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What to Expect From Your Social Media Branding Photoshoot

Lesson 9 from: Your Social Media Bootcamp

Jasmine Star

What to Expect From Your Social Media Branding Photoshoot

Lesson 9 from: Your Social Media Bootcamp

Jasmine Star

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9. What to Expect From Your Social Media Branding Photoshoot


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How to Prepare for Your Social Media Branding Photoshoot


Lesson Info

What to Expect From Your Social Media Branding Photoshoot

What we're about to go into is to show you a sneak peak of how the shoot unfolded, not because for photo tips although those do exist in there. I want to show a perspective of what it takes to get to where we want to go. Because on social media what we like to do is show the shimmery, glamorous, like, it's so fun and effortless. What I wanna do is I wanna un-peel this onion and say, "You all, this is how we're gonna make it work." The ego in me does not want to show the following footage. Because what CreativeLive just loves to do is like, "Jasmine we love to show the process, "we will show all of your photos out of camera unretouched." And I'm like, hold on there's a nervous twitch in my eye. (students laugh) I don't wanna show that! What I wanna show is the pretty, glamorous, pretty stuff. I'm going to reveal the awkward process because I want people to know that what people put out on the outside is the highlight reel. And what often is, in order for us to get the highlights we have...

to go through the hard work, the bloopers and the boot camps. So I'm gonna make sure that this happens and I'm going to sit here and say, "Give a little grace to me." Because I look at this and know it's not that pretty. But I'm really stinking proud of the gallery that we turned around. I wanna show two perspectives from business owners who expect the world from their photographers and you're not given everything. And I want to show from a photographer's perspective what it means and how uncomfortable it is as business owner. Who you're like, "Listen, all I wanna do is bake cakes, "all I wanna do is do henna, "all I wanna do is be a seller, "and now you're asking me to be a model. "This is really uncomfortable." Two sides of the same situation to get you to where you wanna go. We're gonna show a quick video of how we're gonna be taking a photo shoot of somebody who's building a personal brand for a service-based business. Now. What we are starting now is our photo shoot with Caitlyn. Because she's going after a personal brand lifestyle appeal, I wanted to break up our shoot into three distinct and different parts of a day. So we'll have a morning, afternoon and maybe late afternoon type stylings. So we'll be starting early-morning style photos that I think could parlay very well on social media for how do you start your day? This is how I work from home. These are things that I do in the morning on behalf of my business. So what you'll see now is me in the back of my mind thinking, How can I articulate a lifestyle appeal, morning wear but still position Caitlyn as a professional as she builds her personal brand? So we're gonna start here in the kitchen. Caitlyn, I'm gonna bring you right on in. So what we're gonna have you do is we're just gonna have you start here. And we're gonna forget that the cameras are here and you're gonna forget that my camera's here, and you and I are just gonna talk. I'm gonna have you face the light. Okay. I'm gonna just have you lean your body this way and I will, right over here, yeah right over there. So, one of the things from a photographer's perspective is I don't like my subject to be standing something that's closer to an item that's black. If she peels back a little bit we're gonna get a lot of warm color from the, counter, from the floor. I'm gonna have JD, it's a little bit dark. I don't know if the cameras are picking it up, but we have Tungsten lighting above us, and then we have window light in front of us. So we're getting these weird kind of casts. So all I'm gonna have JD do is pick up a tiny bit light just like there. I might have him back in and out depending on what I am shooting. So JD, can you drop it entirely? And then can you raise it up again? Okay, I'm just getting a little bit of green, which I'm going to be fixing in post. I love the fact that she started off with a white shirt, because we're gonna be picking up, ah, this looks so good! Okay, so now we have just classic portraits, take a deep breath, relax the shoulders, beautiful. (shutter clicks) Cool. Now what I'm gonna have you do JD, I'm gonna have you back out entirely. Good, Caitlyn, can I have your right thumb in your right pocket? It's a fake pocket. Oh it's a fake pocket! How about in the-- I like it-- Oh no that's okay, that's okay, that's okay. We just kind of want a little bit, yeah beautiful. (shutter clicks) Can you look out towards Miles, our cameraman? That a girl. (laughs) Okay, so because this is kitchen, I'm not trying to have it be so classic, like I'm just hanging out in my kitchen. I do have portraits so that I can meet the eyes, so I can deliver on what it is. But the thing that I think is gonna do really well on social is lifestyle. So we're in a kitchen, I'm gonna be shooting Caitlyn. I'm gonna be coaching her, picking up a glass. Coaching here as she pours the potential of coffee. Picking up, as she's looking through a