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Posing, Styling and Lighting for Beauty Photography

Lindsay Adler

Posing, Styling and Lighting for Beauty Photography

Lindsay Adler

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1 Class Introduction Duration:03:48
2 Know Your Concept Duration:11:40
3 Select the Right Lens Duration:08:05
4 Angles Matter Duration:06:12
5 Posing Dos and Don'ts Duration:08:02
6 Lighting Considerations Duration:06:15

Class Description

In this live shooting demonstration, fashion and beauty photographer Lindsay Adler will show you how to create three drastically different beauty shots with a few simple changes! She'll talk about considerations for styling choices, lighting setups, modifiers, camera angle, lens choice and poses.


Margaret Lovell

I'm enrolled in a number of Lindsay's courses, and am moving slowly through them. Although I'm more of an outdoor photography, I am interested in fashion photography. I decided to take this course because of its focus on beauty photography, which I feel is a subset of fashion. Lindsay is an excellent instructor who gives plenty of easy-to-follow tips. She's extraordinarily passionate about fashion and beauty photography. I love that she'll set up shoots for classes so that you can watch how she applies her knowledge.

Alfonso Ruiz

Loved the course, Really good info in a fast and concise way

Stefan Legacy

Good course for someone new to photography and looking to learn how to pose and light their subjects. Very clear teaching style and easy to follow along.