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Identifying Your Dream Job

Lesson 25 from: How to Make Money

Ramit Sethi

Identifying Your Dream Job

Lesson 25 from: How to Make Money

Ramit Sethi

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Lesson Info

25. Identifying Your Dream Job

Lesson Info

Identifying Your Dream Job

The first step we know is the hardest in fact, in my dream job course which is eight weeks long uh we spend half half the course on discovering what my dream job is now that's pretty interesting I think because when people first start talking about dream job they literally come to me there like I want to know howto get the perfect resume so they can send it out like sen sen sen sen sen this resume and I'm like slow down just like when you start talking about growing your business, people want to come to me se ra meet how do I acquire people on twitter, twitter, twitter, facebook, twitter I'm like slow down let's find out who's our ideal client what is my idea let's? Test it so the reason I do this I want to show you a quick diagram that we use imagine imagine you have two people, okay? And you have one person who starts sending resumes out they start here they're sending resumes out there sending resumes out and they're just going like this right slow, slow, slow up and down slow they'...

re sending out a lot of residents, let's say like anybody knows, someone who sent out like ten resumes weak or twenty resumes a week easily what's the most you've ever heard someone sending out of their resume eighty in a week, eighty in a week ugh it was before I had sort of stumbled upon the remains path you better I wouldn't refund all your money and banned you so here's what happens to my students let's say I'm just saying this is the average unwashed masses person ok ok they haven't read my stuff so what happens to yeah I said it what happens to and I will teach you the rich or a dream job student alright they'll actually start off here now again if this is just number of resumes and this is time they'll start off here and they'll actually just like it appears that they're not actually sending out any resume they're not so meanwhile they see this person are becoming increasingly concerned like a dude what are you doing? This dream job course is a scam my friend sent out one hundred twenty five resumes and I'm like slow down because what are they doing in this time? Anybody no uh huh there doing the deep research that almost no one else will do remember yesterday when I give you that nordstrom example where you know you're like a thirty five year old classy woman and you see a sixteen year old girl wearing the same shirt is you and what do you do close the window imagine if you're hiring manager and you get resumes from people who are just like applying for a marketing coordinator advertising direct response copyright all kinds of weird positions not targeted to you, so during this time, which is, by the way, four weeks out of the eight week course, they're doing very deep research stuff that we're going to talk about today, they're actually discovering what their dream job is down to a very specific level. We're going to ask in a second, what is your dream job? And what most people do is they actually come up with really vague comments? Let's, try it. What is your dream job? Let's? Ask people on the web, I don't want to hear it, but I want specifically to talk for this moment about a nine to five job. Okay, so a nine to five job, what is your dream job? I want to show you something that you're gonna see, so as soon as we have those answers on the way, we're going to see it. What mice as we're collecting those answers, what my students are doing is learning how to get super specific. They're also doing things like natural networking, they're actually talking to people, they're building a network, even if they don't even have one by the time they start applying, which is, by the way, over here, they're applying here guess how many job offers they're getting way more we call it disproportionate results, you actually work, you do work harder. But let's say you spend ten hours a week compared to your lazy friend just sending out five you're spending double the time but you might get quadruple the job offers okay that's disproportionate results let's hear from the web all right so we ask him people on facebook earlier and some of them are creative non nine to five but brad you says I've always wanted to become a professional illustrator for a small gaming company and eventually start my own I have had this passion of creating line of children's books since my daughter was born that's actually pretty good let's keep going they're coming in faster than we can keep up let's see translating slash interpreting social media marketing creative director let's see baseball agent for sports agency in n y c culinary research and development my dream job is training and development manager manager at h r department in a large tech company someone's been reading my stuff or they're really good that's actually quite good some of the most terrifying some not good one art teacher yeah okay all right good so I'm actually kind of impressed with the response is I wonder if either they're smarter than I thought or they've been cheating and reading my stuff don't read my stuff before this class you guys and what we find is that most people are guided by these very vague like uh find your passion we've talked about that what most people love to do and I guarantee you I guarantee you people have done this we call it magical matching taking a quiz to tell me what I should do with my life and you would everybody here smiling because every single one of us have done it could be a cosmo quiz which sex and the city character you could be everyone's like yeah, you know me, ramin could be, uh, one of those e n t j things that tell us you know what type of person we are could be one of those classes are