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Speedlights 101

Lesson 39 of 40

Final Q&A

Mark Wallace

Speedlights 101

Mark Wallace

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39. Final Q&A


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Final Q&A

We do have some q and a that we'd like to get to. So what is our first question? We do have a lot of q and a. I think a lot of the questions have I have probably been, most of them have been answered. That's ok during the weekend. So it's, kind of hard to decipher. I want to read a couple quotes to you first. Okay, some quotes, quote. Okay. Thiss photos from sam cox he's a regular here on credit live he says thank you, mark for great weekend your demonstrations of practical solutions to real problems are very clear and immediately usable. Every time I watch your presentations, I own your first creative live course and your own studio lighting course I learn more and then he says ps now that cannon has released the five d mark three, they should consider a special edition, the five d mark wallace decision from from nubia I knew next to nothing about flash photography. I have learned a ton thank you, mark for opening my eyes. I've actually learned a lot and can't wait to start practicing...

. You've provided so many different ways to achieve great results I likes I like the simple so the one I like the symbol one flash with the reflector looks terrific. Awesome yeah and it does and it doesn't have to be complicated that's the that's the bottom line you can do something that's very complex and lots of lights and do some really fun stuff but you can also I have great success with a single light and some film corps and and a location that's you know your garage your back yard or whatever it will work it has got to keep shooting going keep shooting so jai ho says thanks mark you're a great teacher and the speed light world is finally making sense thanks for all the creative tips and I also wanted to say that um do dio says I'm taking the good news of speed light one a one back to my home country in nigeria so thank you thanks to create a block that is terrific that's what I love about creative life is that it can help anywhere in the world anywhere in the world that's what we want and wow is really appreciative that you've brought night kony ins and can own ian's together as friends and they confront uniter not a divider all right cool one more trouble morris says I love marks and I love how mark answers questions by demonstrating and not just talking thank you so much mark you're welcome that's what you're here for what I'm here for to the best of my ability will help and mary from costa rica one last one says you you've been emphatic since day one about riel ninjas coming to the workshop today he's ready I know I said it's gonna happen not yet but it's coming all right let's see if we can ask you a couple questions okay would ask a couple questions and then ninjas hinges right? Our ninja heart would like to know what piece of equipment would you like to get a hold of if cost was not an issue from the cost is not an issue and I could just have anything. Um I'd love to see the cannon when the ex that new cannon yeah that'd be nice all right let's get you a couple more questions here and just to clarify to not be a divider already have the d four so there you go, jimmy comments or dear use led light yes. So led light is something that I've used specifically light panels when I'm doing video work or video on a dslr it's something that isa great if you can get that light close to your subject but with led lights you have rapid light fall off and you really need to get those close and so you're not going to able illuminate groups also you can't freeze motion and so for sports photography it's no good on dh you know they're they're low power solutions that were mostly if you're doing something like a portrait or a close up interview newsgathering kind of application something an amount to your camera and shoot for the video world I think there phenomenal for fortune photography or for shooting stills I think strobes are always going to be better those were my choice so l a needs are great for moving things but not stills e I was going to say we have a solar eclipse remember we talked about that? Yes, yes any tips for photographing that I don't have any experience shooting solar eclipses so I would say this is when the moon goes in front of the sun make sure that you don't fry your eyes or your camera's sensor and google some tips but I've not done it so I don't have to do you have any recommendations for beauty dishes made for light for speed lights? Um no, I think we I don't know if we talked about this maybe was on the drive up to our secret location we're talking about the dishes maybe it was there, but I don't know of any specific brands of light modifier specifically beauty dishes made for speed lights I have beauty dishes made for studio strobes the pro photos beauty district I love but I do have used the orbits ring flash it's a little bit different it's a lot different than a beauty dish but it's a it's an attachment you can put on the front of your camera and it actually, attach it to the flash and diverse the power down around the lens, and then it can give you really, really nice. Look on a portrait. I think scott jarvi uses a ring flashes. Well, he does all these crazy pictures with a ring flash, but not that I haven't seen a beauty dish for speed light. Mark. What is the most speed lights you've used in one shoot? Probably this weekend is the most three is probably, you know, I'm thinking this week we were using, like, nine or something that we kept flipping him out, but, uh, besides that, um, horrible, I think I had a chute where I had tio teo eliminate a background and, I think, had four speed lights, plus my he so seven, seven times like that.

Class Description

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Once you know what’s happening with your camera and flash you can do almost anything. Speedlights open up a new realm in your photography. They are light to carry, quick to set up. And you never know when you're going to need that extra light for a more dramatic image.

This workshop will give you the confidence to incorporate small portable flash in your photography toolkit. From shooting receptions at weddings or adding drama in senior portraits, this workshop will include lots of live shooting examples that will help everything make sense. Get ready to take your photography to the next level. Once you start working with a portable flash, you'll never understand how you lived without them.


Gary Hook

Mark's wealth of knowledge combined with his engaging and 'fun', experimental approach to teaching is a winner. I learned a great deal but what truly reinforces the learning is that he actually shows what he is talking about. He gets a question and quickly sets up the practical demo for the answer. Brilliant. Given that this session took place some time ago ( but by no means diminishishes the tremendous learning value) the lessons and knowledge are based techniques that will stand the test of time; however, if I was advising Mark on his teaching techniques, the main are a of 'focus' would be to be more effective with his demonstrations. He holds the back of the camera up, makes his point quickly and then moves on, just as the video is locking on. Great idea to talk about what button you are pushing, but when your fingers are obscuring the 'learning point' it diminishes the effectiveness of the demo. Overall great course which I will watch parts again and highly recommend it. Thank you PS Give both Kelsey and John and huge hug as they are all-stars making things happen!

Alexander Svishchenkov

Great! I'm so thankful to you, CreativeLive, for providing this great opportunity to learn an important subject of photography - Speedlights - from the professional Mark Wallace. He is such a good teacher and explains everything in real-life situations and on slides. As he fires his flash, I instantly see the resulting photo on my screen, so this is theory combined with practice. I'm in fact watching you from Belarus, and it's midnight, so I'm fighting with sleep, but I can't get myself away from the screen. this is my 1st CL experience. I'm very grateful for running a rewatch of the previous Day the following morning, so I woke up and saw what I'd missed. And it's totally free! Thank you so much for a true first-class education!

Aussie David

Truly a fabulous class. Mark has such a gift for taking a complex subject and making it so understandable and fun at the same time. Mark is easily one of the best instructors out there. Highly highly highly recommend this class.