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Gift Your Clients

Lesson 34 from: Bumps to Babies: Photographing Motherhood

Kelly Brown, Sue Bryce

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Lesson Info

34. Gift Your Clients

Lesson Info

Gift Your Clients

All right, let's, do a brainstorm together. Anybody wants to throw out a brainstorming idea it. May you go for it. Don't hold back. Just yellow that I'm going to run with it. Okay. I want to get you excited for the last hour. Okay? You've got your twelve steps. You know what you have to do. You've got your templates. You got your pds licks. Activate them. Okay, let's, think about how we can do it. So I want you to look at any place with the scanning in it. Any of the booth in unit, anything in the mass class in his pregnancy, yoga classes, anyway, there's a pregnant woman. Okay, sorry. Yell out, yell out, doc, don't worry about getting mark feist. Just yell out. What is that like a mid one midwife? Ok, the yugos, a midwife scanning booth in units, friends of mine in hospitals. They're going into booth in hospitals. They're giving images that go along the corridors there, allowed to give their allowed to give vouchers to these people. Absolutely phenomenal. Think about it. They're a pre...

gnant woman everywhere I want you to go home and want you to write up how many shoots you want in your group in your private group and your private pregnancy group I want you to tailor it and then I want you to go after thirty clients go and find them fill up this group created payment system that's going to go for one year created system that's actually viably going toe work for you don't try and creative group with three hundred people in it get thirty service them two thousand dollars each with them okay if it's sixty thousand dollars you're getting from these women there's a year's income for most people bigger than most people okay think about it make it would create a system around it get excited about it I want you to find business alliances you can work with and instead of going to them in trying to picture you out to them, go to them and ask them if you can pay them. I can't think about that for one minute there's a different energy exchange when all of a sudden you don't want something for free I would like to market my business you have built a market I have built in market also we could exchange data bases and I would like you to give away my gift vouchers or advertise me and your officer in your reception and you know uh this is worked in the past. If I pay you to do this, what would that cost? What would that look like? Think about how you can do that. There is always somebody you know, somebody that can get you in somebody that works in the office somebody my sister works in the reception blah, blah, blah there's always somebody pregnant. Woman attract pregnant woman this group's collective groups when we put a call out on facebook for babies and pregnant woman in seattle, we were inundated absolutely inundated by women that wanted to be photographed. So if you could make that package really exciting the everywhere all right, twelve months of shooting the baby book the templates come and green lemon, pink, white blue cream and fancy okay, all the templates of their these fourteen templates and they come in all the different colors and styles. I want you to think about how you can use them. So if we're going to focus on the twelve months of baby's first year, then really the incentive is is you've got to get one beautiful shot twelve beautiful shots of baby in the album by the end of the year and they're paying the album off throughout the year so instead of doing one lad shoot and then losing them again, you are potentially building this client base every month for a year and you're doing a small shoot because you're really doing a fifteen to twenty minutes shoot to try an update that baby book okay? And if they are paying for it, you need to consider if they're paying it off they need to be able to get they really need teo get components of the book throughout the year because nobody's just going to not take a photo until it's all paid off so then you have to be smart have they signed a contract? You're not going to hold them to the contract if you don't get on and it stops working for you you can allow them out of the contract as long as you keep the money that they paid so far in exchange for the work you've given them if it all goes sour always look atyour circumstances and you're out okay for both of you and base matt in business, cover yourself and watch your service because you must follow through don't disappoint people and lose them off that group really sit down and think of amazing system that you could nurture this group of women how much money you want from them, how much they payment would be every month and then activate it and then I cannot wait to see who starts it like I'm really really excited to see his stats that these templates are incredible how to use them the seven albums, wedding photos and fonts okay, so you can create books, you could do online books, you can print these out. These a printable album were they absolutely incredible, too easy. Look at these. You can change the france change the colors change the borders change, box said, now we have to do is create a system around it and then go looking for those women baby dot com personalized website a friend of mine does real estate photography marc and tiffany anjali says that the friend of mine who came in for her pregnant shot today in the beautiful peach dress and pink dress, and they create personalised websites for the clients. So they do it really quick, really simply they actually do a website up. Do you know how many people don't know or would not know how to facilitate making their own website? What if you do that for your pregnant client? What if you created a dot com for the baby that is about to be born? And what if then they direct people to that dot com? So not a facebook page, but what if they hit their own