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Reaction Shots

Lesson 11 from: Produce And Create An Impactful Interview

Abba Shapiro

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Lesson Info

11. Reaction Shots

Lesson Info

Reaction Shots

- [Abba] Now, one thing to keep in mind is, sometimes, you need to have a reverse angle to cut to either for continuity or maybe you want to have questions. Now, we didn't necessarily have to have a camera up and running the whole time. As a matter of fact, I'm going to use the same camera that we recorded Blair on and I'm going to go over here and record a reverse angle of me just reacting. It's just the nodding shots. So, I'll probably put the camera over here. Now, the nice thing is we can cheat a little bit because if I put the camera really where I was sitting, my background isn't that good. So, nobody knows what's behind me so I can fake it. I like the brick wall, so I'm actually going to come over here. And the camera would've probably been in our shot, but I don't have to worry about that. So, I'm going to position the camera and Blair exactly how I want her, and then I'm going to move my chair into the position so I can get both an over the shoulder and a close-up. And if I wa...

nted to ask some questions on-camera, if I need that for my final piece, I can do that now. We don't have to really worry about continuity because this is designed to help us cut and make Blair's interview flow. So, it's just me nodding and some over the shoulder shots. Let's go ahead and grab it. Blair, I'm going to have you move yourself a little bit over to your left so you're not quite as solid on the couch again. Go ahead and look where I would be sitting. Beautiful. Let's trade places. I should be rolling on that. So, I'll walk into the scene. So, Blair, what we're going to do is we're going to just get a reverse angle of me talking to... Do me a favor, make sure that I'm properly framed in my camera. So, it's good? Okay. So, Blair, we're actually cutting a reverse angle. This is so I can ask you some questions if we need that on-camera, and also, me responding. So, what I'm going to do, and this may feel a little awkward, is I'm not going to speak but I want you to talk about anything because we can't actually see your mouth move so we can cut that in whenever to smooth out and edit. So, tell me a little bit about your book and your project. You don't have to hold anything up. - [Blair] So, my book is Wise Craft Quilts and it is a really good book. And...well it... - Okay, we got it. - So, it should be recorded there. That's great.

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I found this course very helpful and I recommend it. I picked up a lot of tips, and frankly this course made me realize that putting more preparation into client interactions AND using a more sophisticated production pays off in higher quality video. I wish he had gone into more detail on microphones and camera gear but I can pick that up on review sites.

Jess Connor

At first, I felt like the class was difficult to get into during the "live" instruction but quickly found after the first few classes that the information was extremely valuable. Maybe it was just me- maybe it just wasn't my style at first. I absolutely would recommend this class to anyone interested in learning interview or basic film skills. It's brilliant!

Geo Wright

Abba was great at explaining why you would do a specific thing in an interview and also the editing as well. Well worth watching.

Student Work