test that tells us you should be a forest ranger. Okay, who here has done that? And what did it tell you? Very good. Very good. What else mind was a counselor? Counselor? I had a teacher advertising. Why do we do this? Why do we do magical matching? Because way want I think in some ways to totally relinquished control over what we're doing. We call it delegating responsibility way delegate our responsibility. So we fill out this test. Well, I did the work and now it's up to the test to tell me much easier to do that and submit one hundred fifty resumes a week then to actually do the hard work and it is hard if you want to find a dream job it's not easy to do this, however, the results truly do speak for themselves if you do the hard work if you use competence triggers if you learn how to build a network if you learn how to interview and negotiate like the top performers do not only do you get your dream job, you keep that skill with you for life and there's. One other thing to add top performers beget top performers do you know my friends right now? The top performers if they got fired or laid off how long do you think it would take them to get a new job next day? Next day it's happened it's not theoretical they call up a few friends to say hey, man, I got laid off and I'll tell you how the conversation goes by the way it's so interesting uh, friend will go uh oh, man, that really sucks. Well, do you need a job? And then you know what the laid off person will say? No, I think I'm gonna chill for a few weeks and just kind of take it easy. Why do they say that? Because they were making so much at their last job that they have money in savings, a rich life, okay, we love doing quizzes and self assessments because it makes us feel like we did something, but we really didn't do anything meaningful that's the same thing that happens when you send out resume after resume we feel like we do stuff but it's nothing meaningful how many people here know friends that have sent out resume after resume and they're like so down on themselves and guilty and despondent and they're like I'm trying and they actually archer they believe they're trying they're crying sometimes but they're getting nowhere anybody here have that experience maybe want to share his story I have a girlfriend right now who's um just finishing her mat leave and she doesn't want to go back to her original job she'd like to stay in this city that they've just moved to and I just spoke to her two days beforehand this economy is so bad you have no idea the university's put a hiring freeze on the government's put a hiring freeze on I'm even applying for receptionist positions and I can't get those yeah yeah I love that I mean it's very unfortunate she I don't want to sort of denigrate her or come down on her because she genuinely believes that she's doing the right thing she's trying tons every every day she wakes up she logs on she sees if anyone has sent her an email about those resume she sent in yesterday she's doing work she's just playing the entirely wrong game not specific she's not being specific she's in fact she's her whole strategy is so wrong that she's already lost she doesn't even know it yet but she's already lost way also see things like this I want to do something creative and work with people and stuff super vague and the phrases we use are things like I just want to help a lot of people okay yeah I want to drink water too it doesn't it doesn't tell you anything about me what would you have me myself I want to change the world change the world okay, very good, very good and you know that and we actually we actually believe that that is meaningful we believe it but it's not let me explain why if I came to you and I was like, you know, I was really impressed with your work here and by the way I'm not tryingto poach you from this position you're doing a great job but let's say you told me just for argument's sake that you were looking for a new job and I came here I said, you know, I was really impressed with you during this class and I'd like to help you uh what kind of job? What can I help you get and you say, well, I really want to change the world do you know what? You know what the guy who's connected and knows a lot of hiring managers would do? What would I do I just be like okay, well yeah let me know what you would say good luck with that good luck with that and it's not that I mean it's that the people who they're people who want to help you I want to help you or my students I want to help them but if they come to me saying hey, we meet I want to work with people and I want to change the world you think I have nothing like it means nothing and you're making me do the work won't you do the work? You do the work and come back to me and when you can tell me re meet I want to work for a company that is in this field of this size and this geography of this title guess what I happen to know three people like that let me set you up this happened to one of my interns like I'll tell you a very specific examples this intern worked for me for quite a while and he said rami I wantto do another internship he was in high school, I wanted to another internship uh and I want your help to find to find one I said all right, well, you know what to do? You've read my shit so come back to me when you're ready and he came back to me, he said, I want to work in these companies and these are the positions I'm interested and I said stand by ten minutes later email introductions to companies apple google blah blah blah blah he ended up speaking to all those companies why? Because people don't like I know the people those companies and I was happy to introduce him he was a terrific top performer so of course they're goingto talk to him right? They come to a trusted referral and everybody even in this economy is looking for top performers think about that's different than what you read in the newspaper doom and gloom in the newspaper the real world