drawer. (snaps fingers) Vertical, horizontal, I'll be talking to her every step of the way. My settings, I'm shooting with a Canon 5D Mark3, 50 millimeter camera. My settings right now are F20, 1/25 of a second, 640 ISO. So now what I want to be conscious of, so JD I'll have you come in, bring in the light. So I want to be conscious that I'm not gonna lose too much of Caitlyn. So I'm gonna choose Caitlyn's position according to the part in her hair, so that face this way. I'm still getting a beautiful profile. So just something to consider as you shoot woman, specifically lifestyle. So Caitlyn, what I want you to do is think as if there's a string coming out of the top of your head, really pulling in the core. If there's any temptation which I always fall to is throwing my hips forward as I'm leaning up, as I'm this. Anytime we want to make sure that we're putting the weight distribution in the booty area. So, Caitlyn take a deep breath. We have the string coming out of the top of our head. We're putting the weight back in our bums and in our heels. And I'm gonna have you, I'm gonna walk you through, coaching through, you can not possibly do it wrong. So what I'm gonna have you do is with your left hand, you're gonna turn towards the counter, put your hips, yup, yup, yup, yup, yup. Kind of come up on your toes a little bit, reach up for a glass. (shutter clicks) Good. Now what just happened right now is Caitlyn came up, she put up with her right arm, crossing her face, lifting her shirt on a side that I don't want. So my job is to fix what I see without telling her that's she's doing it wrong. Although you heard me, but in the back of my mind, in the back of mind I'm gonna be like, oh shoot, oh shoot, I got to fix this. Okay good. So now what I'm gonna have you do is instead of coming up on all of your tippy toes, maybe just lift your left, your left, your left, your other, yeah, (laughs), okay good. So, as a side note, she's in here laughing at herself and I'm shooting the whole time, because that's gonna be the photo. It's not the portrait, like the, it's the her laughing, and it's totally natural and real. So I'm shooting the whole time. So with your left hand you're gonna get something from the bottom shelf. Yes, good, good, good. Good, good, good. Now what I have you do is I see about five inches from your hips to the counter, bring that in, bring it in. Yup, we're gonna try it one more time. Reach it up, good, come it down, get your right hand to put around it, grab the coffee, ah the coffee silver tin thing, all right, (laughs). Shift your left shoulder towards me a little bit, shift the shoulder, yup. Hang on one sec, let me check my settings. So I'm gonna go down to 800 ISO, 'cause I took one step in, I'm working with a little side of a darker area. We're gonna put that coffee maker back. (shutter clicks) Good. I'm gonna leave a little bit of the faucet in the right side, I'm gonna be using the rule of thirds. Caitlyn's all the way far left, faucet's far right. Good, take a deep breath, relax that right shoulder. That a girl, bring that left shoulder a little bit closer to me, good. Shake up the hips, good (laughs) okay good. Reach out for that coffee. (shutter clicks) Beautiful. Slight shoulder shift towards me, tiny bit, good. (shutter clicking) Okay, so what we've done is vertical full body, horizontal half body. Now what I'm gonna do is shoot a photo of her hands, and then move to the next location as quickly as possible. I'm gonna shoot it in a 1.2 because I can. Now what I want you to do is slowly grab the coffee with your left hand. (shutter clicks) Yup, uh-huh. Sorry, that wasn't slowly. Actually it was really slow. (laughs) okay good. Now what's happening is because it's a prop, I know that nothing is coming out of it, which betrays. So now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna coach her to either put the lip of it all the way in, or, oh there is something in it. There is. (both laughing) Okay, so now we spilled and I don't want to clean it up, I'm gonna move the cup (cup thuds) over it, we'll put it back and I'll have you coach it through right. One more time again, one, two and three. (shutter clicking) Good, I'm shooting right before the spill of it, good, good, good. Hang out, hang out, hang out, hang out, hang out, good. Hang out, hang out, hang out. So I moved back a tiny bit. I'm focusing on the cup itself, beautiful. So cute, great. So now the story goes, Caitlyn has her coffee cup, Caitlyn will be sitting here. We'll put that back over there. What I'll be doing when Caitlyn's changing is getting stock photos, lifestyle stock photos of what we're gonna be Caitlyn's perceived kitchen. And we'll get that to a second. Caitlyn I'll have you here. So what I am doing is I am removing Caitlyn farther from her light source, and I have a lot more Tungsten lighting, which I'm gonna have to be very careful of. So I'll change it and have that reflected in my settings. Now what I want to do is get Caitlyn, a couple lifestyle portrait shots. I actually like how you have your legs crossed like that. Like this way? Like at the ankles. Oh right. So what happens is people's bodies take the shape that they naturally go to, which is 100% where I differ to them. I don't want to give them a pose that feels so opposite of what they are naturally. That's great Tam, you're totally fine there. So, Caitlyn crossed her feet, this is what I like. And so now to me this feels extraordinarily portrait-y. This