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Client Delivery

Lesson 23 from: Newborn Photography Bootcamp

Kelly Brown

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23. Client Delivery

After putting all that work into creating the images, don't skip at the delivery. Learn tips and essentials for delivering the final images to your clients.


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Client Delivery

the signal we're going to talk about the final client delivery and delivering that product to the client and how they're going to display it in their home so for me what I've been talking about and creating something that's you know so different of what they can create from themselves were creating a product that has so much value and has so much emotional content in it that we wanted toa hang proudly in their home so for me it's all about black has been talking about sourcing there's incredible products and how and finding and talking out you know it's very talking to our clients and finding out how they want to display those products in their home so this is an album that I I'm like to provide my client clients with it's got a beautiful leather cover it's got a hip it's also got a hip sort of feature on it as well which gives it a nice texture and on the inside of these beautiful tornado jj find out paper prints and it's so unique so different to anything that they can create for the...

mselves when they come into the studio and they flipping through the pages they smell the liver they handle the pages they feel it it's it creates a lasting impression for them so that's why I choose products like that for when they put this in their home and their coffee table you know it's going to be shared like that and then we're gonna you know sort of talk about what sort of colors were going to use during the session do they have anything red in their house isn't gonna look good with their decor um you know what sort of a blanket colors that were going to use talking about paint choice and things like that when we hang something in that house we wanted to be a piece of artwork we wanted to sort of compliment their living areas already the next image I'm gonna show you is um it doesn't look like much and when I first got it from my client cause I contacted some of my my clients from the last six months to see if they could send me some images and when I got this I thought very good picture but then I looked at it and I thought that the bottom of this deer's every morning when they walk downstairs the first thing they see is that picture their baby they're both doctors so they're both professionals and have been working so hard at what they do and they're holding their most treasured position with her parents who were a huge part of their life and it was so incredible to have them come along to a shoot that now when that kid is five ten minutes running down those stairs and even when it's older and his grandparent's have gone he's still going to see that incredible photo because it's not going to leave their war because it has so much meaning to it so at first I was disappointing something really and then I thought no way how else could you want to start your day when you walk down those stairs that's pretty pretty incredible and it made me very feel very proud that that's my work hanging on their walls and I want that to continue to happen the next image that I want to share with you I didn't quite connect at first because the large image I shot recently and it was in november and I contacted her and I said how can you see me a picture of your beautiful campus hanging on the walls I had for gotten that two years earlier I had sold her to campuses I forgot that that's what she ordered like I usually remember these things but I didn't and when she sent me that I'm like oh my god that's the two to middle children in the other two photos that's her family expanding how incredible is that and it goes I didn't even intentionally set it up like that it just goes I was really blown away by that and to see my work on their walls like that and have it progressed over you know a couple of years it's more satisfying its than anything that yeah I could have done in my photography career you can win all the awards you like to have those hanging on someone's wall and loved and appreciated like that that's that's pretty awesome so I want to know from all of you what sort of products are you selling at the moment what are you providing with your clients they hang them on their walls if anybody wants tio tio chip in that would be great currently right now with uh with my pricing in order to purchase their whole gallery of digital images they have to buy a piece of wall art and I was offering kind of like a plaque about but I wasn't super happy with with who I was getting them from so it's currently just campuses I in canada it's kind of hard to find a really I'm having a hard time finding a really good supplier products that I love and with our exchange rate right now ordering from the states and then ping duty it ads you know another fifty percent on top so I'm just sticking with the premises right now but maybe I'm going to change after seeing some of your beautiful stuff you have go s o I've found I'm relatively new like some of you here is well I just just turned one year from from starting my business and the I am stuck in this eye digitals is what I'm selling and I have the option for campuses and from everything I'm I've got the fire started under like got the kick in the butt that I need teo and talking with some of these ladies here who have just switched overto in person sales in sales and I have the set up to be able to do it beautifully have got ah movie room where I could project and really make it fantastic and I I think I just I'm so not a sales person and it makes me crawl just the thought of it but I have to change my thinking and and and I'm really excited toe start finding really good product that my my clients can't find people in the world of the ones that aren't trying to sell and I'm not a south person either and have worked in retail and you get pressured so hard to meet your you know your daily targets you weekly targets in your monthly targets by your company owners but when you create an incredible product it sells itself I don't I don't push my sales down people's throats I create something that they can't create for themselves and I just provide them with all the information along the way so when I give them that content and we start sort of you know working through yeah the structure of it and where we're gonna hang in and talking to them about it and communicating with what it is that they want and finding the best package for them as well yeah I think it's really interesting because it goes back to what you're talking about earlier with regard teo marketing and how you're looking for what type of client do you want and it's the the one that appreciates and values this as art yeah and the way that you set up who you are marking pieces you put out there um have you found that to be the experience definitely so the products that I am offering you know like I might get probably five enquiries today which is great for where I live