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Car Trails

Lesson 6 from: Creative Photography Challenge

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6. Car Trails

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Car Trails

What's up, everyone and welcome to creative lives. Creative photography challenges. I'm Justin. And tonight we're doing car trails. We're really lucky to be able to be here a twin peaks where we have this natural really cool curvature in the roads. But really, you could take the shot anywhere you could do it. A street level anywhere that you have passing lights going by at night. You will need a tripod, a camera, a wide angle lens, shutter release remote, a headlamp and hopefully a car or something that has lights. Now, the key to the shot is your shutter speed. Because the roadway that we have in focus right now is pretty long. I'm gonna go for having it be 32nd exposure were in aperture priority mode at F 16 which is getting us to 36 exposure, which is that we would want were at I s 0 64 we're focused right there on the roadway. I do that before the sun went down, so I know I'm locked in, and I'm not gonna touch the focus from here on out. I'm also going to close out the viewfinder s...

o that no light pollution enters in the back during the 32nd exposure. All right, let's take the shot firing very much the idea exposure from what I'm going for and everything's in really good focus. All right, everybody. That's how it's done, Really excited to see what you come up with. So please submit your photos to Instagram and use the HASHTAG creative photo challenge. Also, if you haven't done so already, go to creativelive dot com slash CPC to get these challenges delivered right to your inbox.

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Tanya Lillie

I love the format of this class. Each challenge is presented in a quick, yet thorough manner. It is a great way to try new techniques. The best way for me to learn is by doing and the format of this class gives me the perfect opportunity to do so.

Aoife Lynch

Really love this idea and excited to take this challenge. Loved the live Facebook chat with Chase last night. Feeling inspired :D

Bobbie Jo Shirley

These challenges are so much fun and its fantastic learning new skills and practicing in general. I would love to see this be an ongoing thing. :)

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