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Kurt Bloch

As the founder and leader of the Fastbacks, Kurt Bloch's place among the great garage rock pantheon is secure, but his credits as a producer have taken him to the next level in the underground (though he's not quite to above ground level yet). After his first band, the Cheaters, recorded a one off 45 in the late 70s Bloch found himself more and more interested in the console end of the process. After years spent dabbling with Conrad Uno at Seattle's Egg studios, Bloch had enough confidence to produce more than just his own band, the Fastbacks, and took over production duties for post-punk groups such as Gas Huffer, Mudhoney, Tad and French punk rockers Les Thugs. His sound is charactized by a "live in the studio" feel and the groups he has worked with have generally been contained to the pacific northwest.

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