the hidden world of top performers they're always hiring so what happened was he's talked to them he said you know what? I'm also thinking of working at this other company gawker I said oh I know somebody had gawker I e mailed the guy gawker and I said look this guy's terrific you should do whatever you can to get him he's like a rock star get him gawker created a position for him there first ever intern and he was actually on the gawker page like after he left he wrote up a whole thing about the project he created you create all these analytics he did that he was the on ly intern ever hired by gawker in a position created for him. So what if that could be you? What if you could actually have people who were your allies who were highly connected and who wanted to help you now yes you'd have to do some work he did a bunch of work he came to me he told me a list of specific companies specific job titles what he created emails for me and I told him this email sucks go back and rewrite it so I can afford it was a terrible email like I'm not forwarding this to my friends it doesn't make me look good so I made him work but he did it and eventually he got his dream internship okay what if you could do that you can't do that by being super vague like I want to do something creative and change the world you have to do the work here before you ever start doing the tactics everybody wants to jump into remi teach me how to interview remain teach me what to say when they say no I'm not gonna be able to offer you that kind of salad I'll teach you that but what's more important to understand is what you're going to do which is something very very different okay so what are we gonna do? What is our strategy going to be that's going to be so different than what most people do remember most people what is their job search process log on to the computer do what? How through what website it's random websites right just go onto this random resume website post my resume and wait and then check in every day that that's a loser's game you do that you already lost your gonna do something totally different you're gonna go external remember how yesterday we talked about how a lot of peep when they try to build their business they just want to sit around and sending emails and then like wait for the phone to ring or set up a twitter account and what did I tell you to do yesterday what I tell you I said there was there was a quote someone quoted I don't remember saying it but I was like that sounds very good it was like if you want to move up the ladder of value you get off your keyboard remember that so if you expect to sit, sit there and raise your rates and quinn topple your rates without talking to anybody you might as well give up now however, if you if you're willing to go out and talk to people through email through phone through coffee meetings even as an introvert like you'll meet today uh you can actually significantly increase your chances of finding a dream job so you're gonna discover what's actually out there a lot of people um I have a lot of preconceived notions about what's out there I had a friend of mine who graduated college she's a college friend of mine and she didn't know what she wanted to do so what is the last refuge of people who don't know what they want to do? Right after they graduate? What do they do? Anybody know where my friends are? Not that crunchy that's good, but not they don't. What else close? They prefer to instead spend one hundred fifty thousand dollars in grad school. Yes, so? So they go to grad school, preferably anybody know what kind of grad school you go to if you don't know what you want to do, that takes a couple years law school. Terrible, terrible decision. Uh, top performers know that you only go to law school if you get into, like, a top ten law school. Same for business school. That's. What? Top performers? No. Um, so she goes to a second tier law school, which is incurring already one hundred thousand dollars in debt. And she gets there and she realizes, like in the first few weeks that she hates it. Now everybody hates law school. Okay? Actually, most people hate being lawyers, but she really hates law school. So she and I are like chatting every day because she's actually in class just hating it. And we're on like g chat and she's like, I hate this boat. I said and she said, you know, I'm thinking of quitting quitting is a tough it puts you in a tough place because you still got to pay that debt off right it's probably like thirty forty k at this point already and uh and then you're stuck in the same place you don't know what to do but to her credit she had the courage to quit especially as an asian woman so you can you know, asian families like we want, you know, go through education and it's kind of law did to go through education so she had the courage to quit and she she wanted my help to kind of find uh what to do I said I'll help you you have to do what I say, okay? And she agreed and this was like early this was before I even had developed a sophisticated dream job system so I helped her what was so interesting was she had a million reasons why she couldn't do it and she said I can't work in technology I don't know anything about computers I said are you out of your mind? You think there's on ly programming jobs in technology no there's everything marketing, communications every everything she said I can't work in finance I don't know this and that blah, blah blah so I ended up working with her and I have by the way, a one hour interview with her is probably one of best things I've ever done she's a true superstar and if you go through my stuff you'll eventually get it if you're on my email list she ended up quitting law school she ended up getting a top tear job in a top tier finance company financial company she was working there she had a three year program she left after two years I believed the tears in six months she turned down a six figure bonus she