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General Q&A

Lesson 8 from: Canon 5D Mark II Fast Start

John Greengo

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8. General Q&A

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Lesson Info

General Q&A

We got time for questions yeah, well I was gonna ask you if you don't mind taking a couple questions let's do questions okay um I have one that's kind of a three part question on battery in the battery grip ready? Uh one is from mona do you need to let the battery drain completely before recharging you don't need to let the battery drain completely before charging you can charge it up at any time you want it doesn't retain a memory I am still trying to gather more information from the guru's nikon and can't because I haven't heard definitively back as to the best procedure for it the state that the batteries have a certain number of recharge is that they will let will stand and so I was kind of under the impression that you shouldn't recharge them until they needed to be returned but then there's been some other conflicting information that says that is not true but it does not retain a memory so you're still going to get as much length and number of shots no matter when you charge it ...

okay uh and a battery grip to use an older battery and a new one yes what's going on when you put a battery grip on the cameras it uses one battery until it's dead and then it goes to the other battery so it doesn't really matter what the status is of either of the batteries and then the last question about battery than battery grips is from di willis and what do you think about third party battery grips? Third party battery grips I haven't had in my hand a lot I think I've seen one of them and they're definitely not made to the quality of the cannon grip but I know they sell for significantly less money and I don't think you're gonna do any damage to the camera and so if money is tight and you really need that vertical grip it's probably not a bad way to go if you got the money and if you got a chance to put them both in your hands that might be the best way to for you to make a decision on that but I think there's there's not like a main brand of second there's a lot of second cos they're third party companies that make these and so it varies a little bit as to which one's better than the others john there are quite a few people that had questions about live you mode and amy ben wa asked what happens if my lcd is blank when I press live you mode what settings do I need to change on my camera to make it work? Well if the screen is blank either live you has been disabled and we're going to get into the menu section to talk about how to disable it because my camera it was blanca's well, because it was disabled, and so we'll make sure that that you could enable that the second thing is potentially, they have the camera in manual exposure and they just have the wrong shutter speed and aperture set, everything is dark, and so if you were to throw the camera and say that programme mode, you should be able to see something in there so long as it turns on and you'll know it turns on because you press the button and you'll hear the mirror click up if it's not working, it just won't turn on moldova is wondering. Have you heard about the new five day mark? Three light leak issue also departed on five d mark to have you ever encountered this light leak issue on the five? But the mark, too? I have heard about the light leak issue, which, for those of you not familiar with it, we talked about the little light on the camera that turns on well when that is on, apparently on the new five, the mark three, it'll affect the exposure of nighttime pictures if you have the light on and are pressing the shutter release and locking in the exposure at the same time, which is a very remote possibility that anyone's gonna have that. Happened to them I have not heard about it on the five demark too I've done a fair bit of nighttime work and I've never had a problem with it it potentially could be a very very minor problem and they actually just posted pictures nikon sorry I didn't mean deaf and people saying that word we'll bleep that out later can and fix the problem they put some tape on the underside of the lcd so uh it's fixed on the new five d mark three our markowski says john could you please explain again how to use the depth of field preview button I'm trying it now and cannot figure it out okay so the way it works is you press the button but the problem the reason why you probably didn't see it is that your aperture was probably set to a really wide open aperture this lens is a one point four lands and maybe if we get the camera over my shoulder to press and when I if you can point it right in the lens as I pressed that button nothing happens because I'm said at one point for now let me change the settings on my camera to twenty two and now when I press the button you can hear it and you can see it working and so it's helpful if you stop your lens down and other than that I can't think of any other reason why it wouldn't work uh sorry na photography is wondering are considering between the hundred uh millimeter f two point four usm and the higher price one hundred millimeter l macro can you do have an opinion on the quality versus the price for both did you say two point four two point for us I think they meant to point eight