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2:45 pm - Conditions on a Shoot

Lesson 13 from: Working with Models

Matthew Jordan Smith, Yoanna House

2:45 pm - Conditions on a Shoot

Lesson 13 from: Working with Models

Matthew Jordan Smith, Yoanna House

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13. 2:45 pm - Conditions on a Shoot


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9:00 am - Introduction


9:15 am - The Model Agent


9:45 am - The Model Go-See


10:00 am - Making a Team


10:45 am - Your First Model Test


11:15 am - Testing Q&A


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1:00 pm - Expectations of Models and Photographers


1:15 pm - Test Packages


1:30 pm - Casting


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2:00 pm - Photographer as Team Director


2:45 pm - Conditions on a Shoot


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2:30 pm - Shoot: Matthew Working with New Models


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Day 3


9:00 am - Working with Multiple Models


10:30 am - Student Shoot: First Two Students, Benetton Ad


11:15 am - Student Shoot: Next Two Students, Benetton Ad


11:45 am - Benetton Shoot Q&A


1:00 pm - Shoot: Karaoke


1:15 pm - Student Shoot: First Two Students, Karaoke


1:45 pm - Student Shoot: Second Two Students, Karaoke


2:00 pm - Discussion of the Shoot and Matthew Shooting


2:15 pm - Student Shoot: Second Round of Karaoke


3:15 pm - Your Life Inspires Your Work


Lesson Info

2:45 pm - Conditions on a Shoot

So we're going to go through a section fairly fast and then I get these guys up and running and going through a real casting where you guys are running the casting and we're going to play roles she's going to the client of a beverage company we're casting for models for a lot of energy excitement and you've they're fresh I'm gonna be by from the advertising agency I'll be the art director so you have the art director because normally do a job like this their client will hire an advertising agency to produce the shot and then I will hire the photographer client at the ohio the photographer so we've now hired you guys to shoot this cast it and put together we'll put you through the paces of being a photographer doing your first big casting client are stricter and it's your show so before you two that has talked more about models on location and how to make them comfortable as you're shooting in a difficult environment they will also go back in the studio for a second before you go here b...

