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Photoshop: Editing

Lesson 25 from: Bumps to Babies: Photographing Motherhood

Kelly Brown, Sue Bryce

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Lesson Info

25. Photoshop: Editing

Lesson Info

Photoshop: Editing

So what he did was I load I loaded serious images because they're the ones I really want to show you how I finish right now and I'm just gonna load them up into preview so that you can see them that was the shot that I took that everybody turns the mother to the side no chin ford no shape in the arm short arm in the front that mom doesn't like doesn't buy because she doesn't look good okay then I had a choice to come in closer and crop at that time here his face dropped down a little bit so we want to back up so here I've cropped into her arm so there's two choices there so I want to show that one and then I want to include her whole body with a beautiful expression and how about eye instead of using this one, how about I correct her double chin so I want to show you how I love that so I'm going to do her arm right so we'll do that one I will choose this one with the chin so I can show you how to fix a chin because everybody needs to know how to fix a chin and then that one okay so as ...

you well know if you follow me or have any of my classes I do not use liquefy it's slow it's cumbersome and what war is far superior I love saying that because somebody will start a forum tonight saying super doesn't know what she's talking about look good, liquefies fabulous. I don't agree, I don't like it, I don't think it's the best, and, um, I just feel like the walk tall is really significant really fast. You don't have to wait for it, and it walked in one go and I'm going to prove that to you. So the shot that I have picked off syria is not a good shot, um, off hero, but I'm not doing it for here. I'm doing it for just for ciri because they just want to show you what I mean. You have two choices at the stage, okay? Whenever I open an image, the first thing I'm gonna do is I opened the image up and the first thing I do is make mum look good, okay? So my go to is the clone stamp on the face, and I start at the lightest spot on the forehead and I retouch out okay, because I'm t that there's just a little bit of a delay on this laptop, and then I come into the shelter line and so on about thirty seconds, I clean up your face and the very lightest of retouching. Okay, well I want to do is make you look good this is a really significant line on a woman's face and that's the shutter around her nose so if you look at my face this one around here when it picks up shadow a lot of women hate it I never remove it I just lighten it so that's the nasal labial that's what it's called and it picks up a little bit of shadow sometimes so I remove it in any line that comes down from the side of the lips is puppet line and I removed those so pretty much all vertical lines on the face get lightened so after I've done there and I've made her face look really good I'm gonna hit this little patten her chin look at this little squishy face in there just so gorgeous okay so I also take off these necklines because I feel like once you take off these necklines you no longer look at that make anymore and I do it with my client stamp on nice and fast just like that okay, so be it she looks good, I'm going to take it back and I really do it that quickly I just want to stop her from looking there that's all I have to do whether she buys it or not I have to stop it from looking at it he is the bottom of her chin and here's the bit underneath it and I want to get rid of that. So making sure there's nothing under the eyes everything looks good there. What I'm gonna do is go to my lesser told my less who talks up there on the left hand side, okay? And then I'm going to go down I'm gonna pick that line up, I'm going to come up and I'm gonna take a chance on here and I'm gonna copy and paste this little layer on then what I'm gonna do is go command tea or control team on pc I'm going to go right click walk and I'm going to lift up what I've done now when I accept this and go out of their there's going to be a little strange walked line, I'm going to turn this layer on and off it's that easy and then I'm going to go to my erasing tool at about thirty percent and I'm just going to shave off this top line here and what happens is the bottom of her chin gets a lift, so that second line on her chin, which doesn't need to be there gets lifted up and it goes to wear her chin normally is so we've just lifted bet there, okay, so it's a debt simple right that simple that fast, then when I'm happy, I'm gonna flatten it so I'm going to use exactly the same role with her a zay did with that little pardon her chin so warping for me is what I refer to is contouring the body I get her into position I pushed her chin forward what was more important was that we show that we got her in a beautiful face position and no matter how far forward she was, she was still going to get a little double line in the chin, so it was just easier for me to fix that afterwards. Now I was happy with everything her I'm extended I have two choices with haram, okay? And because I've run off the background on this shot here, which is something I don't normally do, I'm