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Stephen Vanasco

Stephen Vanasco is a 39 year old N.Y. born L.A. raised self taught photographer. Growing up with skateboarding in the early 90's it impacted him with an understanding of the importance of having a do it yourself mentality along with the importance of looking to see things differently. With the discovery of photography he quickly realized he had found his second passion in life after skateboarding. While trying to figure out what makes him happy he decided to take a chance and to follow his love of making photos to see where it would take him. He currently has been running Visual Skateboards for the past 6 years, a skateboard and apparel based brand out of Los Angeles with an emphasis on photography as it's source of inspiration. Using this platform to collaborate with other talented photographers whom he creates collections with as well as having done various projects with the likes of Leica Camera USA, Mophie , Game of Thrones x HBO to name a few. He loves to share his joy for this art form with others as well as creating awareness of information for the photographic community.

Stephen's "Power of Print" class is sponsored by