ut I'm into this really fast so here we are working on location but how do you get the shots? How do you make a girl feel comfortable and these shots it might be freezing out here but it is the look of the shots but to get these images you're to make her feel comfortable feel beautiful even a location same thing in studio make them feel comfortable when they're shooting very often this is where is like it's freezing you know we have we're keeping her warm we're keeping her hair looking a certain way we're all dressed warm she's freezing we're skipping clothes, our location a great beach but the weather is not cooperating with us but we still have to get the shot so here I am giving direction to the model of what I want I'm I've showed her stuff inside the the van which is you'll see later on I showed her my direction and I'm now giving her the visual direction of what I want for the shoot and then she can give it to me now it's freezing out here she can't look like she's cold, but in the break during the breaks I'm giving her more bricks beside it was cold we can keep her warm throughout the shoot, so here we are in location man with the crew way are down on the beach all shooting she's changing clothes, changing jewelry coming up and down changing hairstyles is all doing one day and now we'll talk again about being back due to the world we talked about this earlier when you were shooting and everybody's crowding around the computer and you know, so I have blackboards around my computer cause I don't want everybody seeing what's going on I don't want the model to see the boys when I'm shooting so I have it covered so only the crew can see what's going on and I'm having to montrose where I shoot one for all my my contact sheet and then one for my large image so I can see details in the image he my client is looking at the large image and even when I'm shooting so here we have a break where I'm looking at my visuals that makeup artist is off the side touching up the makeup on the model of the clients are all looking at the computer and I'm looking at my print outs because I also like him you know, sometimes we're not afford to have this gonna set I'll have a small printer now makes small prints just like you have it myself I like the tangible thing in my hand I can see the entire day this waivers is on the computer it's also for me. So what clients all over the computer? I'm on the side by myself looking at the show host you from the day and here's my digital tech who's now also part of my team I had the hairstyles make forest about abe I sit except for the digital tech he's part of the team now as well he's making sure that all my name is a sharp that they're categorized in one voter and that my client can walk away with fouls after a big job and hear my visuals on the board stuck up there as we shoot that's part of that team together, each achieves mohr can't do it by yourself. You need the team to make it worth I like you might models warm, comfortable as we shoot in a situation that could be a cold studio or cold. Uh, location on the beach or hot location on the beach. They shave their heads with water. You want a situation go really bad fast. Don't have water or food on location and you have twenty people on location. Feed the crew. I believe in being models. Do we feed the crew and then your crew keeps you happy? You guys have seen me drinking tea all day long. My crew came to me and give me team as I shoot. He has won my assistance with my team and my initials on it. And here's the crew. This is what it takes to make a shot happened. The bus is that one pitch in the magazine sort of magazine? It was a team of people behind making all this happen. That's part of the team now we're doing this after a shoot you are a great time, a great shoot, I love that shot at the end of the day for me of my team is a part of my memory and my history of shooting and of course great food when possible I like having a shift on the same well, this is before two thousand eight it's changed a little bit now so now what? You guys gonna learn that not this you'll learn how to cast models right now you know, learning what clients models and crew starting right now for that today's be doing all this casting working models, crew and clients and wanna shoot four different situations where should outside on a rooftop like you're shooting in new york we're shooting a beauty campaign in studio and then two different shoots besides that I'm a hold on that part you want find out that too later on but you guys will have a great time and we'll test you put through the paces and now it's time to work so let's go to our casting table my client coming to the casting table your client actually on the art director what's the trick is job in this situation the art director it has hired the photographer so my client has hired an advertising agency at that advertising agency there's an art director who is in charge of the shoot or korean drinking beer credit crave director or an art director they are in charge of the shoot and they have hired you the photographer so this casting for this big client were shooting for right now we're actually pushing a mock ad for a um software company a software beverage so I'm gonna act like I'm the director she's acting the role of being the client and we were stopped a few in the hot seat and you are running the cash thank you trying to say a soda sort of like but software but he's thinking of software companies there something we get this thing resolved to think it over you go on amazon out here in seattle that's so cool me you want to run this casting so we're sitting back we're looking at the models but you are running the show so as the most come in I want you to ask the models have they done any other shoots for any beverage company? And if they have, you should know that also you want to find out make small conversation about them to find out where they're from however in modeling is asked anything you can to make him comfortable the entire time you're looking at that model and figuring out if they're right for the job there must ask questions on the casting yes, you should know it is the job done that's in conflict with this job you should know if they are available on the shoot today let's make a shoot day saying we're shooting tomorrow it will be that in reality. But the station tomorrow to find out, are you available tomorrow for a shoot? They will say yes, but you should find that out all the time. If they're available, there's a conflict and then there probably a person normally taking polaroids or snapshots. Jewel snapshots of that model as they come through.

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a Creativelive Student

This was more of a collaborative course with Matthew Jordan Smith and Yoanna House, and it is brilliant. I just finished watching this for a few hours straight. I own several Creative Live courses and this is definitely in my Top 3. Matthew's teaching style is so kind but to the point and informative. That's the kind of photographer I aim to be. He puts forth his knowledge here in a way that totally encouraged everyone involved. I loved Yoanna as well. She was very direct but friendly as well. I loved watching her direct the budding models and her experience showed quite well. This part is for John, the guy who commented on June 2017. I completely disagree with you that there were too many questions and that other people were talking much more than Matthew, and that that was a negative. Matthew's whole point was not just to get straight to shooting but to talk a bit about interacting with people in general. This wasn't just about technical stuff; this was about forming that connection between photographer and model/subject. This was as much psychology as it was about actual shooting, and I absolutely loved that. So I 100% strongly disagree with you as this is one of Creative Live's BEST courses that I've seen thus far. Thanks a ton, Matthew and Yoanna, and thanks so much again, Creative Live (I'm a huge fan of you guys!).

a Creativelive Student

So amazing !! Bought this and Lara jade Fashion Workshop and the 2 compliment each other really well. If you're interested in fashion photography these 2 courses are so inspiring. I Love the Matthews passion for the creative process, its inspiring and informative.

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