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Shoot: 7 Month Old

Lesson 6 from: Bumps to Babies: Photographing Motherhood

Kelly Brown, Sue Bryce

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Lesson Info

6. Shoot: 7 Month Old

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Lesson Info

Shoot: 7 Month Old

We have a seven and a half month old is that right and what is her name? Gracie isn't cute right I have I have some pants they're quite stretchy but just to cover this nappy so in the studio I would strip her down and I would put her on some fluff and I would angle her away from the camera actually we might do that is that okay with you it's that all right with you so I'm going to put her on my my fluffy backdrop here with some texture because she's sitting she's actually crawling and hopefully though there's a lot going on in here she's going to sit and watch for a second not crawl away but I'm gonna have mom really close by for this because if she does decide to get up and move and I'm back here taking a shot at least mum is there to stop her from going anywhere near any of the rough edges edges on my backdrop okay let me just push this out of the way okay bring her over yeah, well take a nap your former over here honey she's so beautiful those jakes I don't know about you guys but I...

have always struggled to keep a hat on a baby this age because it's like so I'm gonna take a shot without it while she's happy you say I am so the reason I would turn them away is because she can turn back to me and give me that nice ginger shoulder connection and plus I don't want I can't see anything so she's facing away from me hi gracie hello I know what is going on crazy grazie grazie she's got so much to look at in here do you know what I'm going to grab my little noisy toy just to see if I can get her attention what is that what is that crazy I tell and what are you doing what you're doing hey is there anything special that she does does she clap hands to shi shi like anything in particular oh she loves peekaboo crazy big peek a boo peek a boo hey so interested in everything that's going on peekaboo boo casey to begin uh your city's so I would always get like a full length shot and then I would come in and get like a close up not the best expression but we'll get better because she's looking that this can recommend in here oh you leave this on for me oh pretty yeah yes oh no oh no that's coming off boo I'll try one more time you can talk to her if you like while I'm putting this on to distract her look at those cheeks what have you got what have you got hello is that tastes good? Does it taste good? Oh it does it taste so good it is gracie bo she's looking everywhere but at maid she's trying to look cause me and all the covers look at that face it's the next one's going to come out come on come on come on come on there it is so with this ages well this so isn't getting so clever and holding onto things as well so I would pop her onto her back and put a hands of a feat in her hands and see if I can get something really cute like that we can take that off we can take it up yes we kid seven and a half months now I'm going to get you to come in and do that because if I do it I might scare her and she trusts him um hey oh move ah boo oh there's a gale uh are you serious? I am serious are you serious? You blinked gracie gracie ah your clever look a touching the texture or she blinked what is it this is such a fun age boo clever you're clever and can you pick her up from a and bring her back onto the mat way we going don't you like the feel of that wei wei and I'll get you to tender around for me that could work out for the parents uh there we go and put it on put it up on the hands and knees if you like see what she does yeah big boom boom boom oh, you're clever so clever right? So we'll see if we can get one more of her on her back and but she's so able to get up and move around as soon as they start crawling they don't want to lie still. Yeah. Oh, where you going that one more time? Are you ready? Gracie? Where you going? This way. Where you going? Where you going? What? Do the gods? Because your foot and you get your foot if you get your feet, I'm not here. Uh and that I think it is enough. That was great. What a good baby. Oh, my goodness! That was wonderful. Kelly uh, quick question from monica s photog. What sort of props would you use for a boy at this age? Yeah, the sand. Same for josie thomas. Um for the seven and a half months yeah, we've had a lot of girls in this morning. I would probably just exactly the same. Keep it nice and soft. I had a little pretty frilly boney. I would probably bring out something a little bit more masculine. I've actually got some great knitted pants for the boys that are coming in. We've got some boys coming this afternoon, but oh my god, aren't they just so simple and and beautiful and every expression is so different and that's what they want to keep for a lifetime it's incredible so yeah, I like prop wise with a baby like that you know I could have and I should have now that I'm looking I could have put her in something over here but we have sleeping twins of ice late there's like so let's give this a go let's see