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The Power of Audio: A Conversation with Tim Ferriss

Chase Jarvis, Tim Ferriss

The Power of Audio: A Conversation with Tim Ferriss

Chase Jarvis, Tim Ferriss

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Class Description

Audio is everywhere—in our pockets, on our kitchen counters, and piped right into our ears wirelessly through AirPods and Beats. By 2020, smart speakers are expected to reach more than 20 million households and be in most cars, so on-demand audio will be easier than ever to access. But audio is also an intimate, personal medium, one that has the power to enhance our lives and everyday moments.

Chase Jarvis, CreativeLive CEO and host of “The Chase Jarvis LIVE Podcast,” invites Tim Ferriss, host of the No.1-ranked podcast “The Tim Ferriss Show” to discuss the rise of audio and what it takes to find success in podcasting. Tim will address how he built his massive audience, monetized his podcast, avoided common pitfalls, and converted casual listeners into fervent devotees.

Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

Tim and Chase were extremely helpful and generous with their wisdom, and I love the fact that they didn't give fluff answers, but talked about real practical tactics and processes from their own experience. They answered my question directly and clearly. I really appreciated the encouragement as I work on growing my podcast. Thanks again guys! Erick (Stoic Coffee Break Podcast)

Glenys Morgan

Thank you Tim and Chase. I am grateful for your knowledge and the fact that you share with such honesty, without holding back your secrets. Once isn't enough and I'll watch this interview several more times. There will be so much more in each listening. Podcasting is something I've thought about and now I'm excited about the idea.

Maggie Hunter-Brown

This was a relaxed conversation between two entrepreneurs, who both engage in podcasting. It introduces podcast jargon... it also lets you listen to two knowledgeable podcasters talking about: how this media adds to the overall communication industry; what equipment is needed to start up; and some tips of do's and don'ts.. Very upbeat, but not superficial… easy to listen to and to grasp.. If not sure if this is your thing.. no judgement.. but good sound advice as to how you might move forward, to make this happen! I so enjoyed listening to this!

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