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JK Swopes

JK Swopes or "saintjoe" as he is known through various online communities, is a producer, editor, instructor, and all around audio tech enthusiast. He's been a lover of music since a young age, and as such, started producing music for himself and other independent artists in 2001. He's always had a desire to help people understand and get the most out of their gear, so in 2009 he started, a virtual outlet for product reviews, tutorials, demonstrations and testing. This has allowed him to work with and/or consult with various brands in the audio equipment and software industry. He's also been an avid user of Maschine since it was first released in 2009, and quickly became an invaluable resource for all things Maschine. In 2011, after helping thousands through his site, YouTube, and various forums, he decided to open, the first online training community dedicated exclusively to Native Instruments Maschine. with his partner, fellow Maschine power-user Knocksquared. This community allows users of various experience levels from all over the world, learn, understand, and enjoy Maschine to the fullest.