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Lesson 22 from: How to Edit Video in DaVinci Resolve

Casey Faris

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22. Rendering

Finally, learn how to render your video, so it's ready to be posted wherever you want.
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In this lesson, Casey Faris discusses the process of rendering video in DaVinci Resolve. He explains that rendering is necessary in order to create a final version of the video that can be shared and viewed outside of the editing software. Casey demonstrates how to quickly export the video for platforms like YouTube, and also explains how to set up the ability to directly upload videos to YouTube from DaVinci Resolve. He emphasizes the importance of properly naming and saving the rendered video, and advises always reviewing the final version before sharing or uploading it to ensure it meets expectations.

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So our video looks pretty awesome but to go along with the cooking metaphor, if you make this soup and it's delicious but you never put it in a bowl and give it to anybody, what good is it? Just like that we have this video inside of Resolve and it looks great. It sounds great, but nobody's actually gonna be able to watch it unless they get all of the media and everything and all of our project files and everything and open it up in Resolve on their computer. And ain't nobody got time for that except for you apparently. So we're gonna convert this into a movie that we can upload onto YouTube or give to somebody on a thumb drive or whatever we want so that they can play it in a video player instead of using Resolve. So like most things, there are a bunch of different ways to be able to do this but the easiest way by far, once we are done with our movie is go up to file and say, quick export. This will give you a bunch of different options for exporting your video. One of them, if you ar...

e exporting for YouTube is just to click on YouTube and it will give you kind of the recommended settings for Resolve to render out something to post on YouTube. And what's really cool about this is you can actually sign into your YouTube account inside of Resolve and it will upload directly to YouTube from Resolve, pretty cool. How do you set that up? Well, it says sign in to publish directly to YouTube. If you click on manage account, this will open up your internet accounts, which you can also get to in the preferences of Resolve, which is up in the upper left-hand corner, under DaVinci Resolve, which is up in the upper left-hand corner under DaVinci Resolve, under preferences, under internet accounts. You can go into YouTube and hit sign in and that will open up a browser and you'll have to like sign into your Google Account and all of that stuff. But once you do it will authorize Resolve to actually upload videos for you, which is really convenient especially if you're making a bunch of videos and you wanna upload them all to YouTube to edit later. But for now, we're just gonna go to quick export and select YouTube and we're not gonna have it upload automatically. We'll just hit export and it will ask us where we want this to go. Pick a place to save your movie. I would recommend putting it on a hard drive with lots of space and not your desktop. Just because it's kind of easy to lose stuff when you put them on the desktop. Put it like, I don't know, maybe in a folder that says renders on your portable hard drive. That's a really good idea, okay? So cooking video. And then just a pro tip, when you name things don't name it final because it's like, you know, when you drop the toast that's buttered and that would always lands butter side down no matter what, if you call something final you will have to go back and change it. So don't call it final. Call it something like version one so that you know that inevitably when you have to go back and fix something, you're not sitting there looking like an idiot, calling something final, final two for real. So we'll call it cooking video 1A and hit save. And now it will render it out. Again, if you have a pretty good computer, one that is able to run Resolve pretty quickly, it should render pretty darn quickly. So once that's done, you can close that and go to wherever you saved it, which I'm sure you totally paid attention to. So here under renders, we have cooking video 1A. And we can play this back and make sure everything looks and sounds amazing. And it's exactly how we want and that our video is beautiful. So this is really the last step in making a video in Resolve is getting that rendered out and then putting that video wherever you want to put it. Another pro tip, no matter how far behind you are on your time, no matter how perfect you might think it is, always play the video back that you rendered because sometimes there is problem and something doesn't come through quite right. It doesn't really show up the way that you thought it would. So always just take a look right before you upload to YouTube or before you give it to your client or your grandma or whoever it is. We went from a bunch of unorganized pieces to bringing them into Resolve and getting them a little bit more organized, grabbing each one, taking look at it and selecting the different parts that we want to use from it. Putting them in the right order and really refining our story until everything looks and feels the way that we really want it to.

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This is a great class! Probably my favorite Creativelive class so far. I've been a fulltime photographer for 13 years now, I guess it's about time I get back into video. I love that Resolve has a free version to learn on. The pace of this class was perfect, can't wait to watch the rest of Casey's DaVinci classes.

Simona Geneva

Thanks to Casey Faris for the interesting study material. I have been looking for a creative life course for DaVinci Resolve for a long time and I am very happy that one has already been created on your platform. I look forward to the other pieces. Thanks again for the shared knowledge!


I've seen many DaVinci tutorials that seem to just make things more confusing but Casey's tutorial really took a simple step-by-step explanation to really show how powerful and yet simple it is to use Davinci. The tools Casey covered in this course gave me the confidence to edit the ton of videos I have collecting dust on my hard drive. Great job Casey and a great sense of dry corny humor...lolol highly recommended!!

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