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Lesson 1 from: Introduction to Character Composites

Renée Robyn

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1. Introduction

Introduction to the class and overview

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Mm, yeah. Mm mm. Mm hmm. Hi. My name's Jenny Robin. And welcome to introduction to character composites in this class, we're gonna take an image that was shot in the studio and transform it into an amazing on location image. So we're going to take the studio portrait, and we are going to cut it out and replace the background with a new one, and then we're also going to make it rain and have the rain interacting with the costume itself. So to create this, we're going to mask them out. Then we're going to hand paint all of the rain textures onto the outfit. We're gonna create rain from scratch, and then we're going to color grade and save. If you're interested in seeing more of my work or other classes that I have available, please visit rene robben dot com...

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Ratings and Reviews

Steve Vick

Great hands-on course. I love Renee's straight forward approach. This is the tool, this is what we are going doing with it and here's how to use it. For me it is the fastest and most practical way to learn. No fluff, no long-winded stories... just doing! In some of the other courses I viewed, I find myself skipping ahead waiting for them to get to the point. But this course has a great pace. I will certainly look for more from this teacher. Thank you.

Lukas Ujma

Greater, nice work! Semply and clever.

a Creativelive Student

I've been compositing for a few years, but masking a subject always presents its challenges. Renée gave a series of tips that were very helpful, including information about how to use the "burn" tool to enhance a mask. That's something I'd never done before. Can't wait to try it! The part of the lesson that explained how to make the subject look as though his clothes had been in the rain was also an eye-opener. The method is simple, but the results are outstanding. I had tried making my subjects look as though they had been rained on, but it never looked real. Now I know how to fix that!

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