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Why Are You a Photographer?

Lesson 3 from: Lifestyle Newborn Photography - In the Home

Emily Lucarz

Why Are You a Photographer?

Lesson 3 from: Lifestyle Newborn Photography - In the Home

Emily Lucarz

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3. Why Are You a Photographer?


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Why Are You a Photographer?


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Why Are You a Photographer?

Every single organization, whatever organization you have, functions on three levels. What we do. How we do it. And why we do it, okay. When those three pieces are all aligned, the stars line up and everything's in balance, everybody will say to each other, with clarity and certainty, "We know who you are. "We know what you stand for." Okay? When you're what, you're how, and you're why line up. And this is, this is this Golden Circle and Simon Sinek talked about this in his book. He's wonderful, if you haven't checked him out, you need to do that. And that, Simon Sinek, S.I.N.E.K, if you wanna look him up. He's amazing. So for an organization, these are the products they sell or services that they offer, right? The what. So what do we offer? A photo session, okay. We offer photography services to clients. So that's the what. How do you set yourself apart? Okay. The how's of an organization or individual strengths, right, values or guiding principles. These are the things they feel set ...

them apart from their competition. So the things that makes them feel special, or different from everyone else. So how are you gonna go about being a photographer? What is going to be your how? How are you going to get to the end result of setting yourself apart from this photographer here and this photographer here and this photographer here. Okay. So we have our what. We are a photographer. We have our how. We're gonna be awesome, right? Set ourself apart. Okay and then why? Why does it matter? What you do, why does it matter? Not many can articulate why they do this or their why. It's hard. Why is an abstract concept so to come up with the why, it's only internal. Everybody's why is gonna be different. It's a cause or a belief, okay? It provides a clear answer to the questions why do you get out of bed every morning? Why does your organization exist? And why should that matter to everybody else, right? It matters to me; it matters to my children. It matters to my husband, but why does anybody else care. Okay? Making money is not a why. You need to remember this. Making money is not a why. Okay? Revenues, profits, salaries, and other monetary measurements are simply a result of what we do. Okay? The why is about our contribution and impact and serving others. The why is what inspires us. Okay? I promise we're getting into lifestyle photography, but this is important because you need to, you're heart needs to be ready to take all this in. Okay? So you need to create a business from the start, or you need to step backwards a little bit and rethink your business that you're proud of. Okay. The biggest vocational question is always what do you want to do with your life, right? When you're in high school and you go to the counselor, and they sit down. "Okay, so what do you want to do? "Do you want to be a doctor? "Do you want to be an astronaut?" which my seven year old wants to be. "Do you want to be a garbage truck driver?" which my four year old wants to be. So you have to think about but vocation means job essentially right? But in actuality, vocation means calling, okay. The vocations, the deepest vocational question is not what ought I do with my life? Right? It's the more elemental and demanding who am I? Not what am I gonna do with my life? Who am I? Am I a people person? You know we take those tests, ABC. Can you guys guess what I came out as? A minus so I don't like to control things, but I like to talk. Okay? So I'm not a B. My mom's a B. She takes everything in, and she loves everybody, but she would never do this, ever. Okay. So we all takes those tests. Who am I? Okay. What's my nature? What is the why that you were created with? Okay? You've got to remember that. We're all different. You don't need to be like somebody else. Remember? Back to conformity. You need to be the person that you were created to be. Okay? So all of our images are going to be different. We talked about organically seeing moments. We will all see moments differently. Okay. So what's your purpose? Why are you on this planet? Right? We're so used to our to-do lists, it's sometimes hard to see the why.

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Oh my goodness!!! This was such a wonderful class. Not only is Emily a very gifted pro, she is the personable mentor that makes learning simple and the fun big sis you want to be around. She is a wealth of information and a total open book about it all. Being in her studio audience was so much fun, and the time flew by way too fast. I highly recommend this class not only to newbies trying to find their style and refine their technique, but also to seasoned pros looking to tweak their art with a creatively authentic perspective. As a newborn photographer with an established studio business model, I cannot wait to infuse what I have learned into my style and incorporate her business genius into my session and pricing structure. Thank you Emily Lucarz for sharing your creativity, knowledge and uplifting energy with us both in the class and behind the scenes! You are awesome!

Jessie Fultz

Buy this course! If you are at all interested offering lifestyle newborn sessions, whether you are a new photographer or you have been in business for years, buy it! It's 100% worth your time and money and you won't regret it. Emily is so fun and genuine which makes learning from her such a joy! Not only does this course go over troubleshooting different scenarios that are bound to happen during some sessions, but Emily also gives all sorts of other tips that you wouldn't even know you needed to know until she offers up the advice. It's fun to watch her interact with her clients to ensure that she is able to make beautiful pictures in such a natural setting. Thank you Emily and CreativeLive for coming together to make this course happen! I am beyond thrilled that I was able to watch these last two days and learn SO much!!

Hiba Alvi

Emily is amazing! I love how detailed she is and tells you how it is. It is nice she shares her personal journey and what she does - which is great! Love it and would highly recommend this course! I don't have a studio, and normally travel to clients home to do photoshoots - so all the tips here are more than helpful! I am so excited to do my upcoming photo session this weekend - can't wait to put these tips to use!

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