching as well, and mostly thanks everybody for giving me the opportunity to share. You know, the stuff that I've worked on for years. I hope it has helped you to. I'll see you soon. Well, on behalf of everyone around, you have a way.

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This course changed my life. After watching Ramit on Creative Live, I bought his book, then signed up for his newsletter, then bought several of his classes. You could say I am officially drinking the Ramit Kool-aid now, but I'll tell you why... His stuff works. You have to trust the system, but I've been able to create a rich life for myself by my definition of rich and I am so happy. It takes work, but I am so grateful I found Ramit in my 20s so I can truly enjoy my 30s over the next decade. Without this course, I would still be complaining that people don't want to hire me because my prices are too high and whining that I am not valued, when in reality, the problem was me. Thanks Ramit for always speaking the hard truths and giving people wake-up calls to get their act together and live the life they want... It's possible!

Adrian Farr

Ramit is a huge inspiration, he is not just a 'been there and made loads of money' kind of guy, he is a 'been there and made loads of money, and here's how I did it' kind of guy! Ramit really gets down to helping you understand not only how to make money but also how to save it too. I am looking forward to reading his book and plan to implement a lot of his systems into my own life.


I have taken a few business classes for creatives online, but this is by far the most comprehensive, most practical course of all. Especially for someone like me who loves Ramit's work but has not made a decision to commit to his full courses, this is a great introduction for what he can offer. He pushes you to think outside the box and see all the possibilities that we can have in a very clear, logical way. If you are unsure which class to take to learn about business, this is all you need.

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