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The 28 Day Study Group

Lesson 69 from: 28 Days of Portrait Photography

Sue Bryce

The 28 Day Study Group

Lesson 69 from: 28 Days of Portrait Photography

Sue Bryce

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69. The 28 Day Study Group

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Day 1


First 2 Years: The Truth


Teaching 2 Photographers in 28 Days


Rate Your Business


Year One in Business


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28 Challenges




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Checklist, Challenges, and Next Steps


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Day 1: The Natural Light Studio


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Day 2: Mapping Your Set and Outfits


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First Weekly Q&A Session


Day 8: Rules - Hourglass, Body Language, Asymmetry, Connection


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Day 9: Styling & Wardrobe


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Day 10: Shooting Curves


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Day 11: Posing & Shooting - Groups of 2, 3, and 4


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Day 12: Posing & Shooting Families


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Day 13: Products & Price List


Day 16


Day 14: Marketing & Shooting the Before & After


Day 17


Day 15: Phone Coaching & Scripting


Day 18


Second Weekly Q&A Session


Day 16: Posing Young Teens


Day 19


Day 17: Marketing & Shooting - Family First Demographic


Day 20


Day 18: The Corporate Headshot


Day 21


Day 19: Glamour Shoot on Location & Shooting with Flare


Photoshop Video: Glamour Shoot on Location & Shooting with Flare


Day 22


Day 20: Photoshop - Warping & the Two Minute Rule


Day 23


Day 21: Posing Mothers & Daughters


Day 24


Third Weekly Q&A Session


Day 22: Marketing & Shooting - 50 & Fabulous Demographic


Day 25


Day 23: Shooting into the Backlight


Bonus: Shooting into the Backlight


Day 26


Day 24: Marketing & Shooting - Girl Power Demographic (18-30s)


Photoshop Video: Girl Power Demographic (18-30s)


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Day 25: The Beauty Shot


Bonus: Vintage Backdrop


Day 28


Day 26: Marketing & Shooting - Independent Women Demographic


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Day 27: Sales & Production


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Day 28: Posing Men


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Bonus: Pricing




Photography, Style, Brand, and Price Part 1


Photography, Style, Brand, and Price Part 2


Marketing Part 1


Marketing Part 2


Money: What's Blocking You?


Bonus: The Folio Shoot


Day 32


Photo Critiques Images 1 through 10


Photo Critiques Images 11 through 27


Photo Critiques Images 28 through 45


Photo Critiques Images 47 through 67


Photo Critiques Images 68 through 84


Photo Critiques Images 85 through 105


Photo Critiques Images 106 through 130


Photo Critiques Images 131 through 141


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Day 33


Identify Your Challenges


Identify Your Strengths


Getting Started Q&A


Rate Your Business


Marketing Vs Pricing


Facing Fear


The 28 Day Study Group


Selling Points


Interview with Susan Stripling


Emotional Honesty


Day 34


Sue's Evolution


28 Days Review


Student Pitches


28 Days Testimonial: Mapuana Reed


How to Pitch: Starting a Conversation


Your Block: Seeing is What You're Being


Your Block: Valuing and Receiving


Building Confidence: Your Own Stories


Building Confidence: Your Self Worth


Pitching An Experience


Pitching An Experience: Your Intentions


Pitching An Experience: Social Media


Final Thoughts


Lesson Info

The 28 Day Study Group

28 Day Study Group, you go to Facebook, you put in 28 days study group, it's not one word, it's separate words, this website was started by Laurie when we did 28 days, so it's been going for a year and three months. Who are your administrators? They're all photographers? In the 28 day group? Just me and you Ah, just you Good, okay, so you run the challenges? Yes Tell us about that, tell everybody about that. Okay, well basically we have every session, they're called sessions, on the 28 Day CreativeLive course page, so it's Session One through 28 basically, and what we do is we run each session one a week, instead of one a day. We're gonna take 28 weeks to go through it because we understand of course that not everyone can get a model in every day for all the different reasons, so we'll take one week and we'll break it down basically through in the file section on the top there's tabs, and a lot of people don't realize there's a tab on the top that says "Files." You click on t...