going to show you how I fix that. First of all, I'm going to take a good portion like maybe two thirds into the arm, I'm going to come off the elbow off the image and then beckon this way I'm going to copy and paste this top layer so that this whole layer exists is a top layer over the other one I'm going to go command tea, right? Click inside the box in war from this angle here I can just pick this box up and change your arm shape now what I don't want to do is make it un realistically thin I could but you know, warp responsibly is the rule, so what I want to do is tow like it not to hate it now remember, she is a very large breastfeeding breasts her arm was pushed up against her boobs, she said she stretched right out and her arm she's not going to like it if I leave it there and there's a ninety nine percent chance he will not buy it, okay? And I just see it is fixing something that does not need to be there, so because I'm t that there's a little bit of a delay and then all I'm going to do here is I've got two choices this one here because I cropped it nice and tight this one or a little bit too tight rather I'm going to draw a line of where I want to go and a lesser I'm going to just put my might mouse in the lesser lifted up, I'm going to copy and paste I'm going to go they which takes me to my moving tall it's a short cut and I slide this down into play so basically what I did was I wanted to cover the area, so I just captain pasted a bit of background off the back, I find that faster than cloning a background, you have more control, you're keeping the texture of the image in the background it's actually a lot easier to cut in pace backgrounds in and then correct it with so I have to get that little we line sylvia is a little way line I think I've kept the integrity off her arm without having it stretched out now in this position here you'd be amazed at how many women will look at this image and go oh, I love this but my arms a little bit wide could you please limit down and you already have so if she's asking for her arm to be slim now then you know she would never have touched this image and the other option was to do this and that was to go into the section here to go up through that section and in through that section and go this way so I always make the decision to walk in or out both of them uh both significant in both of them will make a difference is that how she's photograph how she's finished at the end because this one's going to make your own look slimmer from this angle but at the end of the day it's also going to make your boobs look bigger so if she wants bigger boobs this kind of work in your favor if you really has very big boobs it's not going to help much at all okay? So from this situation here I'm going teo flight in it because I'm happy with what I've done and this is one of those situations where we didn't really have an outfit for her so but who read lips were pretty amazing this is where I go into my final eat it so once I've done a little bit of the clown, I've done a little bit of a walk I then use alien skin so I go up to filter alien skin also works with um light room, but I don't use light room because I'm portrait photographer most portrait photographers don't use like room because it's definitely larger volume wedding photographer thing and I I opened from photoshopped into, uh exposure for which is my choice of editing software there's no other editing I do here other than choose out of all these amazing backdrops, so basically I go through here and I decide what sort of look I want so the first thing I chick is does the image look better in black and white or in color? And when I go through all my choices of black and white images as you can see on the screen she's starting to look gorgeous and I like the really gutsy black and white, so I'm definitely going to choose something that is closer to my style and I don't really like the low contrast black and white because they're a bit more hipster and I like the grantee black mites also I love putting color in but not so much grain so when I get a shot like this I love this team x thirty two hundred it is very similar to the thirty, two hundred film I used to shoot in the studio back in the day and so I go to the grain up here on exposure and I can keep that gutsy black and white and I can just drop the overall grain strength down so it's not too grainy so then I have to do two things I just open this image in photo shop and I've got to make a couple of choices because this is where I can get a little bit arty or I could just keep this black might just show her that fast, so I'm going to choose twenty of the best images and show her her shoot or thirty of the best images so we'll just wait till that processes any questions at the stage just wondering um why alien skin as a post just black and white photo shop because alien skin's going to give me multiple other options other than just black and white and the black and white republic its replicates all the films that I used to shoot on so too may I know what fifty two hundred I know what it looks like because I used to shoot on it so when you go into alien skin you don't always know that it's going to be black and white and then you're just kind of flipping through and so then what I do is this I didn't have a look at my