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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Creating Stylized, Artistic Portraits with Adobe Photoshop

Khara Plicanic

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

This class today is all about just having fun with Photoshop because we can, so why not, right? So we're gonna be creating some very stylized pop art that would be right at home in any editorial photo illustration or on the walls of your own studio. So what does that mean to create stylized imagery? Well the definition of that is that it's a simplified depiction. It doesn't attempt a full, precise or accurate representation. So subjects in stylized imagery can be rendered in the non-conventional form, which anytime that you wanna talk about not having to be super precise, I am all ears. (chuckles) So we're gonna have some fun and create three different images in a stylized format, starting with this one, where we're gonna be making a painted portrait. So we're gonna start with a photo but then we'll be painting it. We'll be using some really cool brushes that are free for Creative Cloud subscribers, so I will show you how you can access those free brushes. While we're working on this, ...

you're gonna learn how to work with and edit brushes, with with layer effects and we're gonna create this glitter pattern ourselves. So that'll be fun. After that we're gonna dive into textures, and create this fun graphic, so we'll shine some light into areas of Photoshop you might not be familiar with and we'll learn more about working with adjust layers and patterns and masking. And finally we will bring it all together in this mixed media image and it's really a composite, so in addition to all those other things like painting and masking, we'll make some selections and use some shape tools and before you write all this off as just some crazy, silly illustrations, any of these I think would be right at home in a magazine for any sort of editorial piece or like I said that pop art canvas for your living room or your client's living room. So there's a lot of real world applications for this stuff. As with almost all my courses, I think all of the course files are gonna be included, so you can follow along right at home and make all of these things right along with me. And when you're done, I'd love to see what you make. So you can tag me @kplicanic or send me a message at and share your work, I'd love to see it.

Class Materials

Creating Stylized, Artistic Portraits with Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Stock Contributor Tutorials


Creating Stylized, Artistic Portraits with Adobe Photoshop - Course Files

Ratings and Reviews

Bess Palmer

I really liked this. I learned a few new tricks and got to practice others. I liked learning about the Kyle brushes, making a pattern preset and using it in pattern overlay. I was thrilled, really!, to see the eraser in clear mode. How great that will be. I am an intermediate user, lots of tutorials, but not a lot of practice. I watch them like soap operas. The pace was perfect for me.


Loved this class due to Khara explaining the steps so thoroughly. Pace is nice and easy and understandable for all levels. Great little course on creating a wonderful piece of multimedia in no time at all.

Karen Keegan

I learned so much in this class - so many tips and tricks. It's great to see different ways to do various tasks, including shortcuts I wasn't aware of. Khara is a great teacher - her pace is perfect, and it's easy to follow her steps. I really enjoyed this class!

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