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Lens Distort Demo

Lesson 13 from: Mobile Photography: Day for Night Effect

Lisa Carney

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Lesson Info

13. Lens Distort Demo

Lesson Info

Lens Distort Demo

let's do a quick edit together. So when you first open lenses door and you've opened your image up, you come across the color palettes and oh my, they are so lovely. So I'm going to go ahead and pick venture teal because I like it. And then do you see the plus sign down here? I'm going to click on that and I'm going to now choose something else. I'm going to choose some classic lights and I have yet to decide what I want to do. I think I'm going to pick this right here and this classic little light here. I'm going to move and scale with my fingers with my weed, a little fingers and I'm going to add a little light right down here because I like that. In fact I might scale it just a hair more and then if I like that I can click the edit button right here in the middle and I can slide on over and there is that handy dandy duplicate. I love this. And I can duplicate that flair and I can move it back to make the second light. And on that second light you'll see there's the first light, ther...

e's the second light down on the bottom. I'm going to go ahead and try to squeeze that. This gets a little challenging on the phone. It's a little easier on an ipad or a desktop. But there yeah I think I like that one. I'm going to go to the first one. I'm gonna move it over and what you should notice at this point is the lights you can do in light room. They're pretty cool. But man, they got nothing on this. How is that? All right. I'm going to add something else. I'm going to click the plus sign and I'd like to add some stars now. Unfortunately, so far in this program they don't have stars. Not yet. So I'm gonna slide on over to my uh you can actually, by the way slide all the way over on all these and get to everything. What I want to get to is classic snow because oddly enough, classic snow when you click on it look like stars. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to go ahead and scale that down and I want to call attention to two things on the edit panel. I'm gonna click on the edit panel and I'm going to click on the brightness and I'm gonna go ahead and make these super bright so I can see them now. The stars should not go over the bridge, we all know that. So I'm going to click OK on the brightness. I am going to scale this just a hair more you can rotate them to, it's kind of cool. And then I'm going to click on the erasing mask and when you're on the erase, check this out. You can change the size of the race, you can change the softness and opacity, How cool is that? And I'm gonna go ahead and just erase out the stars over the, over the bridge and I'm going to say, okay then you remember that duplicate. I'm gonna go back to duplicate, duplicate and now I have a second set of stars and I'm gonna slide that over for this section here. Yeah. And I'm gonna erase that right along the bridge. I'm just gonna do this fairly quickly. But y'all can do this as um diligently and slowly as needed. I'm just gonna go ahead and add one more classic snow for stars and scale it for up here. I'm going to click on the, edit a race and mask and you can come back to this and clean up more as you need to. But I think you get the idea so so far I'm kind of digging that. But also if I want to add another effect, they have these really cool shimmers which I think are just amazing and ellipses, you could add like a moon, like look to it, the legacy, I mean Oh my gosh, there is so much cool stuff in here. I'm just scrolling, scrolling scrolling and in fact, I'm just gonna go home head. Oh God, I have to show you this. I'm not going to put this on this file but I want to show it to you. I'm going to click on the light rays and then I can click on the edit button and with the light rays, what you can do is you can change the length. Yeah. Okay, look at this. You could have aliens come sorry for the music. You can change the length, low or short. Click OK to that. You can click the feathering, Look how cool is that? Oh my God, I'm telling in love with this. You can also click the direction, check this, drag on, drag light direction so I can change the direction the light rays come. I mean come on, this is so cool. And then I can slide it in or out as I as I see fit. So what can I tell you about this program? I absolutely absolutely love it. And then you can always go back to all of these items you've added. And let's say the back uh light I didn't want. If you click and long hold you get the trash and you could just dump it in the trash if you want to. I'm going to keep it because I like it. But I'm hoping you can see the possibility here. You can add so much to your image and um it's so much more than what I could do in light room on its own. So please give it a try. It's free for the initial download. I do want to remind you some of those elements you do have to pay extra for if you're interested, have some fun.

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nancy brindisi

I was so excited to be able to take this last course in the Mobile Photography series and as usual Lisa Carney did not disappoint! I just love her teaching style. She is relaxed, friendly and down to earth. She relates her techniques and processes in plain non techy talk and demonstrates it so you can follow along and learn. I have been a user of Photoshop and Lightroom Classic and now LR Mobile is my go to for most of my post processing work. I also learned about some great new apps for my iPhone and who knew you can take pictures through LR Mobile! Thank you Lisa for putting together this mobile series!

Kenny Felix

Solid start to my Wednesday, Thank you for great job hosting Kate Dessa. Lisa Carney always gives everything she has in all her tutorials/webinars I have experienced. She continues to "give" and "share" her knowledge and true passion for her craft with everyone, thank you both for this mornings kickoff!

david gillespie

Love Lisa's energy and excitement. The course is well laid out and easy to follow. I recommend this course.

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