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Shoot: 8 Month Old

Lesson 9 from: Bumps to Babies: Photographing Motherhood

Kelly Brown, Sue Bryce

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Lesson Info

9. Shoot: 8 Month Old

Lesson Info

Shoot: 8 Month Old

We have six babies coming in for this segment, so eight months through the twelve months were a couple of twelve months old babies so that's pretty fun but they're crawling running they're into everything so this is gonna be so much fun. I can't wait, I'm going to start off on my backdrop than you some props again with them and just see how they go and they were going to bring out seamless white, roll down and and give that a go for some some variety as well. So if you have those things in your studio that a great options it's good for variety when you're styling a session for the for the backdrops in the textures and all that kind of stuff, but yeah, this is gonna be so much fun. We have a little eight month old who's about to come out here and play with me here comes high high and what is his name? Logan logan, logan and he's eight and a half for eight, eight and a half months so it's pretty busy out here, isn't it a little beautiful boy? So I'm going to get just a couple shots of hi...

m on his own on the floor, doing his thing just for him to get familiar with what's going on and we'll get mom to come and sit down with him come in sit down over here and pop him down and then I'm gonna get you to come and sit over here so nice and close. Okay. Hi, logan's hi. So I have asked I know stay there, stay way got to move quickly with babies that are on the move. Boone logan logan hi years I know so do you know what? Because he's going to keep doing that what I'm gonna do is get mum to lift him up and I'm gonna get rid of that fluff because he's gonna crawl straight off what are you doing? So I am shooting I guess I'm gonna shoot this at two point eight because I want to really fast shutter speed and I'm gonna I'm gonna focus right on his little eye logan hi, boo uh what what is it? What is it? What you got can shake it. Can you shake it? You like no, but I can laugh. What? God, what is that what you got? Describe it in his hand and just shake it so he conceded it shakes we can throw it, throw it further away from him down there and he might get up what is it? Oh, my god, he's just taking it all in. What is it, he's looking at everything? Did you bring something in with you that he loves no that's all right so when I'm when I'm talking to my clients about a session I always tell them to bring with them if they bear it yes hello you went off the edge yes yeah you went up the age come on come on and by bringing a toy that they owned them that they love it's something that's familiar to them because they're going into a new environment logan come on come on can you grab the toy and throw it to me come on oh I don't know I don't know what she had it all just so different it's just incredible their personalities and how they owe you wouldn't look ah and putting down on his hands and knees come on get in get in get in hi gorgeous boy so I'm shooting it about I'm shooting it actually a full stop over exposed because I want to bring up all that creaminess in the backdrop and in his skin and look at that that's cute what if god does that taste good does it taste good morning if you can giving it in come on logan logan come on good boy oh uh hang on hang on I have wet wipes actually he's attacked something I ate a little earlier is it better he's better you can throw it back to me if you like. Come on logan okay good boy there is too much going on in here boom what yeah that was cute I love that face next one here comes the next one with phoenix and I'm shooting for a a a a weapons oh ah oh he's so shy oh you're a good boy so I'm gonna put him in something because he's happy just to sit there and look around he's not gonna run away and have this great little wooden bowl actually let's use this so I'm gonna put this bit of fluff in here and I'm gonna put it up over the back where his back is gonna be a so if he does lean back he's protected from the edge of it so if you wanna sit him in there that's a boy and now what I want you to do is keep your hands quite close to him okay because this has got some rough edges on it and I don't want him you know falling or trying to climb out of it because it could topple or anything like that so just keep your hand on him for a second while I come back and this gorgeous basket and jennifer is from j d vintage props what you got and this just add something to the to the image hi logan so I'm just now composing my image so I've got a good background and I'm focusing on his eye we needed attention hello beautiful hey what is it? Logan he's got the bluest eyes oh my goodness what he got home he's so interested in everything that's going on in here boot oh boo so babies around this age will start to mimic sounds and stuff as well so if you don't mind making a fool of yourself you know gu and guarantee whatever you know you do just to get their attention because you've got to get a reaction and you're going to get a smile and expression and some connection through those eyes and he's so preoccupied with already dealing what you doing boy logan on boone was cute crying and it comes okay okay, so we are done with little hogan so even though he was a cruel he was quite happy to sit there and let us get some photos good boy good boy. Thank you. All right, thank you. So while we're bringing on our next little baby and I put this away do we have any questions? Absolutely ladies, you're always welcome to jump in if there's any questions from you in the studio um and I know you've