you know newborn photography is not for everybody out there and obviously people that come across my website they might go to the pressing section and see that you know the packages start from a certain point so it's not you know I'm not going to be within everybody's budget or my style it's not going to suit everyone so I believe that five enquiries day for what I do is great because if I could only shoot three babies a week you know that's that's a really good average that I've got coming in but out of those five enquiries I might hear back from only one of them and it's because they value the products they like the products they like what I do and the professionalism I suppose is it a standard that suits them so not every client is my client but I believe I offer something for everybody but I'm not necessarily going to be the perfect fit for them that's fine that's how business works your website all your packages and pricing or just pricing starting our packages starting it yes so what I do is I proved I actually put on there my packages start at and I haven't amount because it is sometimes really hard especially when you office starting out people ring you you know you put your phone number you put your email address out there and when someone rings you and wants to know how much you charge or or you know what have you it is actually very hard to say all my price is for a portrait sale started two thousand dollars my portrait sounds started four hundred dollars like whatever end of the scale you're at sometimes it's very hard to be that confident in your product in your yourself as as a creative person it's very hard to do that so I am I was given an exercise once can has been talking to me about exercises and someone at a workshop got me to go through an exercise and what he did was get everybody to answer a phone call and he was the potential client and he was like you know what we had to answer with those was out dream amount what would be your dream amount from a portrait selfish in and we had to say it confidently without hesitating and that was actually quite hard to do because my dream amounts seemed so far out of reach at the time but I can tell you now three years later I'm almost there it's actually pretty cool but at the time I thought that I was completely out of out of reach with it so yeah but um do we want to talk a bit more about some of these things well again yeah so I do off our condo but I actually never sold one I don't know where I'm going round there obviously I'm no adding to my packages which I'll definitely started doing that but my biggest sale it's for your boxes with the matted images inside that's my package thie only digital package I offer my clients can't ask so can I just buy the digitalis and I told them no because I want youto have a quality image in your home are you going to treasure and for me to just give you the image probably gonna keep earlier on a drawer or something so they stop a little second and then they're like okay so it's even though I would love to have my images on their wall I don't know if they're putting on their wall or if they're just keeping on a coffee table or on the unit but I like the idea of adding with the price goodbye itself it's not selling for me so with my packages and the products that I offer I offer four for different world three different products and then the last package is obviously combination of quite a few packages are quite a few products but what I do also offer is additional prince for sale the portfolio sweet that you do so with the matted prince that's still a great wife people tohave it them hanging in there in their home because they can have those framed they can put a collection off on the wall and if that's what you're selling you know sell that to them sell you know sell that and say you know I would really love it if you eventually framed these and have them hanging on your wall if you come from a place of passion and show them how much it means to you to have those images hanging on their wall you know you're going to make them believe that they need to have those on the wall because some people just need a little bit of convincing that's all and I don't know what it's like here in the states but australians don't tend to put ah lot of images of themselves up on the wall like I know growing up my brother sister and I put a family portrait when we got together to do a family porch from my mom and you know we stood there very very serious and I had my hand on my brother's shoulder and my hair was so bad my sister was on the other side with her hand on his shoulder and we just look so stiffen so funny um he's photoshopped us that much that it looks like my hair kind of comes out like this and comes in and you know but it's beautifully framed and my mom loved that but every time we walked into the house we were like oh god would you just take that picture down it's so embarrassing so you know australians don't tend to want to look at themselves on the wall is that your case is your house yet so for me you know trying now to get past that and convincing my clients that it's okay to have these moments it's okay to exist in photos it's actually okay that means more to your family and the generations after you then you live in our it's it's like my my eight year old she sits on the computer with the old discs of when they were little and she just goes through all the photo albums I've got imprinted in a box somewhere but it's easier for her to whack a disk in the computer because she's always on it and and she just loves looking at them and when my mom turned sixty after being you know seriously ill with leukemia we throw a massive party for her and my friend garrett put together a slide show was a ten year period which she did not exist in a single photo because she was like no I don't want you don't want to be in the photo so we have to create these images during a session so beautiful pieces of off art for the home and tell them to hang them proudly and be proud of that I think that's an incredible thing to do kelly um kids if we could talk a little bit more about the back and forth that you have with clients that howto find that perfect place in their home or or how you establishes are you consulting with them about colors and the corps and rooms and they sending you images back and forth and maybe just not you but maybe in addition to like what people's experience what have you found that works best you know that's something that you could actually offer to people and I know a photographer that actually goes into the client's home and she has her husband hang them so they don't have to do it themselves at such an incredible gift and thing to do but for me personally with my products I think during the session I'm really talking to them and getting them involved in that shoot you know what colors do you have in your homes with korea walls what career is your furniture because I need to know whether I need to keep my image is like or I need to go dark depending on the decor of the home and if they kind of say and I'm not good a decor like you don't walk into my house and go wow it's you know it looks like a display home or anything like that but I do know that if