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10:30 am - Student Shoot: First Two Students, Benetton Ad

Lesson 31 from: Working with Models

Matthew Jordan Smith, Yoanna House

10:30 am - Student Shoot: First Two Students, Benetton Ad

Lesson 31 from: Working with Models

Matthew Jordan Smith, Yoanna House

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31. 10:30 am - Student Shoot: First Two Students, Benetton Ad


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10:00 am - Making a Team


10:45 am - Your First Model Test


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10:30 am - Student Shoot: First Two Students, Benetton Ad


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1:15 pm - Student Shoot: First Two Students, Karaoke


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2:15 pm - Student Shoot: Second Round of Karaoke


3:15 pm - Your Life Inspires Your Work


Lesson Info

10:30 am - Student Shoot: First Two Students, Benetton Ad

So I have my great friend over here she's gonna help and she's going to help you guys as well by critiquing you as you shoot from the model point of view saying was better for her when you're working with multiple models together we already start shooting now so we have are set up and we're doing a shot it's gonna feel like when I step out here so what the heck right shoe on the floor anyway way dear who have mobile most together and it's your job to show them how to act so I'll put you guys on the spot right now by having david come out here and shoot us together alright for broth you know she's the season bottle I have no idea what I'm doing you're in charge all right way have a setting to work with sixteen sixteen one hundred all right I'm a brand new model I'm nervous I don't know what I'm doing I'm here with her we're shooting for benetton way want energy and me she's beautiful anyway your hair done make up the whole nine yards this morning my very first job my first job as a mode...

