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Shoot: Start Standing

Lesson 11 from: FAST CLASS: Get Started with Lifestyle Family Photography

Elena S Blair

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Lesson Info

11. Shoot: Start Standing

Lesson Info

Shoot: Start Standing

I want you guys to face each other, okay? And get nice and close, all the way-- (laughs) Yeah there we go, there we go, just like that. (laughs) Come here, girls. Okay, go like this... I want you to stand right here. (laughs) Yeah, like that, and then can you put your arm around your sister? Yeah. Yeah? Okay. (Group murmurs) You two look at each other, don't look at me. (murmurs) Yeah? Aly, you have to look at me. (murmurs) Oh, sorry. (murmurs) Yep. Sorry about that. Okay, I have to be, (murmurs), maybe try it like that? Okay, perfect. Keep looking, you're doing such a good job! Okay, so I'm gonna back up and I'm gonna take the whole shot here. (shutter clicks) Let's see. It's weird, being tethered is an interesting experience for me. (shutter clicks) Perfect. Mom and Dad, can you give each other a kiss? All right, look at that. Amazing. (shutter clicks) Now I always come in, Aly you can relax, and get all of the different details that are within one pose. So ...

you can get a ton of shots in one pose. So this is super cute, what's happening here. So you don't wanna miss that, right? So then you kind of... (shutter clicks) Anna, can you give Aly a kiss on the head? Okay. (shutter clicks) Oh, good job! Perfect. (children laugh) Yeah, just look right down at them like that, you guys. Go ahead and... (shutter clicks) Wonderful. All right, that was easy, good job. Hold that for me for a second. Okay, all right, we're gonna change. Normally I wouldn't put my camera down, okay, I'm just trying to be real with how I do this. All right. Do you wanna hop on Dad's shoulders? Yeah! Daddy's shoulders! (group murmurs) All right, let's get the little one on your shoulders. (laughs) Okay-- (crowd cheers and laughs) How cute is she? All right, so face each other. Don't grab my hair. Face each other again. Turn like this. Oh face, sorry. Nope, you're good. (children laughing) And then you're gonna come over this way and you're gonna hold Momma's hand, like this, and then we're gonna spread you out. Okay? Okay, so again, I love to do this because we've got these different dimensions, we're getting high and low like that. But look how their bodies are apart, so I'm gonna say, get real close. Yep, just like that. And actually, bend your knee into his leg. Yeah, just like that! Like this? No, the other one. Yeah, just like that. And then Anna, look up at your Momma, look down, and Marcy look at Anna. (shutter clicks) Now, don't look at me, Dad, look at them, look at your beautiful wife. Perfect. (shutter clicks) (crowd chuckles) Okay, now Aly, can you give Momma a kiss? Yeah I will. Yeah, let's see, can you do it? (shutter clicks) (crowd chatting) Perfect. Good job guys, that was a good kiss! I like that (shutter clicks) (crowd and family laugh) (shutter clicks) Amazing. Okay, (laughs) See, when those moments are happening you gotta shoot through all those. (crowd and family laugh) Can you see yourself in there? Okay, you can bring her down. Okay. Is that okay? I can just leave it right there. Okay, so let's do a couple, I'm gonna take your hat off, even though it's so cute. (children chatter) It's okay, she's good. Okay, so now, I'm gonna have Momma pick this one up. (coughs) So, pick her up and have her tummy-to tummy-with you, okay. (family chatters) I love you. Be gentle. I love you too. Come this way, turn this way, ready. And then Trevor, you're gonna come from behind Aly. Loosen up for a second girl, we're gonna let Daddy in here. You're gonna wrap your arms around her chest, like this, (mumbles) Yep, perfect. And then come over here and give them a big hug, okay? Squeeze! If you can, bring your body around like this and then you're gonna kiss her right on her cheek right there. Kind of snuggle in to Marcy's temple. And Marcy, don't look at me, look at Aly, okay? (shutter clicks) (crowd chuckles) Aly, look at your Momma, look at your Mommy. Can you go nose-to-nose with her? (shutter clicks) See, when they're looking at you like that, just ask them not to look at you. (child in crowd whines) (mumbles) Okay. (shutter clicks) Okay, someone was asking me what I do when I'm short... Okay, keep doing it, snuggle right in. (shutter clicks) And usually, one (mumbles) (laughs) (laughs) Good job. Perfect. (shutter clicks) Okay, you guys are doing great. (child murmurs) So easy! Okay, so a good standing pose that you can do, that is, if they weren't, they're killing it, they're totally okay with being intimate like this, but we can ask them all to stand in a line. So hold hands, okay girls? Everyone hold hands. And you know. So this is what you see commonly and it's a pretty stale pose, right? They're just like... But what we're gonna do, is we're gonna embarrass them and we're gonna make them dance. So you guys dance, but while you're dancing, don't look at me, look at each other, okay. (shutter clicks) (crowd and family chuckle) (shutter clicks) Wait, no. Mommy, look. Good, good. (shutter clicks) (crowd and family laugh) Remember when I was talking about fast shutter speed, this is why. Right? (children laugh) (shutter clicks) And I probably am missing... This tether is falling down my camera. Perfect. Okay, freeze, freeze. Okay now guys, hold hands again. (crowd and family laugh) (laughs) I'm missing it. Hold hands and look at each other. Okay? Can you guys look at each other? (shutter clicks) Good job. Aly, where's Daddy? (laughs) (shutter clicks) Perfect. All right, nice work you guys. Okay, so I'm gonna stop with standing poses now. I'm not gonna do any more, we could go on and on, they're doing amazing. Right? Can we go back to my keynote, guys? For a sec? Yeah, okay? So just giving some examples in case they couldn't execute, which they were amazing, so we don't have to worry about that. But, here's me doing the same, now you're gonna see I do the same thing. I am an old dog. I do the same thing over and over.

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Katie Rivers

This was a great class! So much great information packed into such a short amount of time. I also LOVE Elena Blair. I would love to meet her after taking this course. She is so confident and fearless in her work and that is so inspiring!

Brooke Emery

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