is not what I feel like I'm gonna execute on, but let's see what happens, and then I'm gonna incorporate a work component. Okay, so I am still shooting at a 1.2, because it's a single person portrait. I'm gonna drop my ISO to 500, and just test that real quick. (shutter clicks) I like it, so 1.2 and 25th of a second, 500 ISO. Beautiful, now what I want you to do is cup the coffee cup in your left hand, instead. Thread your fingers the way that it was before. And then with your right hand rest it off to the side, on the chair. See, your body just took on a whole new shape, beautiful. So what we just did from a visual perspective, Caitlyn, can you put your hands back where they were? So Caitlyn had the cup threaded this way, which I loved. Now Caitlyn, my job as a photographer is to make Caitlyn as natural as possible, given her beautiful shape. Every girl wants to look exactly like themselves, just slightly better. So what I did was I threaded the cup this way, Caitlyn moved her hand here. So what did we do? We broke up a curve. I happened to like angling a body and using another appendage to break that up. (shutter clicks) Looking down at your coffee cup. And then with your right hand get the coffee cup, yes. Ah, looking over at Tammy. (shutter clicks) Good. And then bring the shoulders back up, oh yeah, good. (shutter clicking) Great, can I get, your laptop? So I'm gonna use the same location, same everything. I'm gonna just, your bum on the floor. Okay. And then we'll put, you're gonna be facing that way. Oh. Oo, actually, let's try this way, ah the light. Good. So you do want. Yeah, scoot back, then we'll see. I think if JD can pop in some Yeah, yeah, yeah. white light we'll be okay. Can you turn it vertically? Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, (sighs) okay. Actually floor, down in front of the table. (shutter clicks) Is that-- Jay, peel back a tiny bit. (shutter clicks) Okay. Like that. Yeah, so.. Okay Caitlyn, look over towards my right elbow. Like somebody's coming around the corner from the mirror. (shutter clicking) All the way back over here. (everyone laughing) Good, Jay back up. Okay. (shutter clicks) Good, great. So I got her laughing which is exactly what I wanted. I'm gonna have you turn towards your bum on me, place the coffee cup on the floor, put the laptop in your lap. You'll be resting the weight on your back, and sitting however, yup, we'll put the laptop there, beautiful. (airplane roars overhead) Rad, rad! Rad, rad! I mean even the airplanes agree with us. (laughing) this is fantastic! Looking over at Tammy, good. (shutter clicking) Looking back at the mirror, someone's coming around the corner, like hey girl, hey! (laughs) That's not awkward at all! Good. (shutter clicking) Cool. I kind of came in a bit, so I changed my ISO to 640. I want to make sure that I'm checking in. I'm shooting really wide, I'm still shooting at 1.2. Yes, that's what I want, beautiful. Take a deep breath, relax that left shoulder. (shutter clicks) Beautiful, looking up over at somebody coming around the corner. Yup, good. (shutter clicking) Okay, let's come over here. We'll close that computer. So now what I want to do in this outfit is just get a classic portrait. This area right here is beautiful, it's like a little pocket of light that I absolutely love. So Caitlyn, let's leave that stuff here. All right. Let's leave you here. And then you do have your cellphone? I can grab it. Yeah, let's grab that. Um, (sighs) so, I asked Caitlyn to get her cellphone. Because what I want to do is what would Caitlyn do in the morning? She'd probably be on her computer, she'd probably have a cup of coffee, she'd probably be catching up with social media, DMs, talking with her team. So I have components to reflect that, computer, coffee, and a cellphone. But this area particularly is gonna give us a different perspective. She's wearing classic white shirt that she can't possibly go wrong. And we'll be creating social media collateral that stays a little bit evergreen. Beautiful, so we're gonna turn this way, good. So, I actually really like these doors, these French doors, come out a little bit, good. And so Tammy, JD, every one lean, I need a clear back area. Come out a little bit closer to me. Lean against the wall. Lean against, I'm gonna put you right here. Oh the frame-- Right about there. All right. Mm-hm. So what I am doing now is I am using this wall to reflect light back into her face. And then moving this curtain to bring in as much natural light as possible. Okay. (sighs) I'm gonna go to F2, I'm gonna ISO for 100. I'm gonna stick at 1/25 of a second, and then we're just gonna see where we are. And I'm picking up a bit of shadows. (shutter clicks) Oh no, I'm not, this is just fantastical! So I have your left hand dangling, can I get them on both, both hands on your phone? Jay, can I have you come up this way? Great. (shutter clicks) And then look out at Tammy. (shutter clicking) Beautiful. Okay, this is gonna be our last shot, we're moving great. Great, great, great, great, great, great, great. Caitlyn, ah doll take a deep breath. Put the booty back a little bit. (Caitlyn giggles) Yes, (laughs) yes! Great, I'll take your phone. Now what I want you to do is to have your thumbs in your faux pockets, yes. I'm having her put her hands in her faux pockets, because we want to create angles in areas around her waist. She's wearing a tie-front shirt, I'm gonna take my time. Photographers all the time