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Daniel Gregory

Daniel Gregory started his career working in the high tech industry. Wanting to have a more creative and passionate life, he left all those zeros and ones behind and now works as a fine art photographer and photographic educator based on Whidbey Island, Washington. 

A huge fan of the importance of the creative process and the photographic object/print/thing you hold in your hand, Daniel spends a great deal of the time in both the analog and digital darkrooms. Working in a variety of mediums, his current focus is combining digital techniques and technologies and applying them to alternative and historical photographic processes such as platinum printing, wet-plate, and mixed media. 

Daniel is also the host of the podcast The Perceptive Photographer which focuses on the creative life and challenges that artist and photographers face each and every day. He is Adobe® certified in Adobe® CC® Lightroom and Photoshop, and is an instructor at Photoshop World. In addition, Daniel is a member of the core faculty at the Photographic Center Northwest where he teaches classes on a variety of film, digital and conceptual photographic concepts.