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Ted Leonhardt

Designers, actors, photographers, musicians, writers, creatives in all fields are negotiating with those who are more powerful than they are around the world everyday. Ted knows creatives and the problems they face asking for what they need, intimately. He cofounded The Leonhardt Group in 1985 and built it into a brand design powerhouse, successfully negotiating it’s sale in 1999 when the firm had reached $10 million in fee sales. He then took the position of Chief Creative Officer/Global with Fitch London where he was responsible for 570 creatives. In 2004 he founded his management consultancy, focusing on helping creative businesses achieve success. His first book, Nail It, was written to help creatives become better negotiators, in 2013. Ted believes that creative people help improve the world everyday and don’t get their fair share of respect or compensation in return. He’s here to change that.