on YouTube tell me, don't touch your model. I'm not touching the model, I'm touching the shirt! (Caitlyn laughs) Okay, okay, okay. Hang out there one second, take a deep breath. (shutter clicking) That a girl. Look out towards the window a tiny bit. Even more, even more, even more, even more, even more! Oh yes, clean. (shutter clicking) Bring your eyes to me, eyes to me. Beautiful, even more, chin, beautiful. Take a deep breath, I know it feels super repetitive, but it's all good 'cause we're giving you options. Jay, can I have you come up? (laughs) Good, good. (shutter clicking) People also say that when I shoot I talk rude to people on set, sorry! Set them up, beautiful, take a deep breath. (shutter clicking) Look at Tammy. Beautiful! Eye back here at me. Chin to me. (shutter clicking) Doll, you are so good looking, it's just (Caitlyn laughs) incredible! I mean look at so far. Oh yes, yes thank you. They look so good. Okay good. That sounds weird me telling, oh I'm so-- Oh my god, I'm so good! (Caitlyn laughs) I'm so good looking! Okay, great. Take a deep breath and we'll get you into your second outfit, and we're gonna move forward with Highway Three. Cool. The reason we wanted to show that behind the scenes is because you all are seeing it from basically three perspectives, Caitlyn perspective, my perspective and then what the camera is documenting. So photographers who are watching, I am giving her constant affirmation when I knew the photos weren't landing the way that they should. So, you have to give what you want to get. And you have to understand that you're gonna curate it at the backend. Also notice the specificity in which I was speaking to the business owner. Your right hip, your left arm, chin down. And I'm thinking that I am gonna give Caitlyn lead acquisition, photos, so how do you get people to sign up for your newsletter? Well you have to have it on a blog post. You have to have it on a lead page. Now I'm gonna give her photos to actually get that. It's not just for social media. When she's sending out a newsletter, how amazing that I have a lot of negative space, so she can crop it in the newsletter header and put it in. When she is speaking at an event for Amazon resellers, now she has head shots. I'm thinking about all of these other things, but you have to prepare your photographer in advance. We're gonna do a shorter video, speaking of when we move into our product based photographers, and our, (chuckles) product based photographers. Our product based business owners. And we're gonna show how we're incorporating their props, so it's not just a series of a bunch of head shots just of them. So, how did we prepare our photographers to show up with all of these things? I asked them to prepare a Pinterest board. And I asked them, I kept it really simple. Can I please get 10 lifestyle photos, you doing stuff? Can I please get 10 business photos? How will you convey what you do on the internet? Can you go to Pinterest and find photos that are similar? And 10 miscellaneous photos. I wanted a Pinterest board that was 30 images, just so I can say, huh this is what they wanted. I'm gonna show you a brief overview of what that looked like in this 30 second video. Okay, so what are we doing now? This is their inspiration boards they created. Okay so. This is Indigo Tide Market. These are her details. So this is gonna give us like a framework. We're not actually going to use this to copy, we just really want to get a better idea of what they find inspiring, and then put our twist on it today during the shoot. So now then let's get into Highway 3. And so this is what we always recommend for business owners. It really is helpful to put together inspiration for a photographer to kind of get like, what poses do you like? What details do you like? I'm ready. Sweet. So. One thing to note is that because I was shooting a photo shoot with two business owners, I specifically asked them, "Can you please give me "inspiration for two business owner style Pinterest boards?" So, we're gonna get into a brief photo shoot of what I did when I was working with two business owners, and how we can use it, not just for social media photos, but for business purposes, as well. Okay guys. So we are in the same location. We're taking what we have and making it work. So, if anybody at home is feeling like the place we're shooting is really fancy, unattainable, you couldn't find it. We're in an industrial complex. And the space is I thinks somewhere in the ballpark of around 900 square feet. It is my objective as a photographer, and if you are a business owner working with a photographer, is to take the little you have and make it work. We have a distinct kind of an earthy feel to this studio, and Highway 3 is very vibrant, it's bright. So I need to find ways to shoot creatively within this space, and perhaps even outdoors, to execute on their overall vision. Thankfully we have this white background. Any time I can shoot on white it's gonna be great. Because I can just give a lot of space. Because the difference between Caitlyn's business, Indigo Tide Market and the Highway 3, is that Highway 3 is really established. They're running Facebook ads, they're doing lead acquisition. I can shoot and think differently about their needs, from an ads component, from like a lead page component, at top of funnel acquisition. So now what I'm gonna be doing is they have bright, vibrant colors. I'm gonna be shooting details of their hands