colors and so I do my black and white and are often ed yellows and reds and I don't mean to go to c p a turning because I don't like cb turning um I'll go and choose yellows and reds just to soften the blueness out of the black and white image on and I'd love putting warms into my black and white images and basically I start looking at it like that in effect enough for me I stay there, I haven't even made him I'm her sorry, ducky it I can bring her down so basically my other option then is let's say I accept that so I'm assuming at time the screen sitting here on seat is quite dark, my laptop is lighter, so I'm going to assume at home that it's not so I'm just going to go into here and lighten it up a little bit because I feel like I don't want anybody to sitting at home going, why don't you do that the so dark because to me it looks quite light uh and I'm just going to go in and so there it is I'm going to just let that black white I want this image to be in black and white because I feel like the little red pants were a little bit too dark and then I'm going to go into dumb dumb down any minute now, so at the stage I'll save a copy of that and then I will re open it again and exposure for and this time I'm going to choose one of the color, so I've gone with a black and white image back into alien skin and this is where I really love this is where I really play so now it's double hit with black and white, but this time what I'm gonna do is I'm going to go to the colors and they're a polaroid callous so all of those really strong, dominant polaroid colors which I adore and I can take this down so I can go to that one there I can remove the aging from it like that and then I can go to the color and literally take down the overall intensity just half way so it's just giving me a slight stain, which I think is beautiful, I can also go into this part here and then choose I can do these gorgeous like brush paper fix I can do anything that's not just paper textures like this, which put a fade in any of these textures and that's what I've done toe all the maternity shots behind me so we're not going to be retouching tomorrow tomorrow we're marketing and shooting maternity so everyone that wants to know how I retouched these now I'll show you the exact the exact thread I used I used polaroids six hundred color which I got on the black might now I used paper texture I used a lighter and then I clicked it and then I go to protect the center and I pull it back to the center which means it takes the teacher off the face okay but it keeps it around the outside as you can see here on the wall behind me with the big pregnant image there that she has got this beautiful white fade around the outside and that's all it is it's just a paper fade brush paper fade on alien skin with the same um filter over the top of it and just gives me a beautiful effect okay so that's a really popular one for me or I could just turn my filter off and just go straight with that color and black and white so when I'm ready I accept that so I'm going to cancel it because this time I'm going to go back and I'm going to go to this one I see that you keep um flattening the image you ever get the client come back and say can you show it to me and call me I say bye okay, yeah, I work in one layer it's just how I wick I don't carry multi layered images I just waken one layer and um you know every each to their own it's one of these things this is not a good shot but I want to be able to show you a warp from an angle pulled back so there's two things I want to do I want to take this front piece back and I want to change this arm for her and then I want to change that beer so you you knew what position I had her in and I'm gonna take it when the arm beans so I'm gonna just take a hoop up the back there and I'm happy to answer any question skills if you've got something coming at me I'm quite hippie down for them all right? We'll have a question for you back from let's see from cigarette sigourney in toronto which was when you first started showing this to us do you ask the moms if they want to be edited first or just do it? I'm always afraid to give them a complex what do you mean a complex um basically saying your arm is bigger than you want it to be why would you tell them that that's what she's asking I wouldn't even tell him that I was just saying it in front of syria because she was a model I would never say that to a climb as far as I'm concerned she should never know she should never know it was an issue and if my client says I look so good you say yes you do because I'm not doing something that not really I'm just taking away something she doesn't like from the side that she never sees until she gets a bad photo then develops a metal complex about it and I'm not changing it to much I'm just correcting it enough for you to like it that's all I want to do so there's no complex it's just a little nip and tack and it's a little embellishment and it makes a difference to how they buy and you don't ask them never never asked them if they want to be photoshopped can you tell me how many women would say no anyway not me I have a question from sofia w is from canada there's a quick photo shop questions teo why the clone tool over spot healing tool why they own tool over spot healing tool to spot healing too