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Hot Seat - Multiple Instagram Accounts

Lesson 23 from: Your Social Media Bootcamp

Jasmine Star

Hot Seat - Multiple Instagram Accounts

Lesson 23 from: Your Social Media Bootcamp

Jasmine Star

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23. Hot Seat - Multiple Instagram Accounts

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Lesson Info

Hot Seat - Multiple Instagram Accounts

Yes queen! Uh oh, uh oh! Oh, now you scared? Now you scared? Get outta here! Get outta here! All right, @monicalindaphotography, wedding and event photographer. Wind beneath my wings, kinda junky, and expert at capturing love, and I'm obsessed with finding it. Girl Boss founder of @girlsquadinc. Huh, Wouldn't you know! She has a separate Instagram account, @girlsqadinc. Branding and event photographer, photographers for women who are taking massive action in their businesses by creating visual stories to help them gro the businesses they love. Can I get a hell yes? (laughing) I love this! I love this! Because what we've been seeing a lot in the chatroom, chatroom, I see you, "How many accounts should I have?", "What should I do?". And at the end of the day, I can't give you a hard and best answer. All I know is that if you're selling to two different customers, two different dream clients, I strongly advise you to have two accounts. Good thing I don't have to tell Monica anything, be...

cause she already knows that when a bride is looking to hire her, she's gonna be paying a very high ticket item for a singular event from Monica to be the specialist at wedding photography. Now if I, as an entrepreneur, am looking for a photographer and I go to her account and I see a bunch of weddings, I might question, "Is this the person really for me as a brand photographer?". Monica made the hard decision to say, "I'm gonna do two accounts for two different clients, and run two different photography businesses." She asked, "Picking where to start first to scale my business... Everything needs to be done at once. How do you pick the ones that provide the most impact financially?". Do you care to expound on that? Yes. So, one, I learned to do the two accounts because I have been profit to profitability, did it. So all that stuff, that's how I learned to do it, so that was really good. But I feel like with Girl Squad, and I was talking to some of the people here today about how I know how big it is. I can feel it, I feel this magnetic pull that's just crazy, and it's exciting. And, I feel like I'm one of those people that, I have a million visions, right? Of where I wanna go and what I wanna do with it, and I'm so excited that I feel like I'm gonna explode in my body all at the same time. How do I hone in the vision, narrow down the audience? Because what's happening is, when I am doing one on one with clients, I am getting dream clients. The clients that I currently have are literally dream ideal. Perfect! What's happening is I want to scale it. So there needs to be more of them. Not only that, but I see Girl Squad is not scaling it as a bigger business, not just for me. I also wanna model it very similar to second shooters in weddings. Got it! So I want a squad of photographers. Great! So that's your vision? That's the vision. So, you asked, "How do you pick which ones provide the most impact financially?". I think you answered your own question. Or did you not hear it 'cause I can break it down for you. I think I've said it so many times that I don't think I'm hearing it. I love it, great! So, can I assume that you're okay with your wedding work being-- okay, so you're good, that's where you wanna be (murmurs) Beautiful, it's coming in great. So Girl Squad Inc, you have a vision. Yes. And the vision is it's not Monica. The vision is it's a group of female photographers who are empowering other female entrepreneurs and giving them visual collateral. If then you know that, your singular objective would be to create such a demand that you can't fulfill every single client who comes your way. 'Cause if you do not have demand, you cannot funnel it down to other photographers. And if what you're telling me right now is, "I don't have enough demand.". Did I hear that correctly? Yes, but what's happening is it's not just branding photography. Event photography is exploding in the women's world, too. I get that, so the demand for my event photography has skyrocketed, which is great. Great! So I do have another photographer who just does that for us. Perfect! So, I feel like there is a demand in certain areas. Now, I feel that I'm not honing the message in and not communicating it in the way that I want to because I feel like there's all the things. Yes, I do do weddings, too, which takes a lot of other work, too. But if somebody's following Girl Squad Inc, and just assuming that they just follow, They do. Then, they don't know about your weddings. No, nothing. So, you also said, "How often should I leave time in my schedule to generate new ideas and a plan? I find myself growing and working all the time, how do I choose to slow down and work about a more Macro View of my business? How can I make more, faster?" It sounds like there's three versions of Monica living on the inside of Monica's body. Yes! Okay! Yeah! I feel you! Yeah! So, we just have to break up the court. We need Monica to, number one, before you do anything else, you need to create demand for the thing you want to scale. What I don't hear right now, and correct me if I'm wrong, is if we have scale quite yet. No. Do we have-- okay. So then, step number one is to get so may boss babes in southern California knocking on your door so that you can show proof of concept to other people who you want to take in underneath you and say, "I'ma take a piece of that pie.". Because I'm handling all the logistics. Okay, so step number one is drive so much traffic to build up the thing that you do. Okay. Then, step number two is to reach out to two or three different photographers who catch a vision that's much bigger than Girl Squad, than just you. They catch a vision of Girl Squad Inc. So, you sell them the vision, and you say because you're an early adopter, you're gonna get a larger percentage of the profitability for trusting me early on. But what I need from you, and noncompete clauses are not permissible in California, but what you say is, "I need you to be your word is your bond.". And you're gonna give me whatever you save. 12 months, 24 months, 48 months, whatever you decide. And say, "I will funnel work to you, and all I need you to do is I need you to upload the images.". And if they edit the images, they get a larger percentage of the profitability. If you want to control the branding and expectations, you keep your editing in-house. You keep an editor in-house, you send out your photographers, they send you back your content, you put up the gallery, then you say, "I am your broker! I get a piece of it. I am your manager you show up, you be creative, I do logistics.". That is Girl Squad Inc. That is step number two. Step number three is to build up systems. And that is the ugliest, suckiest, worst thing that you say, "I just need more time to create!". No, baby! 'Cause your vision is bigger than you. So when you say, "My vision is bigger than me just being creative.", then what you need to do is build up the system, and that stinking sucks! But now you have three steps! You're not building up systems yet. First you have to build the demand. Build that demand, build that demand, and then reach out to two to three of your friends who you trust and say, "This is what we're gonna do.". You're gonna get a larger percentage, you're gonna help me build out this system. And then what you need to do is you need to bring in an office manager, an integrator, a COO, to do the logistics, to find out who your editors are, to do the galleries, to do all the e-mails. Three steps. You know what to do, now you just focus on that. Okay Okay, how do you feel? I feel good. I feel like my biggest challenge, not a challenge, my opportunity, Yes, queen! Is that, I want to rush it, or, I'm so excited about it that I wanna fast-forward as quickly as possible. But how can you fast-forward demand if you ain't got it? True. Because, you know what, I already see it happened. Good! Do you know what I mean? I've already been there. I know what it looks like, I know what it feels like, we're gonna take over everything. Who here would like to trade spaces with Monica? Right? Because so many of us don't have the audacity to dream. I've already been there. It's amazing! Then shut up and do the work! Okay! (laughing) Right? 'Cause we can sit here and say it's not happening. Okay, well, make it happen! Right? Right. So we're gonna do this! You see it! Your success is a foregone conclusion. The question then becomes do you have the patience to watch it day after day, week after week, do the work when no one else is paying attention. You know if I guaranteed all of you success, would you say, "I will do this for three years with nobody paying attention.", "I will do this for 10 years with nobody paying attention.", "I will do this for 30 years with nobody paying attention."? You better answer yes to all of those. Because we don't know when it's happening. But if you believe it's gonna happen, do the work. That's it. Okay! Okay!

