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Wrap Phase

Lesson 19 from: Working Successfully with Clients: A Class for Illustrators and Designers

Lisa Congdon

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Lesson Info

19. Wrap Phase

Lesson Info

Wrap Phase

Okay, wrap phase. This is important so once you've turned in that final illustration and it's been approved, there's still a few things that are really great to do. First is always, always say thank you. Okay, so express your gratitude. I also really love to let them know if I'd like to work together again. You know like if you had a good experience, say so, "This was great, I loved working with you. "Let me know if you ever have an opportunity for me again." Cannot hurt. If the client requires an invoice, send it off right away or within a few days, okay, so sometimes there's like these internal paperwork systems where you don't actually have to submit an invoice, it's just like automatically when your work is approved it goes to their accounting and they'll tell you if you don't have to submit an invoice but a lot of places require an invoice and I suggest getting that to them as soon as possible and I didn't put any examples of invoices in this class. It's really just like, your nam...

e, your logo, your name, your address, what you did for them, how much you charged, when it's due, net 30, your signature, terms of payment. You can see boiler plate invoices online. Work out with the client if and when it's okay to share the work in your portfolio or on social media. So it's I think great to share your professional work, it lets people know that you're doing professional work and it might cause them to hire you at some point too. It's great to be able to add stuff to your portfolio. I always like to ask the client when and if it's okay to do that, most of the time they're gonna want you to add it to your portfolio anyway. A lot of the time, they'll want you to share it on social media so just getting clear on when that's okay. Usually it's when the product or the book or the magazine comes out. Get clear on when it will be published or released and then last but not least celebrate. Okay, so before we wrap, I just wanted to cover a few more things. I wanna talk about if you walk away from this class knowing a few things, I hope it is at least some of these. So first, be professional always, even in frustrating situations. Don't be a jerk ever. Do your research, don't take an assignment unless it's right for you. Understand that you always have the right to say no. Okay, I hope that that message is clear. Understand that you have the right to ask questions. Don't ever work for free unless it's a legit, pro bono job or the client is your mom, okay. So pro bono means you're doing the job for free because it's a charity or a cause that you believe in and I think that's like the only reason to work for free unless it's your mom. Don't ever work without a written, signed agreement, even with your mom. The client is your boss, treat them with kindness and respect. Do your best always. And build a community to help you through the tough questions. So having folks that you can go to for advice is really important. There are so many groups online too, you can develop relationships in chat groups, or Facebook groups for people that are in your, if you're an illustrator, designer, photographer, whatever but be part of the community. You may be in the position someday of being the person to give the advice and that also is a great place to be because our industry as creatives is only gonna get better if we support each other and help each other to grow. So, thank you so much for being here. This was really fun.

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Caroline Fidelaire

Great class packed very useful tips for entrepreneurs in illustration and design and great email examples on how to: - respectfully and gratefully communicate with clients in the diverse phases of the production line - negotiate a contract and your fees - how to proceed to bidding for a work contract Lisa is a wonderful speaker. A wonderful class well worth its 3 hours length.

Scavenger Annie

Right from the start of class Lisa offers up her pearls of wisdom. Absolutely jam-packed with information on working with clients, illustration agents & art directors in the commercial world. All very relevant to other careers in the creative realm too, especially when Lisa talks about the language & negotiation of contracts. Clear, concise teaching & my fingers are burning from typing so fast as I made notes! A wonderful class that has motivated me to pursue commercial illustration with my brand Northern Bird Designs. Thank you for the top guidance & inspiration Lisa! Looking forward to the next class on managing workflows.

Neelam Kaur

Lisa has immense knowledge about the industry and she shares the same with Artist Community in the form of Books, E-courses, Workshops. This class is jam-packed with great information which as an Freelance or as an New Illustrator we struggle and feel we had someone to help us understand. And I must say, the Skillshare & CreativeBug Classes other than Creative Live Classes, she focuses it all from an artist standpoint. As a Freelance Illustrator Artist I struggled managing the other aspects of my Art Business which I feel so confident after this class. And most of all I know my worth! Thank you Lisa!

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