website? And then what if they joined that group and you created that website for them, and then they take it over for their child? So the big thing is right now that I was reading on facebook, which I love is people are sitting up emails for the children and writing to the children all the time, and then one day they're going to get their children the password, and I put that on my facebook page and eighty percent of the people where I've heard of this, I've already done it. Other people were, like, that's really strange when it they just write leaders because you don't write letters, do you type fast? You seemed a quick message, you know, today you are a little brett, you know, I haven't haven't sleep for four weeks. I really loved you today, you know, you can just like little little tweets to them or whatever, but the truth is, is that the end of the day, it was the correspondent in the digital correspondence, so when I started to write out this staff, I thought baby facebook personal so you could create or get them to create their own baby group around the event of you having your child. Sure, I'm sure a lot of people are doing that you're not supposed to create a page if your child is under seven sea. You have to lie about the birthdays right cause some people you know, try and get facebook pages for the cats and then if they put another seven they don't get it because you're allowed to have a facebook page that is but you could create your own group, but I would rather see a personalized dot com and a way for you to facilitate that for your client species if you're uploading onto it the baby's gallery from the newborn shoot so that the mom's dead and his sister's ankles can purchase from it it wouldn't be a hard template to create it would take a little bit of system work, but the truth is as they could then take over it it could be their online gallery off the child and of course they do have to pay hosting, but you can get some pretty incredible deals on hosting now on basic pages. So what you're really doing is giving your client the tools to do really incredible staff so you go on literally scrapbooks look at the baby book I have you thought about creating your own facebook page? Have you thought about creating your own facebook baby, baby facebook dot com or baby dot com? Have you thought about doing that and all of a sudden all of these people are like, how do you do that? And you've got the material to show them okay, so you're just gifting in facilitating more and more value to this person and every contact that you have for them because the whole point is that you're showing them all the incredible things that they can do and you're showing them how to do it. I would create that whole system within my gift. Peck to the pregnant woman. Let me create a personalized page for you. Let me create an online gallery that your whole family can shirin and buy from. Let me create you know a group club. Let me create let me join you to this club. Let me give you this gift. Let me create your baby email. What a beautiful idea! You know, people love gifts in my studio I always had a beautiful poem printed on that paper. You know the palm that's on my floor the time will come when with elation you will greet yourself arriving at your own door that beautiful palm I used to give it to every one of my clients when they would leave and I never saw a client walk out the door going, you know, because it's free it to gift you. So create all of these ideas for people on cards and give them the idea the idea that you care and can facilitate that for all of them pds end enomoto okay you gotta get that going on but I want those toe look beautiful so nine months in the making for me which was kelly's juni through watching that woman go from pregnancy through her birthing video to six months kelly came follow that child the longer she follows that child the more traction she's going to get on social media as soon as you can follow a child through that journey one child you can mark it with the whole journey but the client might only want you for the newborn shoot but it's still the juni that got them attracted to in the first place find a pregnant woman now start documenting her even if you do one woman for free and she's interesting and beautiful and you tell her story on your blogged and you can update your client but don't update it is this is a free shoot updated as you know this is we carries it and then jimmy was born, you know and then tell karen jimmy stories and follow her pregnancy because people will follow you will follow them as well and the second you do that then you've got a slide show once you've got a slight show you've got a junior to follow and then you can keep building on that and then your marketing and telling stories off I'm a client for life I have a client for life because I photographed here from bump two babies and now she's too and all of a sudden people can see that you're in there for longevity or not just the big hit wonder that wants the big price taken gets nothing else an exhibition, a charity book so carrie's got a book you want to tell us about it, carl? I know it's here somewhere and this was already on my keynote but when I saw paris have you got you need I am a mike. So cara did a book and I just want to say caress book was expecting a miracle by cara pel photography so I want to just talk about this because I always say to people do a book and instantly the thought of publishing makes everybody go now it's too expensive but these books now absolutely incredibly published and what it's going to do is give her lots of different traction. It's going to get her ways to get clients is going to get your ways too gift to clients and it's also going teo create an opportunity to do a new book. So what made you do this one? And what does it mean to expecting a miracle? So I took five years my husband and I took five years tio have a child so we went through the infertility journey ourselves and we found that no one was speaking about it no one was talking about