l and I don't know what to do so help me what do I do good morning heidi and I'm dave how you doing dave how's it going good and your name matthew matthew nice to meet you you want again? It's great to see you. Thanks for pleasure finally worked with you so before do this morning's shoot well that this morning we're gonna be shooting for benetton and so what I have in mind is you know trying trying trying to see you know you could draw your personality is like let's let me just ask you like what you like to do for your activities looking at what kind of relief you can't just sit on the couch a lot um I watched video games play video games a lot thanks yeah I'm a gamer gamer what kind of any game jack um in texas well thanks for telling me here so we'll uh well you know let's let's go with totally looking that energy of like being you know being competitive and you have this determination to complete the game so we wanted to we will see where I'm going with that awesome and so with you when you want to um let's see what this happen let's have some fun as and you know we're about telling you were about to go out maybe out in the time counted to entertain ourselves sounds ourselves as a couple of maybe we just finished dinner and we were just trying to figure out we're taking a stroll and way come across ah uh entertaining arcade location can think better time okay so ok so but with this you know your you dressed over kind of very stylish and so we want to kind of capture capture you it is in this mood of like just having fun but you two most established people having fun I got that and I'll help you think sounds good great all right we re working yeah. All right let's have some fun thank hero think europe thank you. Okay thinking hero let's let's make both ofyou superheroes so we're going to empower you you're a dynamic duo so um let's give you this nice go confident power pose looking looking towards me uh very larger than larger than life okay, so, um you have a favorite superhero in mind okay, so you know what his superpower is uh he likes to just to save the day so you just say that doing someone in trouble and everyone's just a lot of you that you came in saying today so usually you're getting skinny can just just step into the shot and just just give your confidence super superman post okay, I could do that and then you want it you know you're also is a superhero and you're you're asserting that he just saved the day okay? All right, here we go. Okay, I'm getting a busy yet saying busy thank you for thank you for your patients he's like too nice I don't that that's awesome wait you're doing good nice really sleep teo tell me more about you uses some of the activities that you like to do well I want skydiving last week for the first time awesome so telling that with the superman character what kind of feeling you get what is not having yeah I was scared to death and then after the experience it was great I'll do it again there you go so you so now you're keep in mind uh that that feeling that that rush the exhilaration and you show that to me okay awesome way awesome and yes ok there you don't wanna have you kind of just look look at look at matthew yeah great confident look like that okay so I guess is a model now maybe coming on being more experienced that hopefully she'll try and make the other an experienced model I've worked with male models who might be starting out and you've got to make the chemistry right so I want him to feel comfortable with me and I think if he gets comfortable with me then the pictures will show that so so you look amazing you look great you're doing such a great job but um you know just listen up with that thank you okay all right way continue way okay we'll give you a hard time that's your your time but wait a situation like this and she's more experienced one make her hero and work off of this person okay all right so she's doing more than work this person's more quiet tension gin up absolutely absolutely so let's bring out some real models and you still shoot again okay with real motives and I put you on the spot there thank you but that was good that was very very good so you honor as they come out also you see anything he's doing that feels weird chime in as well ok it was like from you being used to be in the spotlight right? Well and he was doing really great but I think if it was a campaign or something it's great that you ask the questions but maybe that's something you would do in here and make up but I think right on the sat like the girl should know they're ready to work and it should just be about a technical thing that you're taking care of so I know coming in that I'm doing a benetton I'm gonna have already an idea so I should just be ready to go but since it's an experience and you trying to pull more from him than I think it be a good time to talk to maybe if you see the girls acting awkward or an experience but if you're already experienced you probably wouldn't need to ask that many questions or yeah so it's good though it's a good starting but um ok so let's bring the girls out and let's see how they dio there they are so cute and we've been working with them all week learning how to pose use their faces a moat emotion in their and their mouths in their eyes and now would be interesting to see how they work together as a group and and see how that goes and I'll be coming in if I see anything awkward or to make it better maybe I could show them what they could be doing, but if we're trying to have fun with the shoot then you know there would be like fun music there would be maybe someone shouting in the back more this or more that are less of this less of that so I'm going to try and be that person that would be shouting to the girls so that you can focus on shooting them and so I'm taking more of an art director role for the for the campaign ok, ok, I think good morning, ladies. How are you doing? I like dave nice to meet you. Couture a nice to meet you, karen. Nice to meet you. So we have this morning so we'll be shooting for a benetton ad and you ladies have look, look, look lovely and so I think