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Business Sue

Lesson 8 from: FAST CLASS: Glamour Photography

Sue Bryce

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8. Business Sue

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Business Sue

This is where I call the my palace Ishan. I have Teoh definitely acknowledge One thing I crossed there to Suze. One is the person who takes photographs and illustrates and all of that, and the other one is the one who makes money and creates a business and heads of business mind. And I became that person is I got older in life, but I have to acknowledge a couple of things before I move on. I have an attitude of gratitude constantly. I lent in my life that if I resist it, it does not work. If I hate it, it gets worse for me if I accept it. If I live in a state of acceptance and gratitude for everything I have, my life not only gets better, it's everything that I have around me is better. I have an attitude of gratitude for everything, even the bad moments in my life that helped me realize that I could be a better person if I knew from them. Your attitude dictates your thoughts. Your attitude dictates what you think and what you think is what you say. What you say is what you do in your ...

actions define your character. Your character defines your destiny. That is from ancient grace. It is a pretty basic philosophy. I feel like I make stupid mistakes in my life. I learned from them. I move on. But I'm always trying to have an attitude of gratitude. Resistance, the path of least resistance. Okay, if you're hating shooting weddings, you must stop. Now. If you think you're gonna starve, tell me one thing. If you stop doing something you hated doing and you jumped into something you did love, doing your life would not only improve, you would flourish because you are no longer resisting what you were doing. I believe in acceptance of yourself, of your body off your body, where you're at if you've put on White Accepted to say right now, this is where I met. Move on because if you resist it, it will get worse. If you resist it and paying your debt and working your debt off your debt gets larger. What you think about expands that applies to your bank account and your ass. All right, what you think about expands. So we must acknowledge the power of the mind. Do you know why because eight years ago I was a struggling artist. I was a struggling artist that could not make money. I had a really shitty attitude. I always looked at other people and said I'm better than them. I never had this attitude of gratitude. When I learned this, it changed my world and I started to make an income. I started to love what I do. Other people started to love what I do, and I put my values into my work. That is my bottom line now. I could talk about attitude for a entire three day cause just on changing, manifesting, thinking, perception and attitude of gratitude. When t y looked at me the other day and she said, I cannot believe I'm standing here from Nigeria, I said, I know, right? How cool is that? She said, No, you don't understand. So, uh, actually, I dio because I can't believe I'm sitting here because where I came from is exactly the same. And what I had to go through to get here just astounds May that I believe I really wanted to say this now I can't say I just want to say every single person in this room in this production. Every person that's come here, everybody that's had part of this is so incredible and the stars aligned. And my beautiful friend Tamer like here, who, you know, put me here and introduced me to Craig and then all the team that come here. It's just being so magical. Everything I do in my life now has become magical because I believe this. Anyway, I would say thank you after meeting everyone, a few photographing everyone, a few has beens such a gift. And right from the moment I watched your videos and hoped that you would come, it's being really incredible. And, you know, I'll carry that with me as well. So my attitude of gratitude is in everything. But this is my bottom line. What we vividly imagine ardently desire and enthusiastically act upon the master inevitably come to pass that has been in my studio for 10 years. On the wall. It's It's beside my bid. It's on my IPhone. My IPhone message goes off at nine o'clock in the morning, and it says that what you vividly imagine most ardently desire and enthusiastically act upon must it must come to pass so if you focus on debt, your dick will get bigger. If you focus on hatred, your hatred will grow. But if you focus on love, if you focus on what you want, it will change for you. Because when you focus on what is good, what is bad gets better. You must believe that we must change the shift in focus off mentality about this global financial crisis and start looking at the wealth that is still around instead of the debt that is in front of us, because the more we hold to it, the more we will perpetuate it again. I can tell you I could talk about that till the cows come home. This is the new language of the business age. We've come into a new age of philosophy that is not just about creating wealth, but it's about manifesting and the perception off wealth in a wealth mentality. There are workshops out there now called wealth Dynex, the path of least resistance to wealth. Their incredible reading. These websites changes the way you think about yourself. Your money and your work Video is the new black. Okay, this is the way of the future And I'm gonna tell you why I love this guy. You must follow him. His blawg on marketing is outstanding. His name is Darren Isha. And hey says push marketing is did we can no longer push people shelter people yellow people or fly a banner and people will come to our studio. It does not work anymore. He will give you 50 reasons why it's not working anymore. He has single handedly changed my business with this philosophy You get three seconds to scan an email. Now you get 30 seconds to scan a website. That's it. That is the average user of your website is three seconds on your email scandal. Eat 30 seconds on your website. If your gallery or something does not grab somebody in the 1st 30 seconds off your website, they will leave it. You get 30 seconds. seconds is a long time. What I do is I study people's websites. I've looked at 3000 websites in the last five years. I put my IPod time around and when I turned the website are open the website time. How long it takes for me to get to your gallery and you can open my website and get to the end of my gallery and 30 seconds cause it's on the front page. I want to entice you into my website. You need to make sure that you were being fast enough. You close a pop up window, you skip past commercials when you watch the show that you recorded use today on TiVo. You check your Facebook messages in the ed breaking, you cancel the YouTube ed. Who does that? I do all of those things. Why? I don't want to hear it. You screen all of your incoming calls to the house and the cell phone with your caller, I d you even screen the people you know, You screen your mother in law, you know you can. You can decide who talks to you now, because even your home phone has caller I d. You don't make eye contact with the guy on the street that's giving away pamphlets or where she take one and you've been it down the next block. Who does that? Everybody does that. You don't want them to give it to you. The only advertising that you are forced to look at now that I'm forced look at is the banner on the back of the toilet wall. And frankly, I can update my status on Facebook and check my Twitter feed in the time it takes me to pee. So I'm not reading that Benner, but I might look at that image and go are really bedpost. So what? It's come down to his connection communication, experienced talk ability in storytelling. So as I start to tell stories, I watch my website increase. In December 2010 I had 4938 visits in December, I was using a bandwidth on my website of about 836 megabytes and I thought, Wow, 4938 visits in one month. Within 18 months of using the blawg etiquette that I'm going to show you, I had built my readership to 77,565 visits in December 2000 live in so in terms of growth towards my brand in my business, that's exponential growth. Also, I'm using now gigabytes off bandwidth, which increases my CEO, my search engine optimization, and makes me easy to find an easier to rate higher. The most important part about this is I did it simply based on this knowledge that if you have a block etiquette off 40% knowledge, 40% positive opinion, 10% personality and 10% self promotion and you blogged consistently twice a week you will build a readership. Now I want to address one thing with photographers. Why photographers who are servicing the public? I am servicing with this blawg photographers. So I'm selling product to photographers. Why are people blogging toe other photographers? They're not paying you. I'm not saying photography blog's that are blogging to your market. You're blogging toe other photographers and I know why. Because you're looking for validation in your work. Why are you blogging? 100 images from one shoot. What you're offering is a free education to all the other photographers that air reading your blog's for free. And why aren't you blogging to clients? Who are the people that are paying you? Why aren't you creating more of an online community in magazine within your blawg? Why aren't you giving stuff away to your clients? And what do you blogging to your clients to get them to come back to your blawg if you're a newborn photographer, blogged about babies, blogged about blankets, blogged about clothes, blogged about baby food, blood baby stories, but follow the etiquette of positive opinion, a little bit of personality, a little bit of South promotion and a whole lot of knowledge. The more you give away, the more you will build readers towards your blawg. The more you build a community and readers towards your blawg, the more money you will make. Just so you know, used today that Bloch had 47,000 hits in a day because I came on creative life.

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