against a bright wall, and then play from it from there. Ladies, I need a reflector. So what's happening is I'm getting strong unidirectional light, even though I have a white background. I'm gonna need to lift colors on one side of their, lift the light on one side of their face, or shift their bodies entirely. I might actually also be changing my lens, because I'm shooting two people. I'll probably be switching to the 24 to 70, once I get an idea of what I'm shooting with. And then perhaps change back over to the 35, to the 50, when I start shooting a little bit closer. Let's see where we're at right now. (man talking off microphone) Just test shot ladies, just a test shot. Oh! This is cute! This is real cute, real, real, real cute. Good so. I need you guys to just relax the weight. Shake it out, yes good. You know what I want to do doll. How do you feel about not having the jacket for this shot? That's fine. Just not any-- Nope, we're having the towel over you. Yeah! So we're good, here we go. Sorry, I can do that. I'm just like that's my cover. That's fine, that's fine. I don't mind having, yeah I actually like it. That, ah! Yes! Yes! Yes, great. Kind of rib height, beautiful. I want to make sure that I'm accenting That's fine. the curve. Accent the (wind drowns out speech). As long as you're healthy, all this stuff is good, so looking at each other. (shutter clicks) Cute, cute, cute. Get your, on the count of three, right and left shoulder, one, two, three bounce it. Click it, click it, click it. Huh? Next to each other. (laughs) Yes! (laughs) Good, okay, good, good, good, good. (ladies laughing) Bring the pillow. (laughs) (laughing drowns speech) Good, good, okay. So photographers, if you're looking for coaching tips, I'm not the girl for you. But what I can tell you is that my coaching tips really yielded something! They're just like, "Wait, what, what?" And then the moment where they kind of get it and then they laugh. Hey, hot mess you can actually always turn into a good thing. I know that for certainty what I got was them laughing in their real state instead of doing like, cheese I'm holding product. It's the laughable stuff that's gonna be the stuff that I think is going to be the things that win ultimately for both of them. Now what I want you guys to do is shake out the weight between your heels. Yes, just kind of pick up your feet and then just, yes. So what's happening, good now look at each other. Let me fix my, ah! That's good. So from a photographic perspective what I know is like highly annoying, is I have this white background against a white wall. What I'm going to have to do is for the images that the client wants, given my circumstances, I'm gonna have to like Photoshop the rest of it out, but it's all good. Yeah there you, you're all set. Who are you guys talking to out there? They're trying to stuff the throw pillows-- Ah, you guys are bouncing them all around! (laughs) (laughter drowns out speech) Good okay, so then now what I want you to do, is can I have you hold this pillow from the top if possible, from this corner, right about there. Now what I want you to do with this hand kind of like, you guys and then relax it, just relax that. Yes, yes, yes. Now I want you guys to look at the product as if you're kind of like, oh what? We're gonna lower the towel. And then I want you to kind of like look at it, as if you guys are kind of like testing the product, feeling it out. Now remember from here you all, I want a string out from top, I want the booty back, I want the core nice and tight. Even though we can't see the core, it really sells. Now it's not sucking in the stomach, it's just bringing in the trunk, bringing in the trunk, yes. (shutter clicks) Good. (shutter clicking) beautiful, take a deep breath. Shake it out, good, good, good, good, good. Erin, can I have you put your hand up to the top so I can see at the top of the towel? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Good, good, good, good. (shutter clicking) Beautiful. (crosstalk) Yeah this is grow us. (Jasmine laughs) Good, beautiful. (shutter clicks) Now we're gonna do, is we are going to bring your bodies in as close as possible, beautiful. All right, so what happens is I'm having the hand her, so I'm getting a little bit, yes exactly. Beautiful, and then what can I, let's see. Erin, can I have you loop your right arm around your sister's arm? Oh, around her waist, around her waist. Now we're gonna bring your torso do her elbow. Yeah, okay from a photographic perspective what we just did is we gave Erin a contoured waist by doing nothing but bringing her in to her sister's body. Her sister's using her hand to bring into her waist by using a pillow. We've created this nice, beautiful hourglass. Let's bring the booty back, bring the tummy in towards her belly. I mean, tummy in towards her elbow. Bring your body in, one step, one step, yes! Hold your pillows-- She's good, she's good queen, she's good! (laughs) Look at each other. (shutter clicking) Good. (laughs) cute. (shutter clicking) Look out towards the loud stuff. Okay Erin, look at your sister. (shutter clicking) Good, Erin look here, lean forward, kind of like that. (shutter clicking) Good, peel back. Lean forward, beautiful. (shutter clicking) Now what I want you to do is lean and you're gonna be, I'm gonna be flipping the order of this. Now what I want you to do because what's happening from a photographic perspective, I'm getting too much of a shadow on her face, excuse me on her face, on Erin's face. So Erin, what I'm gonna have you do is you're gonna come towards me and you're gonna look out over there. Actually what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna flip you here. I'm gonna put the pillow in the other hand. Thanks. (laughs) By simply switching the order, and now their faces are-- Do you want me to switch my pose? Whatever is most comfortable, that's what I want you to do. