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Lesson 23 from: Mastering Lightroom Classic & Photoshop Fundamentals

Andrew Kearns

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23. Recap

Final words from Andrew and a recap of some important lessons from the workshop add-on.

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(gentle music) I appreciate you wanting to learn from me, and I hope you took a lot from it. You got to see really an overview of my entire process and all the details that go into each photo that I'm sharing, from the pre-production to the on-shoot with the talent, how I'm interacting with them, taking that to the editing room, and then the export. You got it all. I keep things simple, but it works really well for me. And like I said, you have Lightroom. There's a ton of stuff in there that you can learn. This is my workflow from start to finish, from the conception of a shoot all the way to the final product. I hope you learned something. Take what you want, leave what you don't, but just make sure you're out there shooting and constantly learning. The more reps you do, the more experience you get and the better artist you become. Thanks for tuning in. See you soon.

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Ratings and Reviews

Ratul Dutta

This class is really like a good investment. It's gonna help you step by step and you can come back to it multiple times when you need to. Been watching Andrew Kearns on YouTube since 2018. Massive fan of his editing style. I wanted this class as soon as I saw the discount rate. Being a student from a different country, I probably wouldn't have been able to afford it at it's original price. This workshop goes in real depth towards the "approach" of editing a photo. I learnt a tonne of cool stuff. So many new things. Subtle yet so powerful.

Mack Woodruff

Incredibly Eye Opening This workshop truly opened up a whole new world of editing techniques that I didn't fully realize existed. I'd recommend this workshop for anyone who has a basic understanding of LR and PS already and are hoping to take it to new levels. I will keep coming back to it for a long time!

Veronica Ettedgui

Very very nice!!

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