could have stayed six months more and got a six figure bonus why would she leave why would a top performer leave anybody know she found a dream yeah yeah. What else can anyone imagine turning down six figures she was miserable. Yeah, maybe what else better opportunity yes. See for top performers and I know I want you to put yourself in this place in as I say this just think about what you're initially feeling for top performers they know the money will come the money is not the most of in fact be the least of it. Remember when I taught you that phrase uh well we can talk about money later but for now let's just figure out this is a fit for both us that's not a lie that is actually how top performers think and talk because they know the money's going to come she left because she had plateau did her job and at these developmental points in your twenties six months is a long time six months to a year she left she went to a different job in a totally different industry and I taught her how to do that as well uh where she's paid handsomely now and she she actually negotiated massive raises she's making multiple six figures in her twenties a tech company so remember she started off not knowing what she wanted to do she quit law school incurred massive debt uh didn't think she could find any job she had no idea and I'm like how do you even know you never even worked anywhere but she had all these delusions in her head because she never tested them with the market does that make sense any reactions, any questions or thoughts about that? How many of us are perhaps deluding ourselves because we've never actually talked to the market make it yeah I've done that my whole life I don't know howto expound on that I just I feel like I look back on my life has been ruled by these fears that I weren't founded on anything just my presumptions of well you know I'm not going to be able to do that because x y z and exactly what you're talking about I can never win out and found out if that was true I didn't test it you tested way don't think about testing right we think about failure but if we think about a testing way even a test where you fail teaches you something write anything from the web um what? We're waiting for it to come in I know that I personally my previous life I was a video game designer and I it was my first job in the industry and I was there for six years and that whole time I was telling myself like somehow I kept saying that I other companies treated their employees worse than ours because our that industry is known for kind of really overworking employees and so I just said that we haven't really good here even as I was working, you know, sixty, seventy, eighty hour weeks on end I just had this impression somehow because of things I had heard I literally never once went and actually talk teo anyone from another company or, you know, did any actual research. It was just I had just convinced myself it it's the same thing we heard on day one from, uh, web reader who said, uh, this sounds like gambling when you talk about investing and I said, okay, if you come to me after reading the research and reading a few books and you've decided carefully that that the stock market is above your risk tolerance and you actually learn what the word phrase risk tolerance means I respect your decision I don't agree with it, but I respect it, but if you come from a place of fear where you've never actually read one good book where you never actually talked to a few people in your industry or in a couple other industries and you now assume that you have to have twenty years of experience or you assume that you have to graduate from harvard, then I don't respect at all, and then you deserve a place that you're at because you haven't done the hard work of testing don kind of going back to what you're question, um a reaction, and I'm having a ce I'm listening if you keep saying top performer topper, former top former and I have a really hard time relating with that term top performer because when I hear that, I'm thinking bill gates, I'm thinking millionaires and billionaires, I'm not thinking of me, so I'm going, and so how do the average person who I have nothing? Tio uh, I feel like in my industry, I do pretty darn good job, but what I do so like, well, I'm pretty good, I guess I'm a top performer, but I'm definitely not bill gates, how does you get over that? Because I'm imagine a lot of people are going what that's great for top, for forms but notice the levels of what I called the shrug effect right like oh, he could do that but I can notice the levels that we use your way up here saying like all this stuff is great I agree with it but I actually I'm not even a top performer so none of it applies to me and and I agree with that I'm glad you brought it up because so if you brought it up so many people are thinking and uh here's how you think about um first of all do you know if you're a top performer or not most people don't know they don't even know what a top performer it's and already you're doing it you're saying I'm not a top performer but you don't even know what a top performer is how do you find out what a top performers it's very simple you go external you ask your boss and this is the exact phrase he used to say you know mike uh one of things I really want to do is become a top performer I want to really create an incredible contribution over the next six months I was wondering if we could set up some time to talk so we could actually lay out exactly what it would take for me to be a top performer on this team what cost is going to say no to that? Of course the boss is going to sit down and then you go into the boss's office say, look, you do your homework, you're better than everyone else, you've done your homework, you come in, you say, look, from what I understand, these are the five projects, and if I, you know, as I talked to every different person, these are the three that seemed to be driving