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Jay come in a tiny bit. Yes, okay. So Erin you're gonna look out towards the noise. And then Erin take one step in, so that our bellies, yup, yup, yup, yup, yup. Roll that right shoulder out towards me a little. Yeah, good. And Erin you're gonna kind of like come towards me, come towards me, I'm sorry. (laughs) Erin you're looking out! Trisha you're gonna come towards me, yeah. (shutter clicking) Beautiful, beautiful. You all, you're looking fierce, I'm liking this. You're making an address look-- I don't think-- No, you are making an address, I have not seen an address look so good. So we're good. (laughs) (ladies laughing) We're good. We're good, we're good. Little did we know we were ever going to stand with pillows. Do this. Good, good! (shutter clicking) Well we're gonna talk about that more tomorrow in class. Ah, okay, so take a deep breath. (breathes in) Good, good. (shutter clicks) Yes, actually Trisha, I like how you kind of looked out like that. (shutter clicks) Good. Bring your faces in, get in close like sisters. Yes, beautiful, beautiful. (shutter clicking) Lean toward me, lean, lean, lean, lean, lean, lean. Faces together, faces together, faces together. Good, look out towards the, yup. (shutter clicking) Eyes here, looking at each other. (Jasmine laughing loudly) Good, eyes here, eyes, here, eyes here, eyes here, good. (shutter clicks) Now what I want you guys to do, Jay I'm just gonna have you take a step back. And I know this is gonna be imperfect. So even more. I'm gonna have you step it to the edge. (cardboard scrapes) So I'm gonna have to change because my light's worse. Whoo! Okay, now what I'm gonna have you guys do, okay you're just gonna play with me. This is gonna be ridiculous and we're gonna surrender to the, we're gonna surrender to the, yes I know you guys are getting a work out! You guys are gonna earn those, like what are they called? The Monatambas, what's your drink? With the-- Bahama Mama! The Bahama Mama. What? Bahama Mama. Oh Bahama Mama! Earn those Bahama Mamas, okay ladies! We're just gonna work it out, okay. I actually like, I like yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Beautiful, beautiful, good. (shutter clicking) Now what I want you to do is take a deep breath, shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, yes, yes! Go back and hold those pillows, work for those pillows, good. Now what I want you guys to do is to have a dance off with your pillows. I know, I know! Just dance with the dang pillows. You guys committed to this! (laughs) So, we are gonna dance! You're gonna show, yes, go, go, go. No, wait pause, that was so cute, that was so cute. Trisha, one step back, one baby step back. One baby step back, good. No, I'm just trying to work in the light. Now, because you're turning in this way, we are offsetting the light like this. It was okay every so often to look out towards the Okay. the trash trucks. Or whatever's going on out there. Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance. Don't throw the hips forward when you dance. Got to do the booty back, the booty back. Yes! (laughs) Yes! (laughs loudly) Okay, okay, now I what I want. (laughs) Now what I want is for you guys to have a pillow fight. (ladies laughing) Actually so now what I want you to do. Is you're gonna hold this one underneath your arm. Right there, yes. Yeah. And you're gonna get the other. (crosstalk and laughing) Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay! Now I now, it's like you guys are, but don't hit the face, don't hit the face! (laughs) Okay, here we go. Oh we're gonna pillow fight lightly. (laughs) You all just commit, commit or get hit. There we go, there we go. Looking out towards towards the camera, (laughs through speech) (ladies and Jasmine laughing loudly) Okay, thank you guys, thank you. You guys are the freaking best, thank you. If we get one from that. Yeah that is funny. Good, thank you guys. You got to have the pillows. Thank you. I mean good, now earn those drinks tonight, girl! Earn the drinks, okay. Okay. That right there is one of those like, thank you sweet Baby Jesus moments. 'Cause I was at a dark place. I was like, I don't know what I'm doing. They stuffed their pillows, we did product shots, but we did product lifestyle shots. They really brought their A game. I felt like we kind of turned their outfits from being really classic power into showcasing their fun. Incorporating bright colors, having a clean white background and then making the most of what we had overall. I like want to pat myself on the back. Because even if we just get two lifestyle product shots, two funny shots, and then two portraits of them, I think we've just killed that small little microsection. It ain't all a walk in the field, you know? (audience laughs) The way I mean, okay so the photographers in the room are like, "Dang, girl, dang!" So what happened was we were looking for a studio that could facilitate two different styles of businesses. And what we resulted in