you've got a lot of dark furniture and you've got light colored walls on a dark image is gonna look good up there and I do know that if you've got really light bright home with lots of whites and creams and beachy tones and I'm going to create images that are light and bright for you so I need to get a cz much information during musicians as possible so I know what sort of set ups to put together what colors am I using during those you saw in the red box image that it's sitting you know with some beautiful red vases that looks really kind of cool looks awesome and that's their baby so it's almost like you know they're just contributing to the decor of the home through our images and so when I'm talking to them about that um after the session you know we've already got a really good feel of creating something that's gonna look good anywhere in their home and then once this sort of starting the ordering process we start to talk about the size is right these are the size is in this package that are available to you if it's going to hang on the wall you know do you have a space that fits that or would you like tio change that size combination and go with this size combination if you think that would fit better but most people will come to you and say look we really wanna hang some kind of a war but I don't think that that size is going to fit and it's funny because I used to see going around social media the little lounge room with all the different size prince with the one picture in it which was a great guide to see how much space it would take up so a lot of people don't realize that an eight by ten won't take up much space then they think they're going to put it above the lounge it's gonna look really small so you've got to talk to them about that and say right you know when they come into my studio hanging above the change table my large canvas in that package is thirty by forty the campus hanging above my change table is a thirty by forty and even though in my pricing guide that I send out it's got the three of them together they don't need to put the three of them together so it's communicating also that way and saying right well do do you have a space where you could put two smaller ones together or you know would you like to put the larger one in another area or weaken separate all three and you can put them in different locations so we can talk about it that way and communication is always going to be the key but during the session you know a sessions go two for two to four hours sometimes depending on you know have the circumstances and stuff like that so it's a lot of time to get actually chat and communicate with people when you've all heard me talk I like to talk so I'm trying to get as much information as possible from them which which is you know can end in a good result I've never really had anyone say I know I'm not really happy because I've got nowhere to put it and that sometimes that back and forth can go on for a little while and then other times they already know where they're going to put it just really good can you talk about about about the's images that we have here in the studio which are so beautiful but you're talking with their clients about how you're going the images that you're going to pair together as well and complimentary images or how how did that conversation s so when you are styling a shoes and you're thinking about the different color combinations that you're going to use it they've kind of already indicated that they'd be interested for example in the campus package that has three campuses side by side you would then style your session so there's those images complemented each other you wouldn't kind of go pink purple orange unless they had a pink purple orange home if it's really light mutual than you would keep them all in those beautiful neutral tones if they want something a bit warmer you know you mix it up a bit but you stick within that same color palette so that the images complement each other I was recently looking at a package a product that I was going to sell and it was seven frames seven different frames on the wall that you put together in a bit of a display and I started to think about how I would shoot for that and I thought well I kind of already am because when I shoot for my albums I want that album to have a flow throughout it I wanted to have that that really nice look and feel so that all the images complement each other in any of them could go beside each other so yeah I think that when you are shooting you know so keep those things in mind about your products when you are shooting for them and knowing that you know this could potentially look really incredible and if you're setting something up you could be lying wow you know if you if you decided to hang these in a canvas package I think this setup would look incredible with these images because you're shooting them and when you shooting them you already know potentially what those images are going to look like once they're finished what would you do in the circumstance where a client after you you've done there showed them their session they want a product you don't offer will you source it and get it for them or you just say do it on your own like I don't offer barn wood frames currently but I had a client who really wanted them so I had to source like none of them had the size she wanted and I was spending a lot of time researching this I couldn't actually find what she wanted would you do that or would you just that it's not something I offer it's actually a good question because I have had clients come to mei from previous photographers and I've got them sort of you know with the second or the a third child and they've got a product and they want to hang something next to it so if that's the case I will differently source that I'm lucky with my supplier bringing prince in fundamental albums because they actually have a massive range of products and there's usually something they for everybody but we don't actually have the luxury off you know big range of companies so over here you've got so many incredible companies that walking through the trade shows there's just so many great places to purchase you know beautiful products but we don't have the range or that variety in the different brands so yet my particular company does tend to offer most things so I would go within my means to try and do that but if it was a new client first baby and they're like always saw this incredible product I would say look unfortunately that's not a product are currently off are at the moment especially if it was something that wasn't readily available because that's just gonna mean more time work to me and you know the way that my mom we're gonna go we're gonna talk about pressing in a moment but the way my packages has set up you know it's the cost of the product on top of what I need to earn from that session so we're looking at it from that perspective as well so has to you know how much can I get that new product for and things like that but yeah it does come into place sometimes but most of the time if I can't do it I won't they might just have to find somebody else that office that is a product

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