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T5i/700D Addendum

Lesson 1 from: Canon Rebel T4i / 650D/T5i Addendum Fast Start

John Greengo

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1. T5i/700D Addendum

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T5i/700D Addendum

Welcome cannon t five I users or seven hundred d users, the cannon t five and seven hundred deed do not very, very much from the tea for I, and this little video here is going to illustrate and tell you what the differences are, because the class you're going to watch is the tea for high class, which is really, really close, and it was so close, we decided rather than doing an entire class, we would do a little addendum just to update you on the few minor differences that have happened between the two models and so the t five I and the t four I r v very, very similar cosmetically as well, internally, so here's kind of the difference between the two cameras. They're announced about nine months apart, which is really close and digital cameras, and they've added on a new mode, I'll talk about that. They have some new live creative filters that we've been used been able to use in the tea for I on lee in the playback mode, we can now do it in the live view mode. They brought out a new kit l...

ens that the camera is frequently sold with, and it has a new crinkle finish to it, so let's, take a look at these differences more closely. So the mod dial the exposure dialogue on the top of the camera is that main dial you're going to turn for adjusting shutter speeds and apertures and different moz and the dialling the t four I kinda has a limit you go from manual all the way down to the scene modes and if you want to go back to manual you got to go back that one direction and so they put a new exposure die along the t five ay that spins endlessly in either direction so you can spend from any section in any direction to any other setting you want and so it's got all the same basic stuff on it for the most part it's just that you can spend it three hundred sixty degrees now they did make another additional changes they added what's called a scene mode on it and basically there are a few less scene modes on the t five I but they're buried in the scene mode. And so the way this works is that on the dial on the top of the tea for I you have a few more options and the extra options that you have are the night portrait the handheld night scene in the hdr back like control in order to get to those on a t five I you need to put the camera in the scene mode in order to get those and then you can select from which one of those three you want? My guess is that on eighty six I, they will add even more modes in there, so they kept the four most obvious in practical ones portrait landscape close up in sports, and then they're taking all these secondary ones away, so that doesn't clutter up the dial quite as much. And so that's. The first big differences a new mode I'll now is you dig into the camera, one of the things you'll find on both the tea for I and the t five I if you dig into the playback menu, is something called creative filters. If you have already taken an image, you can go in and you can use a creative filter like a soft focus or fisheye effect, and you can apply that to a picture and it is saved as a new file, so you're never harming the original image that you took on a picture. Now you can do this on both the t four I and the t five high the differences with the t five I you can now do this as a preview in live view, so if you're in the live view mode, press the quick menu and you can get to the creative filter sections, and you can look at what your image is going to look like. If you shoot it with a fish eye effect, it's just a nice way to preview what the picture is going to look like. Not a big deal, but it's a nice little addition to the camera the t five eyes often being supplied with a new lens, thie older lands, which was the eighteen to fifty five three five two five six s version two has now been upgraded to a s t e m live s t e m stands for stepper motor and the cameras in the lens, I should say, is a little bit so smoother and quieter for focusing in the video mode. Now first off video, as you will see in the rest of the video in the rest of the class, is not great on the rebel cameras when you're shooting live you or in the movie moat, but with espn, it is a little bit better. Another change they've made in the lens is the focusing ring it's a little bit larger, a little bit easier to work with and that right there is the difference between a tea for I in a t five and so what I recommend is, hopefully you watch this first and then go watch the rest of the class. And then maybe come back and watch this again, just to refresh yourself on the differences between the tea. For ryan, the t five. But other than that, thanks a lot for person seeing the class and enjoy the rest of the class.

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I always loved photography and even did a 12 year stint as a correspondent for a local newspaper, back in the 35 mm/film days. In 2005 I bought my first Canon, a Rebel XT. I had fun with it but never really knew what I was doing. I would get a good photo about 1 ever 100 shots, just from sheer luck. I bought a Canon Rebel T4i in Nov. of 2012 and having never taken a photography class, have been fumbling along with it ever since. When saw John's Photography Starter Kit, I immediately signed on and loved it. I was so thrilled when I saw he had specific classes for specific cameras and dove into this class, head first! It's like a dream come true! I love John's teaching style. He's concise, gets right to the point and doesn't waste time on needless fluff. I just bought this course yesterday and have already finished it and am ready to do it all over again, until I get it all right. I even learned something with the first glimpse of his slides and the photos of the T4i...I didn't know you could open the back screen, turn it around and re-seat it and have your display right there on the back of the camera without it sticking out and in the way! This course is going to be a huge help in getting the very most out of my camera. Thanks, John!

Getting a lot better

I am a huge fan of John Greengo. John is pretty much my Elvis. I learned everything, and I mean everything about this camera,though I kind of felt john could have been a little more enthusiastic about the T4i. I shoot mostly video with 4k super 35 cameras in raw. I understand top of the live vs. consumer grade. My point is, I think this camera deserved a little more enthusiasm than I felt it got. Throw a high quality lens on this machine and it is magnificent. The T4i is only entry level in price point. The photos I've taken with L-series lenses are stellar. Video is very acceptable as well, even with the H.264 codec. I would't have gotten that feeling after watching the video. From a leaning stand point this series of videos is worth the price and then some. I would just hate for people to walk away feeling they bought a toy. They most certainly did not.

Frank Siebert

Excellent course and superb tutor. I thought the pace of the tutorials was perfect. I was particularly impressed with the coverage of the course, which was extensive and thorough. I liked the tutorial so much that I have now purchased 3 more of John Greengo's courses.

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