was we needed a studio for X amount of hours, and we needed this, and we needed that. And our pickings were really slim. And so what I realized was that half of the studio worked really well for Caitlyn, but totally not at all for Highway 3. My only option, up until me thinking differently which we'll get to it in a little bit on day three, was think outside of the box. So I had a white wall. But I had a white wall that's heavily illuminated on one side, and no light on the other. And I had my poor sweet husband with two, like four foot white boards, and I'm like, I don't know what I'm gonna do here. They showed up. Now I have to commend Highway 3 for sitting through that, because it is so uncomfortable to watch yourself on film. But what I know is what I show you the gallery you will see what is resulted, as a result of them having fun. They must show what they want to attract. They want to attract a fun mom, they have to be the fun mom. They have to show what the fun mom does. Now, that is going to be all of the photos of the photo shoot content that we are going to be seeing today. But what we're going to get into is Q&A. And we are gonna get into that Q&A right about now. So we can talk about anything leading up to this point, we could talk about the photo shoot, we don't have to talk about the photo shoot. Now we're actually seeing who we're going after, creating a message, finding the gap in the market. Then we're going to see how we're creating content based on the props, and then we went into the photo shoot. You're seeing all the steps of the system. And is it fun, sexy or glamorous? Not yet. It will be, but we got to get there in a second. So, let's gets into some Q&A. Okay, so if anybody has a question, can you raise your hand? And then we'll make sure we'll get the mic. So we'll go to Monica. And then can we get a mic up here? Okay, so my question is, so I'm a brand new photographer. Yes you are. And you're on the hot seat coming up. (laughs) Oh good, good, good. My question is like, there are several different types of ways that you could so the photo shoot. And I'm always like, based on my client that I'm going after what would she want more? Does she want a more template based photo shoot that could be at a lessor price point? Do we do more customized, where we do like a stylist, a make up artist, like the whole thing? And so sometimes I get stuck on which direction do I take it, because you really could do a lot of different things. And I feel like I don't pick one. And so I'm not selling as much of either one. I'm selling them, but not like as much as I want to. Okay, so I always like three collections. So any business owner, not just a photographer. Because it's like the McDonald's theory, right? It's like people always buy the one in the middle. And so I would create your dream. What do you want to work? Obviously I know you want to work with a stylist, and you want to work with a make up artist, you want to work with a hair artist, you want to work in a studio. You want all the other stuff. That then becomes your price anchor, like the biggest kit and kaboodle photo shoot that you can do. Then you have your most basic. You get two outfits and then you come with your own hair and make up done. And then you have the middle. You get a make up artist, not a hair artist. You get to send over a Pinterest board and we could review your outfits in advance. And then you do it. So it's just like you could have all three of those, depending on what a business owner needs. But you should always be talking about the thing you want to do the most. And then people will find where they fit into those categories after. Okay, thank you. Thank you. We have questions, we'll pass the mic here. There is a mic back here and we're gonna pass it back. Okay, yes. Also a branding photographer. But I want to get into props and what is in your grid, or in your Facebook versus what is in your stories. Do you keep your grid more on brand to you and to L. And then do you go a little bit more quirky in your stories and show a little bit more of your personality? Or does it all need to stay on brand to your ideal client? Wow, we're gonna be talking about that. We're gonna get into stories. Right now we're doing the gritty work. We're understanding the psychology, before we actually get into the application. Psychology, application. It's not application, and then let me figure it out. So we're gonna get into the stories and the answer is yes and no. I think that every that we put out as business owners should be reflective of our brand. Does it have to be as perfect and as lovely as we do on our feed? No, I don't think so, because stories disappear in 24 hours. Do I use styled photos in my stories and in my grid? Yes. Do I also share photos from my iPhone to my grid? Yes. I don't think that it's like a make or break. And we're gonna get into the psychology of why. I don't think it used to be that way. I definitely think that it is that way today. So, yes to all of the above, depending on what our end user wants to see. I'm gonna do an online question before we make sure that we have the mic. And if there's another question, we'll just pass that back on. Online from Lynn, do you have any suggestions for people who are self conscious and don't feel particularly photo friendly? Should you still be including images of yourself with your brand? Can I have a raise of anybody in this room who's really confident being on camera? Oh