is great for the back drop but it doesn't have the control and the blending that you need for a face if it's really good if you've got someone very acne and you just touching the dots it's fast you can literally go and dot the face but it's so much easier to clone larger areas from light to dark so that's where I would take it I'm not gonna overdo it, I don't want her arm to look on riel and I also can come up here remember into this area here and go that way I can also come into this area here, which we do not want it all and I'll show you what I'll do here. This is different for may, I can literally go copy and paste I can go to my moving talk and just make this area come into the lift. Okay? So I have two choices now moving her in, but it's not in alignments and now I can go to my right click and then I can warp it and then I can bring it up and match it up, and what I'm doing is I'm catching up those lines in here top and then bringing it up into her arm, and then all I have to do is to come here into my toe and go to my racing toe and just take with the job and then I'm back to a real line. But what I've done is I've kept a realign and she slimmer in the ballet and she's gonna like that more so when women look at the portrait, they look at the portrait and the first thing they say is look at my stomach and I don't like my arm so if I take those two things away then she doesn't have that option and then I can edit it you know, in a dark away so that she sits into the background beautifully and I could do a nice black and white whatever I want and finish it that way so I used the warping tall basically for arms wifes and chins arms waste and chintz and it's fast and really effective any other christians chat rooms air good right now. How about you ladies in here? All right. Okay, we choose a napa. Well, we can always have another question before you move on. Uh, hard bark bill. I was wondering about the fold in the inside crook of the elbow after you worked it. Is that an issue? Uh, if it was a fold mac that I've I live because I, um, walked it then I would fix it. Okay, yeah, I wouldn't leave it moving, so yeah, I wasn't sure if that's what he meant. Yeah. Okay, but if it was just if he made the little way um pension hit albert I would remove that too. Okay. I mean, I would quite happily do that to me is not, um, something that I would even work on even not wick on, I'm always going to do that so when I hit her in this position on the black, I just want to see one that's got a really good body line for me that I can show you somehow I would bring her body in here because for me, really, all I have to do is get a good shot of her so that babies draping see that draper is coming down to me, it's trimming her waist and it's making it look in the best position again, not the best shot of baby then I'm just going to show you how I would do how I would contour mom's body in this image. So from here, I'm just going to go like this. I'm going to do a line down the arm up too the're nice big sickle, okay, because you are moving pixels, so you need to take a nice big, wide berth and then I'm going to just bring her arm into alignment, so all I'm doing is bring it in on not change in the shape of her shoulder. I'm not changing the length of her arm, I'm just giving it a little weak walked line in straightaway, I accept it, and the only reason this hesitation is honest because of my teeth and normally it's instantaneous, I do not need to do anything else on her body. I don't feel like you know I need to do any more I'm going to hit up under her chin but two may I think this drape baby in her arms nice long chin but if I wanted to I could do a couple more things let's have a look at my options I could trim their waste in here okay if I wanted to waste make your way smaller but I don't think I need to I could bring this armand here so how do I bring the armand when the baby's head's there he's a good one I can go straight down and pretend the baby's head is not there I can copy and paste it I can then what the arm to the position that I want ok and I'm gonna fit in the baby's head and then I can accept it and then when I go to my racing toe I just walked the baby's head back in and she's back to the normal position in her arms slimmer behind okay so that way like people would try and liquefy around the baby's head but you don't need to you can just copy paste walked contour the shot and I can slim here arms both way also when you put space around somebody's body there look slimmer so this is a really great trick and it's something you will use one day and it's something that I really enjoy doing because it's kind of kind of cute if you take this little bit here this triangle copy and paste it and make it larger so put in the aspect ratio so it stays here make this space bigger because the bigger I make the space the smaller I make here I mean I'll do what I have to do in terms of lengthening and getting shape and then I can warp it from there or I can just a race back and get the shape that I want so it's around the boobs but interestingly enough when I turned that on and off I believed it because it's really right it's a really um space through there and I just sees it as being real space and the more I can achieve that the better also sometimes girls carry weight