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Lesson 12 from: FAST CLASS: Glamour Photography

Sue Bryce

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12. Gift Vouchers

Lesson Info

Gift Vouchers

I do not have a marketing degree. I have nothing. Let's go. When I was 15 I went and did make up and hairdressing for two years. I do not have a business degree. Eso It stands to reason that I have zero chance of making money. My first boss told me I would never be a photographer because I simply elect people skills. And I believe that for a long time. So I realized business really is just about a really basic common sense. You know, you make money, you save money. If you were growing tomatoes, you would grow your tomatoes and take them to market when she take them to market. You're good to go. All of a sudden you're there. I've written my team leaders. I get seven replies to nose. Five years is I have 1200 vouchers, 131 sittings. Equates to 297 makeovers because I opened it up two doubles and triples. I'm gonna talk about that after our break. This is my gift voucher. Now, this isn't the Pdf download. If you buy this course, you get these. Pdf's This vouchers is a double makeover. and...

photo shoot with super eyes plus $100 towards Portrait's. Now what does that tell you? It tells me that the shooters for free, but it doesn't say free. It says Somebody else's bought it for you and it says You've got $100 to spend on photographs. There's not a free photo because a shoot in a free photo is final and what I want is to give you $100 to spend on a package of your choice on an AL a carte package of your choice. So it's the way you would it then. I want to sell the experience. It's the ultimate goal. Stay out. Celebrate your relationships. Enjoy this beautiful session with your mom, sister, Best friend, partner. Remember to book a night out afterwards because you look fabulous. I'm gonna put an expiry date on it because I wanted to have a call to action, and then I'm gonna finish with the disclaimer. This voucher is not redeemable for cash. That's very important. I've just given them $290. They need to know that can't come and get that from me. Secondly, we cannot be held responsible for how entirely hot you will look because we wanted to be cute and funny and gorgeous. That gift vouchers in a beautiful envelope. It's in a beautiful card rep. It is presented to them from 1/3 party that is giving that gift off the shoot. This is how I started my business. As soon as I started to get referrals, I went back to charging $190 for a double here of double sure photo shoot with full here makeup that $190 paid for my makeup artist.

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