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1:15 pm - Student Shoot: First Two Students, Karaoke

Lesson 35 from: Working with Models

Matthew Jordan Smith, Yoanna House

1:15 pm - Student Shoot: First Two Students, Karaoke

Lesson 35 from: Working with Models

Matthew Jordan Smith, Yoanna House

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35. 1:15 pm - Student Shoot: First Two Students, Karaoke


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1:15 pm - Student Shoot: First Two Students, Karaoke


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2:00 pm - Discussion of the Shoot and Matthew Shooting


2:15 pm - Student Shoot: Second Round of Karaoke


3:15 pm - Your Life Inspires Your Work


Lesson Info

1:15 pm - Student Shoot: First Two Students, Karaoke

All right, guys looking great if I just can have you for a moment over here if you come to the board so as you guys know, we're shooting carry off today and you guys look fabulous he look just like if you went for I don't know either girlsnight out or a bachelor party anything you know, any type of party situation you guys look like you're upto part so what the vision is it hood who's done kariuki before okay with the liberal professionals here kariuki professionals so you know the jail like not everyone can sing necessarily, but you still singing you know you might be singing to a song that you don't know how to sing well, but you're having fun regardless right? So we're going to do a few group shots where all of you guys are singing and then we'll try to mix it up when our divide you guys into groups subgroups I'll sit some of you guys and will explain the situation's earlier but it's going be like there in twos or threes will have some small playing off roles but let's start simple ...