the most gold revenue towards our goals or whatever, so I came up with a plan over the next six months and a few milestones, but honestly, I'm not sure from right, so I wondered if we could spend the next half an hour kind of going over this. My end goal is that by six months I want to be a top performer. I want your help to figure out what that means. You're not deciding for yourself that you're not a top performer or that you are, who decides if you're a top performer at your office, your boss he's, the one who gives out the compensation, the one who recommends promotions, etcetera. So you simply go and ask, or you could sit in your head, concoct all these grandiose theories and then go to sleep exhaust because you went through all the mental market nations of this, but you never actually did any work you believed you did the work, but you didn't do any real work that's what this is this is about going external let's keep moving on we'll go back to the weapon second really quick comment page d says I was the person who talked about investing his gambling not investing yet but I'm starting to count with hyeon gi orange and set up a chat about a roth ira avarice very connection love it okay, so next we focus on concrete job qualities that matter to you um this we're going to go into this in a second, but this means that things like I want to change the world get him out of your vocabulary that's a given that's like meet again it's like I always use this example I like to breathe oxygen okay big deal that doesn't mean anything it doesn't mean anything so get it out of a cab because we actually think that saying things like I want to change the world like as if that's one important variable no, we only want to talk about the most important thing so if I ask you can I'm gonna help you find a job or whatever and I say like, tell me three things were looking for in a company or tell me the kind of company you say well, it has to be like an ethical company, okay? You just wasted one of three because really how many companies out there are going to say they're unethical right so you want to pick the most important things and talk about those instead of useless language that doesn't mean anything but makes us feel good about ourselves okay finally deep research be unnatural networking so when I talked about this area here we spend part of this time really looking inside ourselves as to what it is we want in a dream job we also go out to the market and we say like what are the job opportunities where the companies where the job titles we also then we remember how yesterday we came up with the stereotypes of people we talked about the personal organizer and we had that that ideal client profile remember who it was forty five year old mother of two affluent etcetera and some of us were uncomfortable with that at first because we're stereotyping why does it have to be a woman that by his personal organizing I said you were uncomfortable stereotype think for a minute because then I'm going to test it I'm going to do research and this is what you do here you come up with your own theories as to what your dream job is and then you actually test it I'ma show you how to do all of this okay one critical point I want to make what you think matters doesn't sometimes uh we started researching the first section of the course how to find your dream job it's frankly really hard stuff how do you build a system that helps different people find their dream job how do you help someone how does the same system apply to someone who's a marketing coordinator versus uh uh designer visual designer and all the way in between well we started asking people what their dream job is and what makes up a dream job and we got those things like I wanna change change the world and stuff like that and we collected all the variables and we started testing them and we would like we would help have people go and look for jobs that to quote change the world and they would never succeed never so like okay there's something really weird going on everyone keeps saying these words but they don't actually end up in success we were able to narrow it down to two variables that matter and that kind of surprising I think uh the variables are actually anybody want to guess what are the variables that correlate with you finding your dream job like if I were to say what are the important things about your dream job what are the two that actually matter anybody know any guesses could be company geography company size is a company like atmosphere personality very good guess what else respect respect good what else? Flexible schedule free uh good guess what else teal glantz has money okay so all of these sound reasonable we tested all of these like money sounds like that sounds like the closest one like you know of course if I'm gonna get paid that means they respect me bubble up no in fact we know from our research and from money other piece of research that top performers are actually willing to take a pay cut if they find more meaningful work I think all of us would agree on that you'd be willing to probably take let's say two thousand five thousand sometimes even twenty thousand dollars less if there are other things that you're doing meaningful work you're contributing your self actualizing you're working with people you respect etcetera all right what do we find? You're going to be totally surprised two things that correlate job titled company that's it people like what the hell what about respect I need to be respected remain well you'll get the respect especially when you walk into your interview and negotiation and you immediately engender respect as a top performer but what we discovered that these two variables and these two variables alone predicted success in other words uh finding the right company and maybe today I'll show you how to identify the right company also the job title so job title says a lot right for example a marketing coordinator