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Lighting, Logistics, and Strategies for a Life in Photography

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Shoot Set Up: Editorial/Fashion

Joe McNally

Lighting, Logistics, and Strategies for a Life in Photography

Joe McNally

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10. Shoot Set Up: Editorial/Fashion


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Shoot Set Up: Editorial/Fashion

Okay, so we, this is the story of location work. You walk in and think, "What a cool place." And then you start to wrestle it onto pixels. And then all of a sudden, it's still cool, but it's harder than you want it to be. So, I spent a lot of time with Ryan, cause I get very determined, and so we ended up with a nice photograph. And the second picture woulda been kinda cool, but we weren't gonna finish it. You know, because poor Corina has been waiting all day long. How about a round of applause for Corina? (applause) So, you don't keep a lady waiting too much like that. So that's not a good idea. So we're going to plunge right in. It's going to be a different style of light. Okay, for Corina, than I brought for Ryan. And I've been thinking about it. I don't know this is going to work, but we're gonna give it a try. I'd like to get her to sit on the bar and use the shape of the bar. What I did notice, you know, and these are things that just happen by accident, right? I had the guys pu...

ll the bar stools off and put them in a nice array right here, and I looked at them from over there and there's this scallop of light on the backs of each chair. I look a lot for repetitive patterns, graphics, and that always, well almost always, influences maybe where I think I'm going to drift for this photograph. So, I kinda like that. I'm going to grab another bar stool. I'm gonna ask her to sit on the bar and put her feet kinda curl them up, you know, a bit, and bring your knees up a little bit, and put your feet on the bar stool. And so we'll get you comfortable. And I'm gonna kinda shoot sort of a portrait kind of thing, a little bit environment, but more of a portrait sort of a thing for you thinking that maybe again, what we're on assignment for is you're a locally famous singer and this is a debut CD or something like that, and that's kinda you know, what we're doing. All right? Okay, so first things first, I'm gonna ask her to remain comfortable for a minute or two. Actually, can we get her a chair please? So she is comfortable? Can we clean out the chair with A clamps? Let's clean that away. My camera angle is going to live right down there. Let's bring this octa down there please. All right, I'm gonna tripod this guys. What, one Z link in trail. I was hoping for 105, so let's have 105 out, but let's start with 35 1.4, please. All right. Everybody, gentleman who's handing Cally the lens, Andrew Tomasino, the one and only. Famous east coast based photographer. Rack on tour, man about town. Recently new father. That's amazing. That's a big deal. All right, so as always, my radio is off right now. No flashes are going off. I'm going to go into. Sorry, I'll do it for you, Joe. That's okay. You know, we had a lot of zones out last time. A lot of zones. So, I'm going to go into, my mode here is gonna be aperture priority, okay? So let's see. Let's go 400. Let's start there. All right, so, I know I asked for a tripod, I'm gonna take the camera off the tripod just for a minute or so until I maybe find something that sort of works. (shutter clicks) Here you go man. (shutter clicks) So you see sort of see where I'm going here? Kind of the curve of the bar kinda thing? (shutter clicks) It sorta depends on how much space Corina occupies, you know, because you think, "Oh! This is a beautiful scene," but you know, you put your subject in and you can't see the scene anymore, so I'm gonna have to make adjustments in terms of lens and stuff like that. So let's get Corina in here, if you don't mind coming over.

Class Description

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“The best picture is your next picture. If you start to believe that you've already shot your best picture or you start patting yourself on the back at any level, you might as well hang it up.”
Joe McNally

Learn from an award-winning, 30-year photography veteran.

Meet Joe McNally, known world-wide as one of the top, technically excellent photographers of his generation. His clients have included FedEx, Sony, ESPN, Adidas, and Land’s End; and his work has been featured in publications such as National Geographic, LIFE, and Sports Illustrated.

The legendary and down-to-earth Joe will show you how to create stories with light and harness the skills every photographer needs for success.

Capture pictures that resonate

Getting clients to trust your creative vision and technical skill takes hard work and time to develop. You need to prove that you're not only passionate but that you've got the skills to pull off an amazing photo, no matter the scenario with your mastery of tools and control of light.

Create a life in photography

You know deep down that you want to work for yourself and grow your client roster. Don’t let the fear of making photography your full time gig stop you from making progress. Joe McNally knows firsthand that you can’t settle for nice pictures to make it in this business. Commit to learning the technical elements as well as the contractual lingo so you can focus on creating images that resonate while growing a business that is built for a career and life in photography.

From this exclusive on-location and in-studio shoot:

  • See how you can work with light to capture the story of your subject and surroundings
  • Learn to use multiple flash units to create various moods and looks
  • Gain confidence by understanding contracts and relationship management with clients
  • Learn posing and communication techniques when working with a model, client or even a large group of people.

What students are saying:
“Joe is an incredible instructor and and even more amazing person. After taking this class, I've shifted my entire perspective on what I want to do with my life in photography and I am ready to advance to the next level. Joe and his team opened the doors to their business to us and answered so many questions about the nuts and bolts of their inner workings. This class is a must have for every photographer.”

Don’t settle for good enough.
Grow your confidence by gaining the knowledge and skills to create or style photos that resonate. With the technical know-how and professionalism, you CAN shoot in any scenario for any client, and make the leap to becoming a full time photographer.



What is there to say, this is a master at work. I feel like I owe Joe a hundred lunches for the information I’ve learned from him and used in jobs through the years. Personally I relate to his slightly self-deprecating style quite well. Joe’s a confident, supremely knowledgeable and incredibly experienced photographer who doesn’t need to wear that on his sleeve to get the point across. He is also clearly a great leader who has built a terrific team. I snap up everything of Joe’s I can find and use it as a library, where every time you watch you take away something new. Thanks Joe, you’re a legend and good on Creative Live for offering this wonderful and beautifully curated course.

ileana gonzales photography

When I saw the chance to learn from the great Joe McNally I jumped through the screen at the chance to be in the audience. It's one thing to see how a fantastic photographer works, thinks, composes and styles, but to get a behind the curtain view at the way his entire shop operates was truly amazing. By allowing us to see Lynn's processes and Cali's workflow it encouraged me to diversify before taking the plunge into the business side of photography. Truly an amazing team and an unforgettable learning experience.


Joe is fantastic! The wealth of information, experience and extraordinary talent he shares is invaluable! He's also a very engaging, humorous instructor who keeps an audience a part of the "discussion." Don't miss a Joe McNally class, seminar or workshop opportunity!