being infertile or having a hard time getting pregnant and I saw a lot of pregnant people around me and it just made me sad and, um kind of upset so I started talking about it to my friends and all of a sudden in my business the business exploded because by putting it on my website in my block and talking about it, about eighty percent of my clients became affected by infertility in some sort of way whether it was by oh, we adopted a baby or our baby was surrogate or some sort of way and so we put together the book to kind of talk about it in a different forum and how much do you think it costs you how many days you probably self published that and so the self publishing process cost about three thousand and that allowed us to be on amazon and barnes and noble and all of that. Okay, and so three thousand dollars got you how many books it only got got us fifty books on. Did you sell them? Yes. And then we also put that into every infertility clinic in our little town the woodlands which is not a little town but it was a very, very good thing and you got lots of work from it? Yes, because now we are partnering with that infertility clinic good girl, so three thousand dollars lots of work. Okay, lots of time. Lots of time spent. Did the clients that were photographed did you give the photographs will sell them? Yes. Those fifteen families were gifted. Those sessions? Yes. Have they come back since about half? Yes, because infertility is a very, very expensive things that isthe yet can cripple some people. Can't it? Alright. I always believe that somebody has something personal that relates to why they do what they do. Maybe kelly loves newborns because she's a mom and that might be it might not go any deeper than that. Um, but I believe everybody has something in there something inside you, which is a story that you want to share. Don't you think? Okay. And this to me is something blue. This is something that is a part of kara's existence. That means something to him. So his beautiful intent it's, a self published book so that's client inquisition and she wasn't worried about how to get this three grand. She got the three grand paid for it and then she used it for everything she could. Okay and that's going to get her more and more work weigh more than three grand's worth in the time it took to do it, but also I think it works because it was very close to your heart right in that you got to give this to those people and that they all got to understand it. Okay, so I've seen this done multiple ways I've seen this done with pits I've seen this done with community books I've seen this dan susie it's done it with a little big that's the campaign I'm showing you mixed and so I want you two think about if there was a book and you what would obey so write that down if there was a book in may, what would it be? What would I want to say? What would I put in paper that would create a connection to a community? What would that community be connected to and how could I connect what I do with what I want to say? How would my work help that community? And how would that community get me noticed in what I'm doing? Because sometimes the act of doing something like this brings you mohr work simply from the energy you put into it more than anything more than the prophet of doing it and I really don't want to hear people say I did the whole book thing lost a whole ton of money got nothing because I can tell by the way cara speaks about this that these emotion in his voice and I can tell when she sees it this is realtor here this is a real project this is smart, smart enough that she dropped three grand and publishing it just out of sheer love and heart of doing it not because it was going to get him more and it got him or right that is not why we did not do it to make money off the book because we are not making money off the book we're making money off of are not making money but we did it to partner with him and clinics in that type of thing and she'll exactly what you wanted to say and it's great I really love this doesn't have a facebook page okay? So it's expecting americo so so anybody that is um you know, out there going through infertility right now jump on facebook and join that group amazon and barnes and noble yeah, okay, excellent. Well done. Okay. Any other books and their charity books and exhibition? So one of my friends uh has a studio and she was doing beautiful newborn shots. It was about four years ago we were talking and she said, you know, I want more newborns in my folio when you born so I could market to them and I said, well, why don't you just advertise you're doing a newborn exhibition and she was like what? I see what you could do an exhibition and then you could call for models and you could gift every one of those models a beautiful portrait and if they want to buy more they might welcome and then you get both you get clients and you get a beautiful exhibition so think about that book to how you can make that happen if you want to make a coffee table book, you can raise the three thousand dollars you can sell the book if you want to but if you're like care and you just have something to say and you know it's going to help you publish something that is going to bring attention to you that is going to connect you because every single person that gets that book or picks up that vocal goes to the fertility clinic is going to learn something from their book and then connect to karen some way um zero two, five years the mignini's club what I wanted to do was to create just this idea that you're not a one off client that you're my client for life so I want you to consider now just sit down and start saying to yourself instead of going for a higher average sale, maybe what I should do is dat marketing to my client is being repeat offenders all right? So now I want you to stop thinking instead of getting three and a half thousand dollars for shoot, how can I get a calland all this first shape and then market them let's book you in every six months for the next former are four