versus senior marketing manager implies a lot salary respect team contribution level etcetera it implies all these things under it so when we started helping people find the right job title and right company they could do something very interesting they could actually come to me and instead of saying like my intern said, hey, we meet I want to do an internship and I want to contribute to the world what did he say to me? He said, I want to be like a software designer working on a special project for these five companies. Do you know anybody? He didn't just use my network he also sort of searched online as well when he was able to narrow down and specify that everything changed. So I want to give you an example as we go to q and a and we're gonna wrap here, we're gonna come back and start getting into the tactics. Um, one of my oh, this is actually the student member, the student who got a ten thousand dollar raise, she was twenty two years old, she didn't know what you want to do, right? She just graduate. When first she started, she started saying stuff like, I want to change the world, blah, blah, blah by the end, if you ask her what is your dream job? She said to me, I want to work at as an inside sales at an inside sales position had a beat asi software company in silicon valley with less than fifty people less than one hundred people think of the level of specificity that she came with what does that do if you're that specific what the results if you're actually that specific when you're determining what your dream job is what happens who could tell me track I'm sorry you attracted you attracted okay how because you're narrowing your search so you're not wasting your time looking for all these other things you've gotten your quickly eliminating all the rubbish and you're taking a more direct line and then when the person on the receiving end is looking for something very specific they kind of very quickly go through all the rubbish that doesn't match their specific need and when you have those two specific needs meat it's just very obvious connection beautiful answer noticed by the way that your first answer was you attracted which doesn't mean anything and then I dug in and you gave me the perfect answer so my suggestion on that and we're gonna talk more about interviews and back and forth is getting into that level of detail really shows that you know what? You're talk right when we stay high level it's just they're just words when we go deep like you just went deep I knew that you are you're totally vibing you instantly know what you're talking about right that made me trust you more so that's how we create trust by being super specific and that's exactly what my students do she you're exactly right when she was able to get that specific, just like yesterday, when, instead of targeting everybody is a personal organizer, I targeted a forty five year old mother of two that means that the language I use for a forty five year old mother of two remember the language we use tranquil peace of mind quality time with your family she's attracted to that she's like you're speaking my language when I go and write a resume for a hiring manager oven inside sales companies, software btc under a hundred people don't you think that they're looking for certain keywords? Don't you think that they're having certain types of challenges, like we need to grow a revenue quickly because our venture funding is running out and I need someone who already has sales experience? Or is this self starter or blah blah, blah versus ifyou're goingto try to get a sales position at a massive oracle? They're using poli different words, so you've done a few things by getting that specific. You've done the hard work you've done the research you now can do a couple things one you can, uh, you can go to these hiring managers, and you can speak their language fact when they read it's almost like it's going into their soul. Because you're reading the exact things they've been saying, how do you know that? Because you went into natural networking and you met with a lot of these guys during coffee, I'll show you how to do that. You are not wasting your time on these worthless resume sites because you don't need that you're playing an entirely different game. You don't need to apply to one hundred, five hundred there's, only fifty hiring managers out there that you want to work with, so you can actually afford to spend the time writing amazing emails, meeting people around them or even meeting them. You can get so specific that they will read your resumes, and when you walk into that interview, they're almost gonna feel like they already know you and in my students cases actually do know them because usually my students have either gone out to coffee with the hiring managers or with people around the higher, totally different game see how it's played top performers do it, they play the game in a totally different way. They spend the time down here doing the hard work, getting specific, being able to go to their allies and say, you know what? I'm looking for an inside sales position, btc, blah, blah, blah they're friends can help them like I help my intern. They're not wasting time on all these resumes and stuff like that there, so specific that it's almost like cutting through butter with a hot knife. We'll take questions now I know yvonne, you've got one, we'll go to the web and then we're gonna take a break. We'll come back and get even more specific let's do cuban it, uh this makes so much sense to me, it's like it's, just it's so crystal clear, but it's it may I just think that your job must be so hard to convince the general public the masses because the automatic reaction is are you kidding? Are you crazy? You're wasting, you're missing all those other opportunities. You've got to go much more broad. You've got to be more global and that's the way most of the people do. You know what my reaction to that is? I don't care about