talked about negative space kelly and your shocks and how you can crop and things like that but fashion tv from singapore who's a regular here incredible I've said we can't help notice that you're shooting with more wide composition for some babies any particular reason for not zooming in especially for logan specifically yeah, I mean for me when I'm styling my shots it's about the whole thing so it's about the whole composition, the background, the foreground, the middle ground, everything that goes into a shot is kind of well thought out, so I probably wouldn't crop that image to much at all, and I want to be able to see the basket if I was going to do a close up of his face while he was sitting and not in a prop, I would come in because I don't want to cut the half way through something, so but yeah, then I would either, you know, lame down any back putting money stomach gets a more close up shots, but I like to have, like, a beautifully composed image that has a lot of different elements to it, and I think when you have a little bit of space around a baby, it kind of makes it look smaller, so but everybody's different, and we all have our own style, and we're all attracted to different things. So this is what I like I like to do, and this is the kind of style and shooting that I've picked up along the years that just comes natural to me, so you have to find that, and if you want to go in and get those close up shots, do it because, you know, like, we're also different as photographers and people if I'm photographing a baby multiple times in that first year do I try and keep the same color scheme? But what I would do is ask the parents and find out so yeah, if they wanna hang them close together, it would be really nice to have a similar color palette in those images so they go go really well together on a wall but yeah, like it's up to them personally and and it's upto us a cz well and from a sales point of view to talk to them about what they're looking for, you know how they wanting to add the new pictures from decision to their last the images from their last session? Do they want to order a canvas the same size of the last campus? They order all of those things you have to find out, you know you're gonna be hanging them together and a ll that kind of stuff so but yeah it's it's up to us to find that information out, but your color and awesome color palette you know, from one to twelve months would look really great. Kelly I have a question for you I was thinking just like first day, so they're all the problems that he using it's more like natural earth tones vintage kind of stuff is this is because of your style this is what you'll in towards using orders because I know that over older kids to get a look more distracted with brighter colors when he using a like something bright has bright milic rugs something just like do you think it gives more distracted for kids? Yeah and do you know what for me it's all about the baby so I have found for my I personally when I'm looking and setting up a shot if I keep it in that those natural tones and with those you know, those really soft, subtle colors and things like that it's not distracting in the image so that you know the eyes drawn straight to the baby's face every time you see a photograph if I'm going to throw a really bold colors in there and patents it can be quite distracting within the photograph itself so I want to keep it really, really simple and asked them about and like or it's all pretty neutral but there are colors in there so I talked to them about the colors that they have in their home. Are there any particular colors that you love do decorate his room in a certain color and find all that out as well and try and incorporate that into the session? But I try for me personally I like it to be the colors and the textures to be sort of very natural and earthy because I feel that it's just a little less distracting in the image is that you might think you just wanted to know just because there is a particular reason, you know, like, for because, I mean, my house is filled with, like, for mae, I love all the dark browns and there's, really neutral colors. So that's. I feel my studio with that. And I find that the clients that have drawn to my work, the ones that also love that. Because on my website, on my block, on my facebook page, it's filled with images using those color palettes. And I find that they're coming to me because they are attracted to them. And if they wanted someone who, who used a lot of bright colors and things like that, they would probably be drawn to their work. So it's, nice to know that, you know, they have a similar. So my love for the colors and textures that I like to.

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Ratings and Reviews

Candice Tizzard

I love kelly, LOVE LOVE LOVE her. She is a wonderful photographer, so calm and patient. That is the style that I have when photographing. I liked Sue's portion, however, I did skip over most of it, because I found that she kept talking about the same things. Sue has a great personality bubbly and funny, she just over talked the some topics.

a Creativelive Student

i LOVE this workshop!Sue Bryce is AWESOME!! I'm enjoying learning how to pose the mum to make her look beautiful. and I want to specialise in maternity and newborns... Thank you soooo much! I'm learning so much.... Kylie, NSW Australia


I LOVE this workshop, it is absolutely amazing material and I enjoying watching it again and again! Every time I learn something new from it. And you can't imaging how thankful I am!! Sue and Kelly - your are the best in maternity and newborns!! Love you both so much!!!

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