the setting that we wanted to shoot here uh is celebrating kind of thing divers look and so we want to keep it they keep it very fresh and light you, uh just celebrating which what you're wearing and uh we'll have some fun ready okay, so we'll send her up good, torre and we can have a carriage is kind moving a little bit and katia's well all right, so let's start going before you get started, so that was a great you talkinto I love that, but you would make sure because they're ready to go and they walked out here like that you may not want them in that position the way they walked down, so you should direct them where you want it to be and put them on the spot. Ok, I want you to feel like you're together you fill in unison maybe that you guys really you're great friends and you just got style they picked to upper street, but getting to that being comfortable with one another, I want you guys to be able to touch each other, hug each other, put your hands like around each other because if you're going to be stiff and it's going to read awkward it's gotta be as if you guys are like doing amazing campaign. Your friends you just got chosen for this so already that's starting to look a lot better than from where you guys were standing, so I'm gonna help direct them a little bit, but you know if you don't come into him so if jobs I'm going can just change it up here and move you a little bit so we could just meet move forward wonderful and then uh kidding I'll let you two go that switch positions with the torah and so they began working going for that yeah, that close and friendly uh what well could well come in and if we take one one step to your left okay. All right, here we have way, ladies in four seconds. Ok, so what's the energy where they all doing, you need to bring it up a little bit more more smiley friendly. We're doing no more commercial it's not gonna be so thought out with expressions like I want you girls to be like as if I was like, oh, my god let's instagram each other to death something like that where you feel this energy of like you're not really actually having your picture taken this is going to be more of the natural opposing versus the confined opposing okay, but you're directing record okay, yeah, wonderfully I think both would do to show a little ah little diversity again and the feeling of emotions um if you just give me a kind of expression, I can tell you that now they've got to it's going to be a bit yeah, just keep very carefully smile that be awesome and perfect for you let's give you a look that a confident a sort of look that you're good take charge so they use well um you know it's a look also go with, um like a delightful look of enjoyment okay, so we'll try that wonderful way and a tour if we could just have you on the love the head had tell this is just kind of global kind of bring you in a little more towards katie wonderful awesome okay and you want to be awesome now you guys should be like dancing with each other so you know, if I were in here I would be like looking at you and looking back and then you would like it should be a communication that silent but this you know, if he's doing that all day he might get it's going to look like you're not to have a lot to choose from. You want to give him an expression, you know, even popping your leg bit doing something where you're she's touching your hat I mean, just be more engaged with each other, whatever I mean, you might think it's weird, but it might read really awesome. Um camera thank you, yeah complained we'll center you ladies oppa can katie by giving you stand right there, okay, great way, wonderful, awesome wait, you say where they place you shouldn't move around yet unless I give you direction to go from here to there okay way you're gonna get vocalizing a bit listening get keep the energy going yeah so much better from there so I'm gonna shoot him also but I like how you were getting there but talk the more and more direction okay? And also like we had this group here you can change them around any way you want to so you start this way you have to stay that way you can change positions to get a variety and clients do want to see variety because they might like this initially but you think and change and put the girl complaints maybe have her on this side of her on this side ok, just keep changing it as you do is you shoot to get variety okay, so also when you're shooting groups of people and when you shoot a lot of covers for magazine you have you're going to meetings and you'll hear about space so space in a magazine when reality completed get again, ladies in reality that's not a lot of space on a magazine cover it's huge, so they're always concerned about space, so use your space to work for you all the time because we're always concerned about this they see that I've gotta work or not work so as you're shooting, you're not just thinking about their expressions but you're thinking about space so as has been shooting that type of spaces like to too much of a gap, I didn't mind it but you're aware of it is good if you put inside story it's not as important born a cover it's huge so I would like to do something totally different where I have said in the middle for second so here's the engine like tohave so that touching each other at all give me equal space and turn square to me so on the ends I want you guys looking straightforward being very rigid indirect and I want your energy is being crazy totally crazy I want absolutely I want all the energy like I don't wanna hear it I want to hear it you guys just for looking police straightforward not at me but straightforward and very rigid and your energy is crazy I want to feel it I want to hear it that's why one come over its head? More for me that's great that's! Great that's great! Very rigid erect and units last night shooting I want to see if I want to hear let's go grab his camera twenty six that's kind of cool lays on the ends you guys are staying in place like statues and you're crazy I want to feel that I want to feel that I need that puckett was let's go to work let's go to work let's go to work let's