the general masses I want I'm not looking for everyone, I'm looking for the right people. You don't have the fear the majority of the other people do, but I don't know, but the whole this now we're getting very meta and I love this because as I'm teaching you and you watching, I'm showing you that I don't have the fear because when I started off I tried to appeal to a lot of people as I got more and more niche you know I write in a certain way I speak in a certain way yeah, I use curse words sometimes I make jokes and some people don't like that the midwestern mother of two who wants to cut back on her daily bread purchases doesn't like me that's okay, why do you think that I was able to develop some of these more sophisticated systems? Why do you think that we were able to grow the business and stuff because when you open my sight if you're watching this right now you probably don't hate me that's like a low standard can we just stipulate that like I don't hate this guy's guts and want to murder him you probably you might actually be saying stuff like like I like this guy he's actually talking like a real person he's being brutally honest let's see if the web agrees with this he's actually calling it as it is no yes so I'm speaking to the people that are ready and willing to listen similar to our friend the pay certainty technique when I'm creating courses and material for people who have the ability and willingness to pay pay money, pay attention take action in either case so I don't need everyone right and there every time if you see my stuff on yahoo finance or yahoo are or npr invariably their comments like this guy's out of touch he doesn't realize how tough it is out there, the economy so tough and you know what? The economy is tough and I do feel I feel for that, right? I do as uncaring as I may seem uh, but but but the truth do I really do? But I also know that there's a game being played around you and you can choose to kind of complaint about politics, there is room for people to have political discussions there's no room for that here here we're talking about what we can do to change what we can do is not do what we've been doing for the last twenty years, which hasn't really works and is increasingly not working sending out resume after resume what we can do is change the way we approach it and say, you know what, instead of just being lazy because it is lazy toe post on a resume website and wait maybe that usedto work fifteen, twenty years ago doesn't work now instead of that, I'm actually going to get deeply into my customers head in this case, my customers, the hiring manager and I'm going to listen I'm going craft a narrative in a specific resume and interview in negotiation strategy, which I'll show you for that one person and yeah it's a little bit more work what? I get disproportionate results? Uh, there were a number of I don't hate you were made. There were several f b s and one or teo. Yes, I hate you because it's so true. I'll take that. So they were definitely like people. Like s o questions. Yeah. Okay. Uh, photo by commies is saying can remain talk about ageism and the reality of being over forty in the job market. Yeah, ageism is a real thing, but I get a lot of people who write me, so I get it. You wouldn't believe my in box it's basically, just like a petri dish for research. I get all these emails and I start to understand the barriers that people have and, you know, let's say you're forty five and you're like, hey, they're only hiring these cheap twenty year olds. Well, okay, that may be true, and in some, in a lot of cases, it is true. So you have a couple of options. One is you can complain about it, okay or two, as we can acknowledge the world as it is and say, I'm going to get even better at understanding the hiring managers needs. So what exactly is he looking for? And by the way it's probably has nothing do with the length of your resume or the fawn use it's a relative like what words does he use to describe his problems which we're going to talk about it in a couple of segments what are his challenges do I have a network that can connect all these other things member yesterday we talked about the craft versus all the other things we're doing all the other things for the hiring manager the systems are actually somewhat similar but you could sit around and worry about like you know oh my god I'm forty five what am I gonna do or you could actually get better at the other things that matter so that's what we're going to cover the rest of today got some really great questions and you're on me and one is from nick slade who says how do we assess our own abilities? Well that's a very good question you know as you start talking so a lot of people when they start going through natural networking they don't know whether they should apply for this position or the senior position right? Should I be applying for that job or am I under qualified? They don't know well as you go through natural networking which I'll show you you you'll be talking to other people in your industry people who are more senior than you can actually asked to say look, I'm actually at a crossroads, and I wonder if I could get your advice when you ask it like that. What percentage of people will say yes? One hundred everybody loves to give advice. She look, you know, this is my skill level. I've been doing this for a few years. I'm very good at this. I'm not so confident in this. I have these two positions I'm thinking of applying to, but I'm just not sure how to think about my role, which one? If you were me, how would you think about this? And what role would you apply for? Do that for ten people? You got your answer? The market has spoken, uh, guest six, four, one, three, six and some of us was wondering what happens when you were in a failing industry architecture or classical piano teacher, if that's what you love that's a great question you have to choose, you know, am I willing to accept high