were singing a song when all of you guys got on stage and started singing together it's your girlsnight out and you're singing together so let's start with that so let me have you way have different jess, so your death you're either birthday girl are you getting married it's the parties for you and this are your girls so we'll have to wait you're in a heavy state so but you want it you just you guys are happy so very under incorporated and we've got let's put you on the side perfect uh yeah if you just come forward so we've got to mike's we could have three let's have three mikes might be easier so we'll have two of you guys singing together and why don't you guys actually used them mike that's on the pole and let's have let's don't have a too symmetrical so the two of you guys maybe sing together and that two guys and you you don't have to even keep its shade you know if you want to just you know even you know sing it somehow just just play with the michael but but stand slightly closer but like remained the groupings a swell of the mic so if the two of you move closer so now for second so way before doing a shoot they only would have everybody up and looking like they're ready for shoot but in reality it's never like this have you ever seen a italian vogue? Yes and steven my cell is known for taking a slice of life and turn it into a fashion story it could be, you know, models and rehab it could be you know what are you saying war anything but he does it very well. Whatever is in the front pages he turns into a fashion story. It could be a twenty page fashion story so you guess and you don't carry okay before, right? Is everybody up at one time? All the time singing now I want to feel really I think about that what would be like? All right, but make it fashionable ok, make it fashionable this is your fashion story you have five stunning models doing karaoke e so it's a spin it's a fashion story spin being khoury ok, ok. All right. So let's have maybe in this case that told you guys sitting here but not just sitting pose while you're sitting, meaning the don't think you're on in the club. You're also modeling social no, not not, you know high latest that's done you don't do that anymore like easy. We've got nice pose over she's striking a pose, but yet she'll be singing so the same thing he will be with her. You remember you sharing a mike, but at the same time, you know, try to show your best features way can have the two of you guys singing together here and you could be maybe on the head and that's how you could maybe use the mike somehow you know the curves off the mike you could sing here like you almost like oh I know the song let me let me join in with you guys let's see how this way have symmetry going and it took two of you guys are sharing the mike you can even either use thiss or not we can play with that however you guys are comfortable all right we can give it a restaurant is the first shot to be champion shoot to kill a checker things john all right all right so now let's think of a song that is way have you usually have musical paper you get a few the music director wait remember you're singing it's gop second way but it does work booth let syria is this having more what I like here I really love that that feels like a sexy aversion carrie okay yeah how do you make that work throughout so it feels consistently like it's a way that I always say there's no break well will it be possible for you to sit on the edge off the couch in the back there you go and now how about it girls ever sit on interferon carry a q this in trying to get shot you are how much he over here in the corner way this if you just sit let's see, they go way can have the music to let you know that you can even though you don't have to say my name the way you like your client I like the energy but I can't see my feature dress because that's my address that dress is five thousand dollars and I want to sell it with the memory of a great time by what I see it right now we're sitting down I can't see that dress okay so is five thousand dollars on sale I feel the ok so let's yes yes thiss you have the microphone let's have you have a microphone put it in here and if you could like even while you're singing just play with the swedes doesn't have to be straight you could do the straight shot as well but also just play with it you could you're feeling good in the dress we can play with more innocent and also like give me a few sexy ok looks as well all right can we have the music please? Very nice I waited around that was very good. Do we have time or was it all right? Let's have it now that, uh let's think about it let's so this was more like sort of high fashion the way you guys were posing let's do slightly more crazy meaning like let's have fun now it's like a couple of hours into the night still remember to model so we're not going to be going two crazy but let's regroup your butt so let's have if somebody that coffee table over there it's not as easy as you know it is not why don't you sit over here and you on the other one? So you guys are the gossiping to friends just your on the side over here and you're on the edge so you you guys are together and you'll be like bit gossiping while somebody else meaning like cheap chatting during that club and also just a cross your legs just like look make them look longer bit longer towards the site you go could you put your legs the other way? And why don't we have the three of us standing and singing? You'll be in the middle since we're photographing address let's have it a focus and just one mike way can put it aside so while she's put them together yes you're thinking about what you want to do looking at it, thinking about how you compose them well, maybe let's do it this way just like you and you guys have three together it's going to look at the three of you? Yes, thank you so just think of it, you guys are almost like fighting for the mic to sing together and be very close, so don't be afraid off each other so really like when you're singing just big closing like literally sink to it like you are in the karaoke bar and two of you guys sometimes look at what are they singing but also like be together you guys are like not interested in singing right now but interacting still having good time so if you do I like this where you're going if you ever get stuck this is what this is for the keep you on track and help you direct better all right you get stop this is to help them get it anything helps them that helps you alright so like from the board there was uh if you just in the board you ceased we're not going go that extreme however interact with each other more like it's been a couple of hours into the evening and you're having fun somebody is not singing was that you laughing at them just just you know just think of situation when you really lose right now and happy and just like move more a swell your more loose even you guys you know in the back you're still having fun you know even though you don't have a mike I might give him mike after a couple of shots but for now just you know have fun over there you know like you're holding a cocktail and having fun all right thank you and remember one thing don't look at me directly just interact with each other but face towards me but not necessarily staring at me like way are in karaoke bars you're not necessarily looking people at the stage where you're having fun together it's a group thing all right all right you guys might as well that's all right so now you're singing the same songs so you're talking to it as well three frames okay with three more friends so you guys give me all you got to the song let's have the music you're singing to the same like that of you wait a wonderful place it was a great she's good and ready thank you thanks. So doing ladies first before you bring coming on I wanted to say I think you did a great job on that it's beginning it's not easy doing this when you bring music makes it easy for them but you gotta concentrate mohr directing the energy we had what I like what you did and you had this whole set you have to always shoot the entire set with end this there are several different stories you can come in close and get a tight shot right here for image get when the them together you get them together get one person over here you get the whole set you know it. Anything you want to do is your story so think about how you want tell your story so if you have a spread this is a campaign they might have one shot of her at the mic going crazy for one ad the other ad might be all of them together a third and might be this tree over here is all this stuff so your client wants you to get all of that variety as you shoot and you get all the energy going looking good it's also clear you were mentioning this is that just were selling so I was not sure should I consider only on this and this is just additional pieces maybe from collection that we're not selling I guess you're clear on it when you showed but that could be a great scenario like that but I love the way this is feeling already and seen the improvement of heat seeing you guys grow is well over the last couple of days very cool same thing again but different a photographer who we saw on can I just say that I really want to go to carrie okay with these girls I think working with them back to carrie okay and that was awesome directing alison wait I e you're doing good so today we're gonna do get out okay but the shoes and now I want you guys like tried to steal the mic so maybe you are on the house the mike and raving like you know you almost daily here so grave ing try this steal the mike and you um like you guys may be here and like looked like a surprise like what what's told huh yeah so um and okay let's try let me see like how you guys do it she's holding in the e u r the diva and she said he wants to get your way find the queen bee right sounds like a c c on this days and maybe do you want me to be like yes you know you get away like you don't want to share my little backups okay? You guys like oh my god okay, so and uh oh yeah and you guys comes step for right there like maybe once one step yes and you come here in this switch and then coming also just but facing them kind of yeah so put the mike down and some like so like you guys like go see being like what's going home all right? Yeah let's give me so I want you to make that dress look good yes because that's what I'm selling don't you make that dress the more mean and that you guys like cheering up and so bring waving to the board and show the board until what you want yes ok, anything maybe you want to yes oh yeah ok, so this one I want to get this kind of no no, I can't see that you mean like really really snatching it away we're pretending dealer check didn't pull hair there's a little dark side tio sweet quiet e okay see pc today and so did you know this happens a lot so what's it was happening you gotta keep things going so you're talking to them while your assistance again things together because digital problem happens all the time on the computer and camera talking to just got it okay yeah that yeah wait, wait come this way raving come on this way that's the right things happen also can actually learn e o so blowing a fuse he says it happened on a shoot so as that happens you can put your camera to your assistant it's not talking to them while you are sitting scurrying around and making things happen because this is stuff that happens all the time it's not perfect and that's part of it so as the thing goes down you just hand your campaign to your assistant and you talked about the energy you want because I won't make this dress the focus so as you're shooting remember at best the focus your client is selling that dress this is all in their line also but that's their main dress that they want sale five million pieces of your clients looking at you like he was just a good no she's the focus and she's the diva but I'm kind of cell that dress and I want you to be a little bit more serious well like yeah and so you're always in a santa and girls company mint hot dress so like um maybe like pointing her address or like with the um hands gesture something like that would be helpful if you also bring up the energy we should all be up and on the same level scared down so I have my my eye goes different places so they have one lounging and laying down back there and being told in her own world and that was like maybe doing her nails whatever she's these guys like fighting for the mike gets change up the energy so we have different stories going on on this said give me different stories in this one said so maybe katie sit on the edge of the catchiest and you know like kind of leaning but being hot facing them you know like yet cross that stuff and they use that again but more like covering hall and then like pointing like talking like what's going on on you just like looking at the fight okay music wait wait e that you're doing good doing good work e e e commission the ones right now okay, so it's your state music please wait wait I e just need more like engaging like it's a party and like kind of chemistry is like odo bus so I want tio get maybe, you know, and my energy, yes, all the energy like towards hot your energies, like what? Looking at her and pointing at her, and you get the right thing. Very cool, very cool. You like trying to engage and get one person up and give them things to do, do that's cool. So this is definitely very, very hard. And once you hear this hot seat, you see how hard it is to direct five people, but they are starting to have fun, and once they're in that space, you could just take them any way you want to go. It's, totally up to you. Do you do anything you want, so get used to being in control and taking charge, and then be, you're amused, but where you want?

