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Create files in InDesign

Lesson 18 from: Basics of Adobe CC: Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign

Jason Hoppe

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Lesson Info

18. Create files in InDesign

Lesson Info

Create files in InDesign

InDesign is where everything comes together. We've been working in Illustrator, we've been working in Photoshop, and now it comes together into InDesign, and InDesign is a page layout application where we take our content that we've created in Photoshop and Illustrator, put together with type in InDesign. So we're gonna jump over to our InDesign document here, and get a brief overview of what InDesign looks like and how it can work for you. So I've created a couple different files in InDesign. I have a poster and I also have a multi-page donut brochure here, as well as that entire overview that we did at the very beginning of this. This was all created in InDesign. But what you need to know is, how do you actually create something in InDesign, and we start by creating a document. So we go into the File menu. We're gonna go in and create a new document, and we can set this up for whatever we want to do. We have different Intents here, whether we want to go ahead and do it for print, do ...

a PDF or a website, or go in and do digital publishing as well. So, when I go to my New Dialogue box, I have the ability to pick different size pages here. Letter or Legal, any size that I want, or I can just simply edit the height, horizontal or vertical, and the number of pages I want to have in my document. I don't know how many pages I want in this document, so I'm gonna stick with one. I can also create some type of column format on my page here, if I want to have a two or a three or a four column layout, my text or my images, and I can also set my margins top, bottom, left and right. And I click OK. And this is my first page of my layout. I can create as many pages as I want here, I can flow copy in, bring content in, and bring this all together into any type of publication that I want. But, if you've set up your file and it's not set up correctly, you don't have to unplug the machine, re-install InDesign to get it back or quit out of InDesign. Very simple way, go into the File menu, go back under your Document Setup and you can edit your document at that point. You can change the orientation, the size, things like that, and you don't have to start all over. Now, the basics of InDesign are going in, putting copy in, whether entering in copy yourself, getting from a text or a Word file, copying stuff in from a website, whatever it may be. But going in and actually taking the content, logos, graphics, images, and putting these all together and actually build a file from it. And we use InDesign for every type of publication whatsoever. I just got done with 180 page catalog, I've done a 512 page cookbook before, flyers, brochures, you name it, one page, 50 page; 1,000 pages, this is what it's for. Main part, getting copy in, flowing copy over multiple pages, page numbers, and then being able to print directly from InDesign, exporting as a PDF, or directly publishing online using Adobe's Publish Online feature.

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Ratings and Reviews

user 1398976626171314

Such an important overview that clarifies and simplifies each piece of software and its role in achieving a beautiful and organized end result. Love Jason's brilliant and funny style and I appreciate his going into the "whys" of the software design evolution so it's not just memorizing methods but truly understanding what you can do even with a eye to the future changes. Fascinating, fun and empowering! My first Creative Live purchase!

Renee Hamilton

Enjoying this class immensely. Havent used illustrator properly for a while but this class is refreshing my memory. Its so awesome and it makes illustrator seem so easy! Wow wow wow! Thank you Jason and Creative live

Corrine Radergraham

WOW!! Jason is a very engaging instructor. It's obvious that he knows the programs inside and out. He imparts a tremendous amount of excellent material in a very short time, he makes sense and he is well-spoken with a sense of humor and he doesn't get lost in the materials and have to bungle his way out, very well prepared. I've been using PS and IA for the past several years on and off and currently have 6 on my computer but looking at going to CC in the near future. Even with that experience, he provided tips and tricks for both that were very enlightening in using them more productively. I'm not so familiar with ID and I now feel that I have a working knowledge of all three programs. I've taken Adobe classes taught by other instructors and found them rather boring to drag myself through. Jason is not boring in the least! So if you aren't familiar with these programs or are even curious about them and want an excellent overview, I totally recommend that you take this class. You will definitely not be sorry and will get your money's worth. I took this when it was offered on air free of charge. The only down of taking it free is that there are downloadable materials that are only available by purchase which sound excellent and I would like to have them, but I want to take one of Jason's other classes and can't justify the expense of this class only for the downloads, because I am familiar with the programs and would be unlikely to actually watch the class again, and there is his interactive pdf class that I am really looking forward to......5 stars and all thumbs up for Jason's instruction!

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