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Jesse Cannon

Jesse has been recording records since he was 15, when he started with a passion and recording records for the local punk bands he knew in exchange for Doritos and Snapple. Nearly 20 years later he is still at it and making great records with much nicer equipment. In 2000 he formed Cannon Found Soundation and began to amass gear and record bands in his own studio. During this time he has gotten the call to work under amazing producers like Ross Robinson, Steve Evetts, Alan Douches and Dean Rispler. He found himself working at esteemed establishments like WFMU and West West Side Music and freelancing at some of the worlds finest studios. He has also gotten the good fortune to work with countless amazing bands in a wide variety of genres. Throughout his life he has been passionate about being one of the most knowledgeable members of the recording community and in 2009 he began to publish and giving tips to bands on making the most of their music.

Connect with Jesse online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | YouTube