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Class Recap

Lesson 11 from: How to Give Impactful Feedback

Cory Caprista

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Lesson Info

11. Class Recap

Lesson Info

Class Recap

Hopefully you understand a little more why feedback was important. You got some foundational pieces of the mindset of successful feedback. You figured out where to do it and where not to do it, just as a reminder, to make people feel good about it. We gave you a structure especially to use if things are challenging or it's hard feedback that we got to work through. We challenged you to set up a structure for yourself where you have to get into feedback situations, to not just wait for a good time or when you feel like it. But actually design a lifestyle or design a workflow of feedback. And lastly, we got a little sugar by doing some recognition. So that's what we did today, and again, I just want to remind you, great work. This is a fantastic contribution, for paying attention online the whole time and staying engaged. And just to bring us to close on some of the biggest ideas we had today is make it important. More than anything else, to not let this one fall to the back burner will ...

really help you, just knowing it is important. I care about feedback, feedback is critical. Don't go it alone. You don't need to over-prepare or over-tool, but resource yourself so you have something to go on beyond just yourself. There is a whole world of resources, hopefully you got some today. And last is dive in. The more feedback we're giving and receiving, the more we're growing and contributing, which is when we feel really good, those are needs of being a human and you will feel so much more fulfilled and satisfied when we're really in that space of feedback and giving.

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Ratings and Reviews

Michal Levi

This is not a life changing topic, and it seemed like a lot to have an entire course around it, but I think he did a VERY good job covering the basics. He teaches well, engages the audience, gives good examples, coaches the audience, etc. I can tell he would be good at giving feedback. Nice contrast to horrible class I did yesterday called FOCUS where the teacher only talked about himself, his books,his goals, his vision, his life, his family, his books again, his friends, his friends' books, more about his books (yes I repeated the books bit because it was that excessive in the course). So in contrast to the all over the map class called Focus (the class "Focus") that was neither focused nor about focus, this class on giving feedback was focused on giving feedback, well delivered and interactive. : ) (only mentioning the other class here because the system did not let me review it online)

Claudia Perez

I really enjoy this course. I found it really helpful. The knowledge and techniques he shared are simple but with a lot of impact! His charisma and way of explaining the concepts makes the course really pleasant! Thank you Cory for sharing this information and for the energy you share with your audience!

AngelDesignz DigitalMedia

Cory Caprista, did a really great job! He kept me engaged and wanting to hear what he was going to say next. This was very personable and not a boring structured long drawn out process. Some of the things he spoke about were things We should all know anyways, if we are tasked with employee reviews however, there was other great information given as well. I would a more indepth discussion though I know the time slots are limited. for me I would and now have :D recommended this video. I love how he also touches a bit on people who have anxieties about being on the other side of the review... Great job!

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