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Lesson 8 from: Nikon D610/D600 - DSLR Fast Start

John Greengo

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Lesson Info

8. Next Steps

Lesson Info

Next Steps

thanks a lot for watching one of my fast start camera classes. If you've completed this course and you're wondering, what do I do next? Because I want more information. Here's what I recommend if you haven't taken it already. I have a class called the photography Starter Kit. This is a relatively short, three hour class where we go through shutter speeds, apertures focusing, depth of field composition and lighting. And this is not in reference to a particular camera, but photography in general, a little bit more about the art form of doing it out in the field. And so now that you know how to work your camera, you want to take it the next step toe learning more about photography out in the world. So that would be the next place you want to go. If you've done that one and you want to take it even further than you want to move on to my fundamentals of photography. This is a class that a update on a yearly basis, and it contains what I think is everything a photographer should know have ab...

out 30 years of experience that I have dumped into this class and if you really want to dive in deep. This is where we get into the nitty gritty details and talk a lot about everything from shutter speeds apertures to an entire day on composition. So that is, that's one of my most popular classes. That's that's one of my favorite classes have put a lot of work that goes into that, and that's kind of the ultimate class. After that, then we kind of get to more specialized classes, something that you may be particularly interested in would be something like travel photography. So I have a class that is particularly particularly geared towards the travel photographer. We talk much less about shutter speeds and apertures, and we more talk about dealing with gear and logistics. And how do you talk to people with cultures that speak a different language than you? The next type of class that I have is a nature and landscape class, and so here there's a lot of specialized techniques that landscape photographers air using to achieve their maximum depth of field, and we're gonna be covering all of those in this a two day class. So there's a lot of information in here from your camera class. The other direction that you can do is learn more about your lenses. And so very shortly I will be coming out with a class called Mastering the Lands. And this is gonna have a class specifically for canon lenses in a class specifically for Nikon lenses. They both use their own very interesting and very sophisticated technology to make some just amazing lenses. And there's so many choices figuring out what's the next lens for you to purchase and how do you use them to get the best benefit? And the maximum sharpness out of each of those images is gonna be something that we're gonna be covering in this class is gonna be a lot of fun and should be a great way to follow up a class in your camera, Knowing your camera, knowing your lenses and knowing photography is all part of the game for being a better photographer. Thanks a lot

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I am a fairly experienced UK user and wasn';t sure what to expect, but was very impressed. I like the slick CL website and well produced HD videos. John is certainly a very good teacher, who is clearly spoken and tells you what you need to know about the D600. I was able to sit with my camera in hand and go through all of the controls and picked up some very good tips, which I will use in Bhutan tomorrow! So I like my new teacher and on that basis will be coming back to take John's Fundamentals of Digital Photography and also the Olympus EM1 courses, which represent good value for money.


What can I say John Greengo is the best photography instructor and the best prepared instructor I have ever witnessed. His visual aids are second to none along with his presentation style and years of experience you can't ask for any thing better. He covers the D600/D610 from top to bottom and doesn't miss a thing. If you have this camera and don't feel you are using it to the best your ability, then try this course. You will come away with a much better understanding of how to better use your D600. If you are new to digital photography or if you might need a little reinforcement of the basics then I highly recommend his 5 day course "Fundamentals of Digital Photography 2014." He covers everything in this course from what different camera brands offer, along with exposure to composition, and from focusing to lenses and lighting. He doesn't miss a thing and neither will you with John's clear and concise teaching style.

Thomas Lanik

I am about half way through this D600 course. Like many people it turns out I learn significantly better visually (and hands-on). Thanks to John's well spoken and clear style absorbing his presentation is very effective. I have already applied even simple D600 features. Even if you are thinking about this model I strongly recommend this course- If you're like me, you already made the plunge. That's O.K.- this will maximize your experience. Do it.

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