hat and you go down and you just scroll through that menu and you're gonna find every single session, and you click that open and you'll see just a little synopsis of what that session's about, in my words basically. So, you can go back to each session? Yeah Oh, I didn't know that. Yeah, yeah So Files is in that, like in the boxes? There's like a tab on the top, yep, says Files. Yep, and that's where you find all of the sessions, and we concentrate on one a week, but you can since 28 Days has been out awhile, and we're in Cycle Two, we've already gone through it once. We're gonna continue to just have another cycle each time cuz we're gonna also get new people coming in that wanna start or that need to just pick up the ball and start doing it cuz people aren't doing it. I mean we don't have enough engagement right now right in the group. I would love to see more engagement on these files, but the file system is how this group works and what makes it unique to any other photography group that you might see out there. This is a true classroom-style study program. For free? For free So, the cool part is you buy a workshop for $199 that is like 93 videos on a business model and then you can go and join other people working through the model, really working through it, in the arena getting kicked in the face everyday, just like you, and work through the challenges and go back through the challenges. Consider one thing, if Laurie's doing this for free, how is she getting paid? So, I want everybody who joins that group that works within that group to consider how they can help Laurie do something and connect with her personally as well because somebody doesn't just create a community and then start working, I mean, doing 28 Days was the biggest thing I've ever done, if I was running weekly challenges from that, that would end me and to have people like this running community is absolutely incredible. Laurie is a human being. Every photographer needs to consider her amazing goal is to create and run communities, and now she needs to consider how she can monetize that because as an entrepreneur, working for free, doesn't fly. So, it can be anything from Laurie decided to, maybe you should set up a Paypal account maybe you can do every month, everyone donates one dollar to you, then you get a new laptop or a new camera or something, but you don't get people that do this for nothing and the fact that she's done it is unbelievable cuz she just creates these communities, and then the fact that she's working it every week I think is phenomenal. And the fact for you guys is that it exists there for free every week, and I mean we just got hit, Laurie just showed me the web page, and she just got hit with a massive influx of people that have bought 28 Days that are joining the study group cuz they probably didn't realize it was that amazing. This is not a group where you just bitch and moan or talk about people as a private group, it is a closed-down group dedicated solely to on-going education of a single workshop, and I think it's absolutely incredible. Does anybody have any questions about 28 Days study group? You have to have bought 28 Days in the past or have bought it this week in order to get in. You have to screenshot the receipt and send it to her, but you have to "friend," how does that work? They don't have to "friend" me, they just have to ask to join the group. You have to do two things, and the most important thing to do, I rewrote the description of the group that everybody can see, and you click on 28 Days and where it would say description, read that description of how to get in. People aren't doing that, there's 800 people sitting in that queue that have never sent me a screenshot, and I know that it's gotta be over half of them that own this course, so click on that short description, I even have in there how to take a screenshot, there's a link to this great page that tells you if you have a mac or a pc Command, shift, three Yep, but it tells you no matter what kind of computer you have how to do one easily, a lot of people don't know how, so I've had a lot of people send em to me that way. Take your screenshot, ask to join is so important, I get a lot of verifies without the ask to join and then it's almost impossible for me to go down through 800 people and find, believe me For free I've gone dizzy trying to find the name, so recently I've been asking, if you asked to join months ago, which I'm gonna find, we're gonna find today a lot of people saying, "But I did ask to join," or something or "I did send a screenshot," cancel that request if you did and you're now sending me the screenshots so that you float to the top, and I don't have to go through 800 people that would be great, but those are the basic rules on how to get in. There's just two things you gotta do. Well, three, you have to buy the course, you know, because it's only designed for people that own the course. Then again, in that File session, that File section, you're gonna find every single session that we have with Sue, and you can study with us on the current session like right now we're doing, gosh, I've been in a whirlwind of travel this week, Connection, yep, yep. It's gonna be Kenna's photo actually on the group, whenever I get to my real Imac, but anyway, Connections and Expressions, what we're studying this week, and should have gotten a model, you should have shot that. We're discussing it, and the way we discuss it is in that File link, there's a description, and then we discuss it in the Comments, and what happens with that is because it's in the Files, it never gets lost in the shuffle. Yeah So, if you're in a group That's pretty cool And you're posting something, especially in the In Bed with Sue group, it goes down, down, down, really, really fast, it's like, "Where's my post?" It's probably there, you know, but with the files, now if we're talkin about Connection and Expression, we have Cycle One banter and now we have Cycle Twos and because Facebook has now allowed us to put a photo in Comments, it's beautiful cuz then, that's where you put your photos, "here's my example, how'd I do, what could I do better?" and people are interacting there. That's pretty cool. Yep, and then if you decide like yesterday Alyssa had asked me if she could post about men, In bed with Sue, we can't post about men, we can't post about children, we can't post about a lot of different things. I'm