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Shoot: Money Shot & Siblings

Lesson 12 from: FAST CLASS: Get Started with Lifestyle Family Photography

Elena S Blair

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12. Shoot: Money Shot & Siblings

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Lesson Info

Shoot: Money Shot & Siblings

So now we're gonna grab that Money Shot. We're just gonna do it. We're gonna get it over with. We want one of everybody looking at us. We wanna make sure we get that at the beginning of the shoot, they never have to look at you again after that right? Okay, so I'm gonna have you, actually let's have you pick up Anna, Trevor. Okay. And then have you pick up little miss. Okay, Allie girl. Little miss! So open up her legs so that she's on your hip, yeah. And then kinda get nice and close to each other, just like that. You guys are easy, perfect. Okay. So everyone's gonna look at me ready? Can you look this way? (shutter clicks) Good job guys. I'm use to being able to look and see my. (shutter clicks) (crowd laughing) Allie look at, relax. Go like this (blows raspberry) okay there. (snaps pictures) There we go. Okay so now we can make this cute though and make it more exciting. We got it, there's the Money Shot right? Now we have one to send to grandma. Now, squeeze each other, b...

ig family sandwich, okay? Squeeze! (shutter clicks) Don't look at me, look at the kids. Look at the girls Marcy, turn your head towards them. There we go, perfect. (shutter clicks) Good job you guys (shutter clicks) (child babbles) (crowd laughs) Allie's like "I can't do this anymore!" Okay, perfect all right so we grab we'll let this come up (audience laughs) that's awesome all right sorry guys I'm gonna go back to the key again just so I can show... Okay so I'm just showing some examples of the Money Shot I just-- we just grab it you just do it 'cause you have to it takes like one second that's easy like the post stuff like that that's no big deal right? Okay, so now we're gonna do siblings can you tell that they're losing interest maybe a little bit like they're ability right? So this is why we do siblings right now because we wanna get it over with so mom and dad you're outta here you can kinda stand right there. (child babbles) Okay girls are you ready? How did you know what I was gonna have you do? (child babbles) I'm gonna pretend like--Allie you ready? So its like... No, no no you're good actually come stand right next to her stand next to her yeah? Like that now pretend that I have glue okay? I'm gonna glue you to your sister (clicks tongue) like that hands like this okay hold on... All right girls ready? (shutter clicks) Okay, now can you look at each other? (shutter clicks) Good job! Okay let's sit down on our bottoms now, wanna sit down? Criss cross apple sauce that works I want you to tell Allie a secret in her ear Okay? So that's gonna make her laugh. (shutter clicks) (child laughs) (shutter clicks) (child laughs) (shutter clicks) (child laughs) Oh my god (child laughs) you think I paid them to do this I didn't I swear (shutter clicks) Okay, no more silliness now can you give your sister a kiss? You kiss her, just wherever you want to (shutter clicks) Perfect! Okay, and you see yourself there right? Okay let's do one more. Face your head like this and come close-- look at me look at that-- and I want you guys to freeze Allie, look at me don't smile, don't smile ready? Allie look, Allie don't smile okay? Put your mouth like this (shutter clicks) Can you see your eye in there? Can you see it? (shutter clicks) Ready? Boo! (woman chuckles) Okay give her a kiss on the cheek (shutter clicks) Perfect, All right (child laughs) Okay! You guys can stand up you guys wanna stand up? 'Kay you know what you should do? Can you guys hold hands and spin around in a circle? Don't go too crazy though ready? Go! (shutter clicks) (child laughs) Perfect! All right girls you can take a break Okay? 'Kay Good job! Okay they're amazing (woman chuckles) you're doing so good! All right I'm gonna go back to my Keynote again Sorry, people. Okay so siblings so I do that at the beginning so now we already have a Money Shot we have, a family shot and we got siblings I had to sneak my own in there those are my kids um, but love to get siblings, and with siblings same thing I like to get some variety want them looking... Kids looking at the camera it's a little different than grown ups looking at the camera for some reason, maybe that's just me but I want one of all of them looking and then I like to get some interaction shots like we were doing with them so getting them to touch, and talk and be silly is super fun because you're capturing that little dynamic that's going on between the siblings.

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Katie Rivers

This was a great class! So much great information packed into such a short amount of time. I also LOVE Elena Blair. I would love to meet her after taking this course. She is so confident and fearless in her work and that is so inspiring!

Brooke Emery

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