go to work I want to feel it that's nice that's more I want you I want to hear it also like if you like one it's one thing if you like it's really different I want a hearing some of the action I want to hear it I want that I want that let's go let's go now way are that's nice great great so on the ends ladies I want the attention straight so don't your eyes wander give it to me straight get focus focus focus find a spot and hold that find a spot and hold that I love that do that I like that should be variety let's go to work let's go nice nice I don't hear I don't hear it I don't hear it beautiful beautiful that's it beautiful nice nice that's it beautiful great great that's something again this time play with her head you guys are like the guards in london so you're not moving at all you're looking straight forward no matter what she does, you're doing the same thing that's what I want that's what I want it's gonna work it's gonna work beautiful bassett that's it because you're playing you looking toward me because the hero of this shot is focused right here let's go to work let's go to work playful energetic nice nice nice, beautiful beautiful now back to me back to me this getting straight forward again and tons of energy looks like I want that that's it that's it beautiful beautiful that's been talking about that kind of just be careful when you're posing because you don't want to have him not seizure two legs and not a look a little awkward to just make sure that you're aware that you can see your shoulder your legs so now with that how did you guys feel doing that? I felt a lot more confident in what I was doing and how I was performing and I felt reassured by you perfect perfect perfect I love seeing you shine that way also if your personality coming out and being bubbly it makes you let go and do what you love doing that I want to see more of it and not be scared like let your voice be out there because you haven't you still like pulling it back because you're scared let it go let it go totally let it go because you're like faking it it feels a little faith if you really do it you can't fake that I want that energy on what the energy so that we have david shoot him again with that same age now direct them where you want to but doing the same thing okay, let's, try this again. Um well here's a little try to change it up so as we see we're two ladies on the outside uh, we're kind of more stoic what's happened did the two of you looking to straight out and let's start with you? Karen for now you're the more animated one and here just give me give me a lot of life you know you're you're having fun and then you know we'll just kind of go down the lines way get alright yesterday way you just won the lottery alright yes, and you two you look straight out past me, all right? And you want to skip? I'm getting sorry about them getting a busy signal back to the seventies. So busy all right, all right, let's go back to busy last year would you focus on your space? Also make it work for you, okay? Like you haven't nickels together to have a little space between giving just just tying up with thank you wake, you know, okay, here's, what I'm getting your like, you look like you're in pain, your looks like you don't know what you're like if she were to be reacting like that I mean, just relax the face a little bit even though it's kind of what she's doing might be a little awkward but it's starting to read like stunned that starting to read like you're just counting down for this to be over so you know if she has to act cookie then you need toe compliment her kookiness in some way so that the ad doesn't read like what the hell is going on in this shot? So wait well, it depends it depends what do you wanting from the two girls? Ok, so we will continue with that emotion now now thinking about it more um let's go with just like, well, sleights of surprise record her but we'll still keep you just kind of like uh just still so it so they can face each other is what you're saying for this medical maybe we'll change we'll change it up so yeah ok ok, so now let's even move torre well, senator, senator up again and we'll bring you like a foot forward. There we go seven cave with tighten up have you guys seen that dull chang gabbana campaign where the girls were screaming and they're so angry? It's the most incredible campaign and I think it was like the spring of this year and they're calling shouting and the other one but it always all in unison even though the one that was screaming the other two if they weren't it made sense so it's trying to get the picture to make sense all right, here we go yes this but let's go over the top bring it up all right, thank you feel free you have to put her feels comfortable when you're giving that look all right, here we go and go for it way ok, so we've done a couple there so we'll continue that uh have you just can't be excited now let's have uh you kind of that almost give that turned towards each other kind of giving that look good now I'm gonna let you direct and then I'll come in okay um were you to just kind of give that that look of like, you know what what's up with her? So yeah, this is your, um you're such a pretty girl but the last few hours you keep giving the same look over and over and over and over again so like, you know, if she's doing that, maybe it could just be like or looking over doing something else but keeping that way even if he wanted you to be still there still you could be like doing this I mean, you don't have to really move your head but working your eyes differently putting your hand up like there's ways way that begin those are even this part it's starting to read the same over and over again so okay okay you're doing what you're doing good always give direction as you go and sometimes giving the group like that's great but scott who also walked up and giving girl no more directions nobody little one by one by one and then always reassured between them as well as you shoot all right if you want salute let's change it up so now all three of you are you have you have just won the lottery so I mean