keeping that only women, modern women portraiture basically, but the 28 Days group you can because Sue covers everything Yeah Families, men So, is this a stupid question, the Files thing, is that now on just the group ability for all Facebook groups to be able to do that? Yeah So, if you're building say a group page for your clients, and it's a private group page just for your clients, I suggested this in my marketing, Facebook is free, you don't have to go and build a blog, if everyone just wants on Facebook, let's say you start accepting clients into a private group and then you start cataloging like a blog on Files, so instead of it just being a running feed, so if they're not on Facebook for a week, they miss a whole lot of stuff, they can go back to that, that's something that anyone can do in a group? Absolutely, and you can tailor it to however your needs fit. That's so, cool I didn't know that Yeah Mark Zuckerberg changes a lot of things, but he doesn't always surprise me with good things. Yeah, there are good things with Facebook actually, the group system is Amazing Incredible I can't not tell you the testimony that goes on in that group, and In Bed with Sue, but you really see it a little more detailed and more honest and more straight-forward because the people let their guard down in 28 Days more because it's such a concise group of people with the same goals So, I need you to understand if Laurie can create a community and support it like that, she needs to be supported as well, and we're gonna try and find more ways to support her to keep supporting us, so she does personal work I'm allowing Laurie to link anything she does personally to 28 Days because she's running that group and nobody else runs or markets themselves in that group, so we opened up In Bed with Sue to more mentors and more people that can contribute because there's so many people in it, but 28 Days exists only as this workshop working and anything Laurie does personally because she's doing that for free, so huge props to you for what you do, and you know, in terms of purpose she was already doin it for free cuz she also did CreativeLive Students, CreativeLive Alumni. What other groups did you start? Well, it all started with the CreativeLive Alumni group experiencing growth. I took a, I was a student here twice, and I asked Craig if I could start a group for the alumni people that actually have set foot in the CreativeLive studio, and it's a nice group since that, and the CreativeLive Junkies, of course, was already there, since those two groups, there use to be a lot more banter in there, but now there's like a photography group for everything you can ever think of now, so you know, and that's wonderful. 28 Days and In Bed with Sue are my main two and then what we did with In Bed with Sue is, Sue decided that she wanted to focus more on 28 Days cuz she does not have the time to interact, so In Bed with Sue we have now, I think, 12 mentors, go-to people that I trust to answer questions about marketing and so forth. A lot of them are actually doing the Sue model, and then we're expanding it just a little bit more from the modern women's portraiture workshop, we're kinda modeling it after that too, to get a little more experimental stuff in there and everything. A bit more fashion? Women, it's all women, but Any questions about that online? Well, people are very supportive Laurie and saying, "Thank you," and saying, let me go back to the chat rooms, saying what a great group it is. Of course there are some people in here, somebody's suggesting, "Yes, if we all gave you "one dollar a month that would be a fabulous start." And I didn't come here knowing that she was going to say this, by the way. I mean that's very generous for her to say cuz I might need the first tissue, but I did this from my heart. I do it from my heart because, do I want to learn this myself, yes. This group creation with Sue was about almost intentionally that I wanted to learn more too, and you're in a chat room in CreativeLive, and I love a chat room on CreativeLive, but, guess what, when this ends today, that ends, and you're done talking to people, you're done sharing links, you're done all this stuff Well, what did you do about that or whatever. I wanted another form of communication for people to continue talking about what she is teaching, and testimonial place for people to hold each other up, to cry, to laugh, to celebrate, to almost quit and then people raise people up. We don't allow any crap in there. No one's allowed to bully people. They get kicked out right away. You see it once in awhile of course, there's 16,000 members. We will find those bad people and get em out, but we're only talking about the good people really, and the testimonials are crazy and they're attributing it to both CreativeLive, Sue workshops, and the group interaction, and the way that there's so much support there. We're seeing people opening studios that probably wouldn't have done it without these two models working together. Opening real live studios, showing their pictures, it's been going on like crazy, Nikki's one of em, it's been, you wouldn't believe how many people have opened a real studio, signed a lease and done this, reveal walls, I get e-mails, do you know how many e-mails I get a day that are the questions. Do you know how many thank you e-mails I get, unbelievable, I read every single one of them, but the one thing that I love reading the most is, "Today, I did a $4,000 sale, today I did an $1,800 sale, "today, Sue, I did a $3,000 sale, "today Sue I did an $8,000 sale" and people send me their ground-breaking sales, and I just, when I read those e-mails, do you know how many people stop by just to thank me? Like, when I ask for questions, "thank you, for doing this, "for flying to Seattle and doing this." I'm just like, wow, it's so amazing. Anyway, I love it, please join it, please support Laurie, it's really, really important. There is no such thing as a free lunch. My dad taught me that. He said, "There's no such thing as a free lunch," and I don't believe there is ever a free lunch. People do something always to get something themselves, so you need to consider that whenever you ask for something, whenever you expect something. Support, sometimes even just networking with people, is enough to pay them back. Sometimes giving them something, a connection, a network, anything is enough to give them back.