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a Creativelive Student

This was more of a collaborative course with Matthew Jordan Smith and Yoanna House, and it is brilliant. I just finished watching this for a few hours straight. I own several Creative Live courses and this is definitely in my Top 3. Matthew's teaching style is so kind but to the point and informative. That's the kind of photographer I aim to be. He puts forth his knowledge here in a way that totally encouraged everyone involved. I loved Yoanna as well. She was very direct but friendly as well. I loved watching her direct the budding models and her experience showed quite well. This part is for John, the guy who commented on June 2017. I completely disagree with you that there were too many questions and that other people were talking much more than Matthew, and that that was a negative. Matthew's whole point was not just to get straight to shooting but to talk a bit about interacting with people in general. This wasn't just about technical stuff; this was about forming that connection between photographer and model/subject. This was as much psychology as it was about actual shooting, and I absolutely loved that. So I 100% strongly disagree with you as this is one of Creative Live's BEST courses that I've seen thus far. Thanks a ton, Matthew and Yoanna, and thanks so much again, Creative Live (I'm a huge fan of you guys!).

a Creativelive Student

So amazing !! Bought this and Lara jade Fashion Workshop and the 2 compliment each other really well. If you're interested in fashion photography these 2 courses are so inspiring. I Love the Matthews passion for the creative process, its inspiring and informative.

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