let's just go kind of kind of carefree and wild with it so this is, um balance it's can tuck you in a little closer yeah and so this this is you can give you a little more kind of free range so last three frames that's three friends all right, give it to me and he let's go very good indeed it's better much better so it was interesting there but when you started out very beginning just being to get them I kind of kumbaya this is much more this is better because you're getting there but think about the direction also and give them a place to go and being aware of space could do so much of three people playing around the symmetry of them two of them have hats one dozen you do all kind of variations you have too close together and one far away and to being like totally stiff in one's being crazy you know anything you want to do with this combination you are director and photographer. So think about all that as you shoot and have fun playing around with it as you shoot because the more fun you have more from they have a happier your client is seeing all this energy and that you're directing the city and getting them great shots with tons of energy and selling their product. So agnes, you are up next in the hot seat. Thank you very much. Hurry in. I think you guys were great. And I also see you guys from the first day. Oh, yeah. You want to plan a step from now? I'm seeing it more comfortable with yourself and feeling your own energy is kind of cool to see that growth definite. Agnes, they're all yours. White s ome I spoke to them off. Oh, yeah, they already know. Okay, no introduction, none of that direction. Still, we find that unless you want, make sure they're comfortable with you. All right. Hi, guys again excited to shoot you guys against. So as we spoke off stage for shipping for benetton. So as you're seeing your style in a very fun, very young styles, very colorful, very fresh, so let's bring it to the set let's bring the youthful feeling on dh like lots off energy I mean, it has too much the outfit, so nothing serious, nothing high fashion. This is very young, very, very fresh, and just just think, like a teenager kind of look. So what I'd like to do since two of you guys are wearing hats, why don't you come to this side? Positioning is right and what I'd like to start with you, since you guys look to me like you're like friends in similar type of fashions, just think you're walking street off new york this summer, you guys are just finished with your school is a summer break, so just maybe even, like, hold your hands, just think you're on the street and walk very youthfully, very fun, and just just talk about boys. Just think, think of that's, just like what, what you know who is who in your school, who are you going to see? The summer just even give me a few steps so it looks natural as you walk and a couple of your guys even can hold hands and just have you seen sex in the city so just think of difficult this younger version of it and just just walk and just talk about something one of you can like pretend like you're listening the other one say something you can actually talk us well to each other so just let's work in the space of about three feet or so so we'll be going back and forth and so just walked towards me and do a few walks and I'll take a break with shooting you go back and do it again let's see how the place first alright guys have any questions? All right? So if the two of them are holding hands, just try to play with them so it looks unison hurt like that you guys are together that you not two separate? Yeah and as she's saying like she wants to be like it, you could think of like five different ways to hold hands because it would be easier for her to get a great shot out of this but if you guys I don't want to see you guys doing this for like thirty, forty frames like move on then like it let me come in here like we were doing this then I would start doing this, and then I would start lifting my hands up here. I would start doing this. It's got to be more of a dance. It's can't be so thought out. Um, but you guys can start building or saying, hey, let's, but in between she's fixing her line and be like, let's, try this like you guys should be working together and trying to get their variety had we start shooting have into a practice run. All right to get that feeling get in sync together I loved doing already I take you all right, so let's do it. A couple of practice works. I want fifty I'll just look at you and maybe provide some comments, you know, probably not cause on the street you won't be walking together, but I can give the cuban to start to work, so at least don't think so much about your feet. I think more about interaction from the get go. So when I'm going have camera will just testing now, but when I have come alone, I'll just start and that's when you can start walking right, start all right. And we'll be doing this against the one, sir john, you go back. Actually, you can keep the energy even when you go back, so just keep joking just keep it going like flowing back and for start ready start and you can go back and actually it's good as well if you start all right, so just pay attention to my start and start working together so that for a start, other practice helps them get in sync before you're ready and also helps you figure out your timing when they're walking so waving to a certain spot one issue that's that practice run for them is for that to them and get their time together in your timing to get sounds good good booth alright guys, maybe start on, start on start very good, very good you guys are doing great just keep up the energy and just just neatly playing with each other. Yeah, I would say just connected photo bit like each of you guys individually looks great just try to connect us friends and maybe slightly closer to each other and display of the energy of bringing in just together slightly more together I loved you said being aware of space, stay aware of all that stuff, so as you're shooting this, you're being aware of a lot of things at the same time we are on a job, you have assistance worry