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The 5 Second Rule

Lesson 6 from: FAST CLASS: How to Break the Habit of Self-Doubt and Build Real Confidence

Mel Robbins

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6. The 5 Second Rule

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The 5 Second Rule

in five seconds flat. Either self doubt wins or you dio in five seconds flat. Either your feelings dictate what you're about to do or you do in five seconds flat, you can change anything, and that changes everything. I was aligning with five second decisions my values and the outcome that I wanted with how I behaved in the moment, flying off the handle with jealousy, drowning yourself with a wet blanket of self doubt that's not aligned with your values. You can, when you reduce your life down to these windows of opportunity, where you can take control in a moment you win, you win every single time. Now, the five seconds really simple. The moment you begin to hesitate, count 5432 Want to move forward before your mind stops You You gotta count backwards. 54321 You cannot count up because you can keep going and it does not require any focus. Do not count out loud because it scares people. If you're sitting in a meeting in 54321 I'm talking now. Yes, don't do that and it comes back to this...

point feelings or natural your behaviors and thoughts or a choice. I'm going to show you the science behind it because it turns out that this this thing that I invented is a starting ritual, a very powerful one. It's a form of meta cognition that switches the gears in your brain. And so we're gonna unpack the science of how you can use it. You're gonna find that you're more productive than you've ever been because you can't hide from yourself like it's such a direct line to you and the things that you do to screw yourself over. And now you've got a way to just yank yourself out of the mode that we get in. The cool thing about the five second rule is this comes back, Teoh the confidence, confidence, See loop. It all begins with trying because when you try, you succeed or you survive. And when you succeed or survive, you now learn something. And when you learn something, you build a skill, and when you build a skill, you start to build competency. And when you build competency, you now have confidence. So this all relates to the five second rule because this is a tool that you're going to use to push yourself to try. This is a tool that you're going to start to use once we educate you on the four traps of self doubt. It's the tool that you're gonna use to break free of it. And, you know, if confidence is the decision to try self doubt is the decision not to.

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maria manolaros

Looking to build some more confidence and push through the imposter feeling I have trying to sell myself as a self taught artist. Happy to say I use the 54321 rule a lot and I didn’t know it. I call it my what have I got to loose rule. I also learned some new techniques and good “habits” to keep my day on track and prepare myself against any fear or anxiety I may encounter when powering through my day. A great motivator, Mel keeps it simple with advice and tips backed by proven scientific research . Highly recommend this

Joshua WAlters

I feel so called out! And that's a really good thing!

Faisal Sajjad

Here is Dr. Faisal Sajjad From Pakistan. Outstanding Instructions to Control Self-Doubt and Anxiety by Mam Mel Robbin. It was a fantastic course.

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