risk and probably declining wages because I love it? If you are, then you can do the best you can do to sort of build a moat around yourself and get another job and build relationships. But for a lot of people, what they ultimately decide is, you know, ok, I can't take this risk a twenty six but I don't want to be in this position at forty two, so to do that, I probably need to switch out of this industry. Maybe I can keep doing piano or whatever on the side, but I just don't want to be in this in this industry, which is going to be decimated ten years from now we have a several people asking, including f stop about what do you ask about top performer skills? If you are your own boss or if you are in a niche market, you need to have s o this is more relating to yesterday in terms of you run your own business, how do you kind of ascertain where you are? Are you the best or not? You need to be making friends with people who are better at what you do then you are okay. I see this problem all the time, there's a lot of people, I know who you are, they're trying to, like grow their blog's, right? They want to use like lifestyle design businesses and they they study other people who are at the same level or even lower than that, and I'm like, why would you do that like it's cool to be friends with them, like go off for drinks, whatever, but when it comes to business, you want to study people who have sort of gone further than because they always know something that you don't know when I started off I was studying the masters and some of these masters are alive something's masters are long since dead I wanted to know what they knew that I didn't know yet and I continue to study the no copywriters psychologists, bloggers, writers so of course I'm friends with everybody but when it comes to studying where I am, if I'm a small business photographer for example um then I'm going to be looking at photographers were way more successful and studying what they say by the way, last night I was at dinner with chase and we were talking about the craft were talking all these things and uh and he and I would just really like, really sort of deeply talking about how people believe that the craft is everything and the craft is important it's critical, but all these other factors are so important, and I learned a phrase from a book where they said something like I forget the book, he said, when you're listening to someone you respect when when they whisper treated like they're screaming in other words, if you listen to a spouse and your spouse says something like I really don't like it when you're late, they're actually yelling that that's a huge red flag saying I want you to listen to me you're not respecting me, I don't feel respected, so they may just say a little whisper like I don't like it when you don't take the trash out but what they're really saying is this is a big issue to me so when you're listening to someone you respect like chase and chase says hey guys like the camera equipment is important but what's more important is developing your own style and really crafting your own narrative for your climb yes, he means he really means it but most of us just hear the whisper we don't look at the screen let's take one more okay one more let's go ahead and go with split is it smart to go into your dream company as an intern or go directly for the position you want? I mean, if you can get the position you want, go for the position you want if you can only get in as an intern that's not a good question let's go okay, we've got one more jim organ images what do you do when you have asked your boss for goals to be a top former? He pushes you away and avoids the situation to the point where it just seems to be them pestering and annoying I love this okay a lot of us have this is a great question a lot of us have bosses where they don't want to deal with it because my guess is this boss is actually pretty disorganized and doesn't even know what he wants so how could he help you be a top performer so what he thinks about when you walk into the room and you're like hey I want to know what to do what is the first thing he thinks threatened threat what else I'm nothing if I'm not there yeah he already knows that he's going to be revealed ist yeah but that's not really how guys shouldn't this guy just like know what to do and do it no no no you guys are getting come on it's this what he thinks shit that's a lot of work I don't want to deal with this right now go away that's what he thinks right so really when you really get inside the head you know that that's that is authentic that is true and so what this guy is doing he has two choices one I bet you he's not going in there prepared he's walking in there saying what should I do to be a top performer wrong what he needs to do is say here's a few things I think I might do to be a top performer in fact I made a thirty sixty ninety day plan what do you think is this on the right track so the busy slash unprepared boston okay looks good check see later and if that still doesn't work, he needs to decide whether he wants to stay there or leave. One thing I learned I had my own barriers. I learned that I was at a company where I try to change things all the time. I wasn't changing the way I wanted, getting frustrated, and I was just like, really buddy heads and what I finally later realized was top performers. They try their best try one hundred percent to change what they need change, and if it doesn't work, they leave because a top performer like my friend who left the six figure bonus once they've plateau in a certain place, their opportunity cost is so high. In other words, if you believe that you're contributing to the world, you can't be held back, you have to leave, so they give one hundred percent, and if it doesn't work, then they know you know what, there's many other companies out there for me. I'm gonna leave.

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