wow, good! (audience laughs) Whoo! I was totally surprised! You guys are like ruining my flow. (audience laughs) So I think there was about, there's 30 of us in the room and there's about five people who raised their hands. Statistically, Lynn, you are part of the majority. I am a photographer, I hate to be on the front of the camera. But if there is one thing you walk away from today is you have to show, far before you ever have to sell. I don't think that people wake up, it's like, I'm so fabulous, I just need to be in front of the camera today. (audience laughs) Some of you and that's amazing, god bless you. But the vast majority of us, we have to start thinking in order for us to trust us, which is why I think real estate agents, Realtors, get the game. You are going to be handing over the most important, one of the most important decisions you make in your life, and that's to invest in a home. That's why every real estate agent shows their face. We as humans, look at other mammals and say, "I like you for no other reason than "you look like I can have a beer with you." That's legitimately how people pick the United States President. Can you have a beer with this person? If that is working from a psychological perspective, we know on social media, can I identify with this person? If we're not showing ourself, and remember if you are a life coach, how could you ever have somebody trust you with their life if they can't see you? If you're a baby photographer, how could anybody invite you into their home with their most precious cargo and say, "Please come into my private domain, "you massive stranger with a camera, "and be with my child!" (audience laughs) What we sell is ourselves. As a tutor, you have to show who you. As a photographer, what does it look like to be on the other side of the camera? As a dog walker? What we sell as small business owners by and large is a division of who we are. If then that becomes the case with must show it again and again, regardless of how comfortable or fabulous we might feel at the moment. So, we're gonna get into another question. So I'm a brand new photographer as well, and I love, in the backseat, loving that you are showing the behind the scenes. Thank you doll. Because I think, I don't want to blame it on reality TV, but I feel like reality TV has given a distorted, Yes. view of reality behind the photo, like what happens in real life on a photo shoot. I would love for you to actually share, so that way I can go back to this, and send my clients to this portion of this presentation. (everyone laughs) To, let people know that there's a lot to consider for the client who feel like they're Beyonce, and like someone who has a, can just 15 minutes of a photo shoot, that there's time that it takes dealing with insecurities, dealing with all the stuff all the things that pull in and bring out who you are. One of the things that I struggle with is how to say to clients, "No you really need more time." Just so that way they're more comfortable. I feel like they feel like it's an upsell that I'm trying to get them to go for more. But it's because I'm fighting for them to have the best experience, so I'm putting it on you, so I can say, "Well Jasmine said." Oh you're not gonna like my answer. (everyone laughs) You're not gonna like my answer, I'll tell you that much! Just to share what, how I could say and verbalize Okay, okay! to assure a client that they need more time. Okay, you bring it, I'm gonna bring it back. So while I'm answering if I could have somebody from the tech crew come out. I can't paginate through my keynote, so if we can have somebody do that, and I'm gonna get to answering. I am not gonna tell your clients, or your clients, or your clients a dang thing. You, you, and you are. Because if they're hiring you, why would they listen to me? They don't know me from Adam! So if you're saying you need more time, what you need to do is create content that values the time. You're not saying you need more time. Because you could tell me, "Jasmine, "you really need X." And I'm like, "Mm, I don't know." When you position something and say, because we had X, this is what resulted. Did you see, and you could do like, oh on Monday I posted a picture of Jasmine. On Tuesday I posted a picture of Jasmine, and on Wednesday I posted a picture of Jasmine and guess what? All three different outfits, three different hair looks, and it's because Jasmine invested in X. You're positioning X as the thing, instead of saying you need X. If you're not conveying the value or the benefit of X, ain't nobody gonna buy you for it. You trying to upsell me, that's just it. When you tell me what has resulted as a byproduct of X, then you're winning the dang game. So, now the question comes back to you. Are you gonna show your clients this bit of footage? Or are you gonna show up on Instagram and say, "I had a photo shoot. "She invested in an extra 15 minutes, "and as a result of the extra 15 minutes were were able "to shoot on the bridge at sunset, that was worth," whatever, talk about the add on. It was worth the extra $75 for that 15 minutes. Don't be afraid to talk about your prices online. Because when people see that they got an extra 15 minutes, $75 and three new amazing shots, gorgeous that are representative of their business. I would pay that every day and twice on Sunday. Show the value, the benefit of X, far before you try to sell X.

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