if we can lay them down and get a shot of them together but I'm not going to oppose them we're just going to lay them down and maybe moving a hand or something like that but I'm not actually going to pose them like a newborn because they're asleep I wasn't expecting him to be asleep but this is pretty cool come back down to the light so one here head here but I'm here one here hid here bottom yes place or if he can put them on this side facing each other but predominately on the backs that come around this side okay? They back up their arms up oh baby girl so when they're this age and that like you kind of just have to go with the flow there's not much I can do right here because they're not a newborn and then they know I'm a stranger so they're not going to respond to may very well and when I came in to pat was not in her line of vision um but if they weren't tired, I would definitely try and photograph them awake. Um, but because it's the nap time and it's just how today has panned out, we're going to see what we can get from them. I remember doing this with my twins, and they're kind of settled and awake so I might be able to get a beautiful wake shop. You do me a favor and pass me one of those coffin that base there, please. Thank you. I'm no lifting her much, but I've just given her head a little bit of support in there. It's a sea of legs. So I'm going to come around and see if I can get something above shooting dan and see what they do just in a second. I'm just going to get my exposure. E go! Hello? Hi now, it's playtime now, it's play time. Hi, people. Come and stand she's following him mom he's just taken a bottle out of her mouth so I want her to come and stand as close to me as possible, huh? Hi. Look at these arms and legs going everywhere. Would you pass me that little giraffe? It has a little bill in it, so this age they start to hear things hi, I'm just a good guy. I'll contact and that connection she's found something shining here on my next trip to look at him I couldn't see her eyes were looking straight at it can I get your mom to come and just pop this arm either underneath her head just for a second so it's not behind them hello I g o o o scared bacon see hello there's a big smile there's a big smile no there's a big smile it's very hard to get twin three month olds to look at the camera at the same time you're funny uh hi hi hello I know beautiful I would head swap if I needed to I can photo shop you know if if they both doing different faces you can at least get get one how it's playtime now nap time has gone hey e all right hi now you look out there now you want to look up hello are you smiley yes a smiley there we go so I just irritated her hips just upwards a little bit just to turn her back out because she was starting to turn into her sister so I couldn't see her her face how pilot that tastes good does it does it taste good does it taste good does it taste good does it taste good hello oh that's cured I got one yea good babies so that was good that was very good oh now you want to smile hang on a minute I'm sorry I was going to finish then that she smiled at me hi, I'm pushing my luck. I know it. I am pushing my luck. Yes, I am. Hello? Hello? Hello? A ah blank. No, I came into close good gals. Oh, no. Every time I feel like every down every time oh, no. Okay, we're done. We're done. Thank you so much. I I leave, kid all this so happy take this out with you and I'll get them. Certainly did the one set up with them but that's not an age where I would bring them into the studio for two hour session because they're not going to do anything and they have naps and may get hungry and and yeah, there not moving around like a little baby that we did before the seven a half month old. You could spend two hours with that child because it's moving it's going into multiple positions it's it's going to play it's gonna have fun it's going to explore, we can put it into different outfits all those things three month olds, they can't do anything they're gonna lay down. They can't lay on the stomach for long periods of time because their neck muscles aren't strong enough to hold up their heads, and because there's two of them holy smokes that's hard

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Ratings and Reviews

Candice Tizzard

I love kelly, LOVE LOVE LOVE her. She is a wonderful photographer, so calm and patient. That is the style that I have when photographing. I liked Sue's portion, however, I did skip over most of it, because I found that she kept talking about the same things. Sue has a great personality bubbly and funny, she just over talked the some topics.

a Creativelive Student

i LOVE this workshop!Sue Bryce is AWESOME!! I'm enjoying learning how to pose the mum to make her look beautiful. and I want to specialise in maternity and newborns... Thank you soooo much! I'm learning so much.... Kylie, NSW Australia


I LOVE this workshop, it is absolutely amazing material and I enjoying watching it again and again! Every time I learn something new from it. And you can't imaging how thankful I am!! Sue and Kelly - your are the best in maternity and newborns!! Love you both so much!!!

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