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Flawless Vocals: Recording, Editing & Mixing

Kris Crummett

Flawless Vocals: Recording, Editing & Mixing

Kris Crummett

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Class Description

Not every vocalist you encounter is going to be great, but when you do get a strong one in front of your microphone, you better know how to record them. Kris Crummett will show you how.

Kris has worked with some of the biggest post-hardcore/rock bands of the last few years; Issues, Sleeping With Sirens, Dance Gavin Dance, Jonny Craig, Alesana, and more. Throughout this course, Kris will use the actual Pro Tools sessions from Issues' self-titled album to teach you his unique approach for tracking, editing, and mixing vocals.

If you are looking for a fresh take on recording and mixing vocals, this course is for you.

Class Materials

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Kris Crummet - Flawless Vocals Gear Guide.pdf

Ratings and Reviews


this was a great course, i found it very interesting, Kris had a good way to explain things and guide through the course, perfectly understandable even for a non-native english speaker as me. i wished togeher with the course contents would be also some hi-defination audio files so that you really can hear the signal quality that has been and also whats going on with the special effect tails, something like a main music background stereo track, but all vocal tracks as rendered in different version (processing on / off) and all the aux fx channels printed to stereo .wav files. That would have been a great bonusd-addition to the really great and helpfull course, as due the cideocompression, sometimes it was not very clear what was going on there, also to compare different sounds going back and forth in the video-file is not as exact as you can do it yourself in an DAW. i really enjoyed that course and watched it already 2 times, next i´m going to purchase "Tracking & Mixing with Outboard Gear" and i really hope Kris will return to Creativelive for more courses, as mentioned in the beginning, he has a really good way to show and describe his doing

Tyler Little

I'm recording with a simple solo usb mic pre into ableton, and mixing entirely ITB - but I still found this course very helpful. I was skeptical when I saw how young Kris was but the dude obviously lives and breathes music and he answered a lot of my questions. Audience participation was helpful sometimes, sometimes not. Overall, a lot of content for pretty cheap. Would watch more from him. Thanks


I got this as vocals are something I wasn't confident with in a mix. This course has drastically increased my confidence in recording, editing and mixing vocals but more importantly.

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