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AMAZING!!! Jasmine Star is not only an inspiration but also a GREAT teacher! Her system works!! I have benefited so much from her previous courses and I am SO excited to implement what I have now learned in this course. Thank you Jasmine for all you do! Thank you for caring about the success of others. You empower others to overcome their fears and need for perfection. You also empower them to reach to the next level in their business. Thank you, Thank you!! -Nancy Pauline Photography-

a Creativelive Student

And incredible class, so meticulously worked out & prepared to make it as legit as any online class can ever be. The amount of work CL team & J* has put into making this workshop is mind blowing. The idea of picking 2 businesses, working on their social platforms for 30 days exactly on the lines of what she has taught here and then presenting the stellar outcomes as proof is just incredible. I guess there is rarely any tutorial out there on the web that has put up such efforts to walk the talk & show that it is doable. And the way J* has laid it out makes this doable by anyone! Jasmine isnt the nerdy type, she knows the rules of game & plays it with heart & wins it like a boss. Am a super fan of her for exactly this reason. However, max content is focused on Insta, and little focus on FB. Her energy is vivacious, you cant doze off while she is talking. She talks like Ferrari on nitro boosters, even when she is giving impromptu suggestions or replying questions on the fly. Thankyou so much CreativeLive for everything you do and Jasmine you da boss! Wrote a lot, but this class deserves. The 1st day's lessons alone are worth the class price. Highly highly recommended.

Corrina Paterno

That was so cool.. What a great learning tool and knowing you not alone in the world of " LETS DO IT " Thank you so much and yes I would totally recommend (balling on a budget right now but will get this a.s.a.p. when done) thank you J" your the best XOXO ONE GIRLS PARTY

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