up high in the shoulders or they carrying weight because or they're lifting the shoulders up c can bring the shoulders down but then you shorten the elbow so I don't recommend it I'm in this position here I'm going to go up to here I'm going to make sure she's got no puppet lines there on her lips I had not came down not that down take it from my highlight up I go up under the eyes I go onto my cheeks you should be doing a two minute eat it off all of your images ok? It shouldn't be more than two minutes it's so fast once you learn how to walk and clone and make bodies look good and do most of it, and you're posing and then we take that up there because I'm just gonna clone up under her chin to give her a nice long chin. And I'm going to take you away from looking there that's all it needs. I can't see my screens quite dark, so I can't see that clone line. But when I look up on the big screen, I can see I'm gonna address it just in case somebody sees it. Um, and I'm gonna make sure that I I was gonna open my history. Okay, there. So when you open when you tv your computer and changes or your windows around and the older it is okay, I couldn't find it for a minute. I'm gonna drop that into these. Drop that into there, okay? And everybody comments on this when even I do a show everybody says, why are your actions and rainbow colors? If you come up to this, it'll line here. These lines across touched that button and go button mode off. Ah lot of people are working with the actions looking like this where you touch the action and press play. Well, if you go up to the right hand side and you click there intend, but mode on, then they are buttons and you don't have to press play. You just click the button and it worked straightaway. Now most people don't know about, but mode I don't know why so it's always a question I get asked, and if you go back into non baton mode, you can sit your actions and then choose the color that you want to choose when you name your actions so you khun rainbow, coordinate them like mae and be cool, you can be cold like mae and just have rainbow buttons. I'm such a girl, sue people are really loving the elbow trick a lot, they're they're saying they're definitely gonna use that one t j m photo would like to know if you would ever warp curve your dad's? Um, yes, if they've got a big ballet, yes, double chin, yes, but nothing else. Men don't want smaller arms, they don't need smaller leagues, and those are the only two parts of the men's body that I think they wouldn't like chin and leagues. The walk tall works really great with the chin and it's, just something that works really well. This is not something that I will do it. I'm going to show you one of the opportunity shots because I want to show you how I changed to face because I feel like when the women have babies and when they're pregnant, I was telling the girls, when the women get pregnant and you've got it, so can we show people come up in staying with may I'm going to stand up, so you're seven months pregnant? Yeah, so when I was photographing the girls, I notice because I felt I photograph women's faces every day, and I noticed that when I looked at their face, they carrying fluid, all right, from their cheeks to here and all of the pregnant women were around sixty nine months, they just carrying a little bit more fluid and their face, it sort of puffs out and I sort of store it, and I was like, I saw it when we were talking about that break, I looked over and I saw her face now, like it's, a very slight, but it is quite significant once they have the babies, they keep it for a little bit longer after about seven months, they can also get quite a strong pigment a mask on the face and it's called a pregnancy mascots hormone s o I look for that in the retouching but what I actually did with the pregnant girls is all both of these girls the video you're about to see thank you very much and I'll show you here with cira is I actually went like this here and I'm not changing the structure of her face so I don't think I am I just took that little wee part of heard your line and I bought it in a millimeter like so small that you can barely see it is a water line okay so not like that so just such a tiny amount and it was a significant different in different in all the girls faces so I'll show you in the pregnancy face because it when I just trimmed it it wasn't like I was changing the structure of your face or changing her jaw I was just making who look really gorgeous so I've made her look gorgeous but I've picked a photo that's not that good of hero so I'll go through and pick a better one for sarah said that she can see it so when I go to hear I'm gonna flatten this get back to my um history and so when I give it to here I'm here all right so if I take that turn it on and off I want to show you okay and there's. A big difference, isn't it a little arm trim? Such a big difference, a little mantra makes and that's what I do for that's. What I do for women and that's, particularly what I do felt new mountains. Yeah, I would do that in a heartbeat and picked up do that for most women, because I have also been a woman. That's been seventy pounds here, and, you know, I would have appreciated just a little nip and tuck here and there.

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