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Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

I have purchased four of Sue's courses and love them all. I have learned so much. I found the lesson on connecting with people thru their eyes has made a huge difference in my photos already. Her before and after's made me cry. I want to be able to take these kinds of photos for my family and friends. I just love what she does. She is such a great teacher. I learn much better seeing things done, so this was the perfect choice for me to learn. I love Sue's humor, her honesty, her detailed teaching and sweet and wonderful personality. Her sessions will or should not disappoint anyone. It is the best money I have ever spent on self-help teaching. Thanks a million creative live. You GOTTA LOVE SUE!


Pure gold. Sue Bryce is likable, talented, funny, and an amazing teacher. She calls you on your BS (your excuses for why you aren't succeeding), gives you business, posing, marketing, pricing and LIFE advice. The class is 58 hours long - and you spend the majority of it looking right over her shoulder, through her lens and watch her walk through many, many photoshoots. She verbally and clearly repeats several critical formulas for success so it's imprinted in your mind. Her advice is crystal clear and your photography will dramatically improve after this class. Before Creative Live, you'd NEVER have had the opportunity to shadow a photographer of her quality... hands down the best photography class I've ever taken.


I have just began this course and I am excited to see how following her model will help me to improve and get my business started. I have been through the first two days and there is lots of information to absorb and things to get in order before I begin the actual challenges. I am thankful that there are photographers out there who are will to reveal there secrets ad are truly invested in others improving themselves in all aspects of their life and not just their photography skills. Thanks Sue Bryce for your passion for empowering woman and your knowledge of creating and sustaining a business by being true to who you and commitment to the improvement of others! I am excited to grow myself and my business, I am confident this will be worth every penny! Were the templates for the email PDF included in this course

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