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Using the Axe-Fx

Cooper Carter

Using the Axe-Fx

Cooper Carter

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Class Description

The Fractal Audio Axe Fx gives guitar players an incredible range of capabilities, but the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. In the this course Cooper Carter will share his road-tested tips for getting the most out of the Axe Fx preamp/effects processor.

Cooper has experience using the Axe Fx on tour and in the studio. In this course he will show you the tricks he has mastered while working with the Axe Fx in countless sessions and on stages across the country. The Axe Fx gives you access to hundreds of different tones through its inventory of vintage and modern guitar amps, speaker cabinets, guitar stompbox and studio effects. Cooper will simplify those options and give you a roadmap for working efficiently. You will learn how to create and tweak amp profiles and go deep on working with cab simulations and how to use effects.

This course will unlock the advantages of the Axe Fx and open you up to a whole new range of exciting possibilities. If you want to learn how to get the most of this complex tool, join Cooper and CreativeLive for this essential Axe Fx training course.


user a5cffc

A winning combination (Axe-FX II with Cooper Carter)... Just started using the Axe-FX II and this class just gave me the best startup for this amazing magic box. Cooper Carter did an amazing job at getting the basic covered and I feel this course is worth every penny. Now, I'm hoping for an advanced course hat will cover the more advanced topic for both the Axe-FX II and MFC-101. There is so much to learn here and an advanced course is the next step. i.e. expression pedals config in various setup, using Mission SP-1, Sp-2, EP-1, re-amping setup, creating IR. This course is at the top of the best training I had recently. CC is an excellent musician and he knows the Axe-FX II inside/out, the end result is having a high level musical training of this magical box. Love the interaction of web/live audiences and real time explanation with demo, tips/tricks. Thank you Cooper Carter and Creative Lab for making this course, I will view this one again for sure. Don't stop here, time to start working on the follow-up, more advanced course. It will be a hit for sure...

a Creativelive Student

Great class! Cooper is a great inspiration, a great guitarist and a great teacher! Never heard of him before this class, but he really nailed some tips and tricks in the Axe FX! I want more classes with him or/and other with same skills regarding the axe fx! Again; really inspiring! Also liked the guy next to him asking web questions! The production was great to! Good quality! I wish there were more camera angels the viewer should be able to choose from, like the screen, the MFC and the display of the Axe… not very important, but could be useful in some sequences… anyway… Thank you!

a Creativelive Student

I just finished session #1 on setting up clean tone. I built the same preset while following along with the tutorial and was extremely pleased with the end result. I got sidetracked a few times because I was enjoying playing with the new preset and ended up taking an hour and a half to get through the lesson. Previously, I always seemed to find an existing preset and tweaked it until I got close to what I was looking for. I never seemed to develop the ability to scratch build my presets and as a result, my progress in learning the Axe FX was a bit stagnant. These tutorials have rekindled my interest in taking this box to the next level. I'm confident now that I'll be able to become much more proficient at squeezing out the sounds I'm looking for. Like many others, I've been hoping someone with Cooper's expertise would take the time and effort to offer up these types of tutorials online. Cooper is an excellent instructor. The training is well paced and perfectly suited for my level of ability. Well worth the price of admission! Thank you.