years and do this and what would be exciting, enticing or interesting to your client that they want to sign up for that and how you're going to create that and that's why I want you to make those groups because two made it on going client is just the one I want this is suzi dot com don't you? Because she's in australia susan desire is a little baby's photographer like kelly but she does kids okay right now those kids crazy she loves it they can stump run play run in the rain she is that photographers she loves what she does nothing else kids and babies kids and babies and she's more kids than babies but she went through a lot of newborn staff and she came out with this great campaign because says it has a studio she's got a wonderful business you have beautiful studio in melbourne and for her this is suzi it this is where susie it is with all of her portraiture and when you meet is it you see why chris this kind of encapsulate here quite well I hope she's watching because she'll think that's funny okay susie it is all about fun craziness and playing and her appearance off her children off him just go nuts over her work because the connection she gets with riel nous you know, not kids looking at the camera like I get like I tried to post my children the way I oppose my adults instead of capturing who they really were in playtime and as her little newborn client started to grow up, she keep marketing to those people and this is where so many photographers don't connect to the audience, okay? She kept on them, and when she keeps on them she keeps offering them, giving them staff, giving them vouchers. She stays really well, so she started doing this little big she'll photographed these little kids two thousand four, you know? And then all of a sudden these little kids get a little brother and they grow up two thousand ten, two thousand livin and now they here and all of a sudden there it is. Seven years there were two, there were three. They were just like that. And now look at them. They almost look like teenagers and who campaign is one that shows far more then just smart marketing's what she shows people as she's worth holding onto is a photographer. And if you could do this for anyone if you can make this happen and the easiest way to do that is to contact your clients that you have a photograph and say, I'm creating this incredible campaign that I want you to be part ofthe in sind them a cheaper gift voucher. Now they have already paid you. So don't be afraid ofthe giving them more money to come back to you. Look at this. Two thousand eight, two thousand ten cate now todd lis and growing fast. I mean, you know, I'm fascinated by this. I just love this idea that they go from these little wee babies to these little people little monsters. And look at this little serious man. I love their any still with him. His expressions haven't changed. That's so beautiful. This is genius. And I noticed that everybody I saw that looked at it was just absolutely captivated by watching the children change. And we're not doing enough off the smartness because this is so clever. This is really, really is so check out. Susie's web site. Chris. She is an amazing photographer. And she's been at it for years. All right, the vouches, the scrapbook and the design elements. How can you use them? How can you use them beyond packaging them and gifting them to your clients? I want you to think about that. I want you to think of any idea that you could possibly give these and use them in your business. So how can I take these and make design components from them? Do you want to make them yourself? Do you want to give these to clients? To make yourself do you want to give them? Is the brag book for the mother, you know? Do what? How do you want to promote this? You can use thes digitally online. You can create your own scrapbooks. You can change everything you can have them in. Your studio simply is the ultimate promotion to make your own. But all of those templates of yours so go and make something incredible off them and go and make them something that everybody wants to get. A look at these backgrounds. This so clever. I love that you can build the baby's room in this one. I mean, think about how you can use this digitally. You're a photographer. There are so many components here that you can use in your studio. Does it stimulate you or does that make you feel? Stack, talk to me about that? I really love the idea of bringing back the scrapbook, because when I was a teenager, we were all about the stickers in the scrapbooking and printed our pictures, and now people say to me, I just want a disk because everything's digital, now I don't scrapbook anymore. So I think just even if I were to print out a huge stack of these and give them away it's like just print your pictures go back two scrapbooking save your memories yeah, exactly right easy shir shir and gift your clients and reward them and I think it's a pretty amazing idea also I think about how I could use them digitally because to me they still a design component in my studio and I feel like on pinterest aiken design amazing little storyboards and do some digital script okay? Because maybe digital scrapbooking is the new thing maybe we can teach our clients to get on, finish off elements for seventy nine dollars and do layers maybe you could teach them that I mean you want to teach them to create just amazing products that they can keep and then send out to everybody maybe that's something you can create on your facebook groups and you can release things that they didn't give them ideas and show them how to do it in pen trees boards because then your marketing on the periphery again you're showing scrapbooking, but ironically you're showing your photography you know you're showing gifts in scrapbooking and baby books and but really you're marketing constantly because marketing on the periphery let's face it is the best way to market and women can be marketed to on the periphery very, very easily

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