okay, so that was the lens that I was just talking about let me see if I can back up a slide so this is in the look I think I went to slides but go ahead so in my best bang for the buck lens which there we go the hun the new hundred l macro is sharper than that macro there I think that's the macro that they were talking about and so there's a interesting place on the internet of should remember if it was borrow lenses that did a bunch of tests and what they have found this sample the sample differences in lenses okay, you have a thousand lenses that come off the line in canada you think they're all exactly the same now there is some very, very subtle differences between them and they tested like ten of these older macro versus ten of the newer macros and they plotted of all into a chart great stuff for geeks okay? And what they found is that the new l macro they tested in this like bunch right here and the old el macro tested in this bunch here so that there were some of the older lenses that were actually better than the new orleans is but in on average to the new orleans was better and with the sharpness difference that I have seen, I think the old one makes a really good value depends on how much you are into macro photography. I like doing it from time to time. I actually own the older macro and I know there's a newer, better one out there but it's just not that much different, so I'm fine with the older one abra india ask doesn't l siri's lens work better on a full frame sensor camera than our crops sensor camera? In terms of focus, sharpness, etcetera, focus is going to be exactly the same. What is kind of interesting is that there are no l lenses designed specifically for the crop frame sensors. All the l lenses are designed for full frame sensors. You can use them on a crop frame camera like a seventy and it's totally fine, but they've been kind of designed from the start for full frame cameras, alecks alex and your name is wondering, what do you think about using adapters for using nikon lenses adapters for nikon lenses? I thought were a myth for awhile and then I actually I got my hands on one and I tried it out because night khan's got a couple of lenses that cannon doesn't, and they have a really cool fourteen to twenty for that is just incredibly sharp that has a lot of cannon users jealous because it's just a nice range and it's really, really sharp and had a friend who brought one out had us five d mark two and have this nikon lens on it had a special little adaptor on it, and they said, well, let's do some test shots and we did some test shots and it was sharper than the canyonlands, but the process of taking the pictures was quite cumbersome because he had to stop the lens down to the aperture he had to focus and you're actually had opened the lens up focus, stop the lens down, shoot the picture, open the lens, back up to the to the working aperture so that he could refocus on the next subject and he had to manually focus everything, but he had to manually adjust the aperture every time he wanted to view or take a picture through it. And so it's a cumbersome process and so okay, that would be the worst lends to shoot a wedding with, okay, because you're trying to work way too quick if you were doing certain types of landscape photography. Product photography. Where you have all the time in the world to get the shot. There's a lot of fidgeting, and I know there's a number of people out there who shoot basically for that one lens, that's, the on ly lens that I've really seen, people switching to do that for it's, more hassle than I want to go through. But you can make that judgment. Call yourself so, yes, you can get a lens that is technically sharper than different in different than what kanan offers. But it's going to require a fair bit of fuss on your part.

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Mike Swartz

Having used an XTi I was familiar with the basic Canon layout, but when I bought my 5D MKii used from my wedding photographer who updated to the MKiii, I knew there would be a ton of features I'd never really understood. This video series is fantastic. I've learned so much about my camera, many tips on best practices when planning shots and I've seen an increase in the quality of all my photos as a whole vs. just taking a ton of pics to try and capture one or two that turn out nice. I'm excited to try out so many new things I learned from watching these videos. I'd recommend these videos be the required guide to anyone who owns a 5D MKii.

Mia Linguia

Amazing class, I walk away feeling like I've made this machine my own. Like getting a new car and adjusting all the seating and mirrors and radio stations to your comfort, then giving it a name because its officially yours. My camera now feels more comfortable to use and I can't wait to use it again with these new found tweaks. Thanks John, always a great class!


Excellent instruction. The instructor is very knowledgeable and a very effective communicator. Great photo examples and "SLIDES for that". Creative Live and John should both be commended for providing in depth and pertinent information. The Canon 5D MkII is a great camera however without a body of knowledge to fully utilize it you might as well have a low end point and shoot. I would recommend this class to anyone who has a 5D MkII, no matter your skill level. Great job!

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