about all of us to make sure all that going off so you give to give up all that all your focus into them again the shots because you have assistants here watching the lights making sure with the right setting and that's your team taking care of you so all you have to do is focus on them and getting a timing right and getting the shot all right started very nice ready start very nice now let's maybe mix it up if yes like if you could do it around this mark over here the black mark as you're walking just play with her head like you're telling her oh I love your head some something you know along this line in your mind you don't have to say it and you can change like johanna was saying you can change the hand holding just do some different things all right start very nice yes you see you guys are working together very nicely now you can see how it's gluing together you can feel the connection between you stop for one second so I like what you're doing a lot and on a job everybody's sketches europe I'm doing like fifteen, twenty shots like this so they're going back and changing clothes in your client's thinking about the time and how much time is left and how much they have to get done like oh I guess we have fifteen shots that to do and it's great to talk and is the first shot so you have that pressure and that's a very real pressure you get that all the time as you're shooting and you're in the mode of the clients over your back think about the overtime on the entire crew when the studio when the hair, the makeup and like I want to get all this done fifteen more shots and I want variations and so so if we've got that takes for them to do boom boom boom could be just like boom all right and fast energy it makes them work faster and the energy is more is better all right, we'll try that variation let's decided let's chided let's see if we can make it look natural if you instead of walking just try toe imitate that step but still remember about working together and keeping this you know, fun girl talk so you move over closer to the black magic that one step you're on the mark so slightly half a step back so when like what you think when you moved back here going be right here all right? I'll still will be telling you start so does you can even start interacting now and start yeah, this one step so we just ask you step like you just think of what you're gonna be doing next but don't like show on your face you're thinking just already be in the moment and then you girls should be, like, a soon as she's taking that we're getting right back to the next frame, doing to get over and over and over and over and over so that so that she can keep getting great shots and not keep telling you to jump again or come back because that's taking time from her to adjust her camera, do whatever she has to dio um, so it should be quick. Ok, all right, all right, start, start, let's try something different. If you st stay on the mark, I'd like you guys just toe jump up like you guys have nice hair and if your head is but lose, you can even jump up with their holding your hat be closer to each other and again you can interact by one of you putting a hand on the shoulder where you jumping? Maybe the other toa holding your pants just again thank you food and just, like be happy while you're jumping let's see if we can get it, capture it at the same time remember, while you're doing it, you're still modeling so your face should be looking towards, like towards me and, you know you pick opted, so don't don't go too overboard with your love, but just be like not not winning the lottery but does be youthful it's kind ofthe summary like happiness yes, that kind off the kind of happiness and I can tell you jump in after jump you jump and you can go up. All right, jump. All right, well, I gotta jump very nice, very nice think slightly more about working being slightly closer and and also not shortening your leg so much like it wouldn't be an actual jump it would be more of a or uh you know so that your legs look long you don't look like you know, contorted okay, but also think about making them longer so they need to learn how to chop gonna make film all right? It's not whatever I mean as long as you still being expressive, but yeah, let's see? Jump! All right, let's, try it again. One thing, just try to not, but this is good don't extend your hand too far. Okay? Any will you jump on tree didn't want to win on three jump one two oh, yeah, I would I'll say you know it now the jumping is looking like it's got to be more in unison, so maybe someone's jumping too high because you guys were so it would be something like, you know, one, two, three let's, jump like don't want to three two exactly john still model yeah you guessed a model you still want your face to look amazing tio ok so one toe three much better much better don't you don't ship don't him oh yes I don't have money all right one two three one two three one two three all right now on the route now really three last frame ready one toe three very nice someone stop for a second before hui comes up nicks and now you see how hard it is people together it's hard getting about the same rhythm and takes practice but this is very common more than using more than one model you do that more than anything else so you to learn to work different personalities to get the shot and get them all working together so this is a good exercise for you because this is the reality of what we do it's great when you have one model it becomes much easier for you if you do this so this is more of what you end up doing shooting different models into situations together and having to report a fight together and direct the set so get used to that and the timing element is also very important test you take all your time you want but on a job that is behind you looking at the clock thinking about overtime on thirty people on the set and are you getting the shots and making the garment looked great for her or him.

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a Creativelive Student

This was more of a collaborative course with Matthew Jordan Smith and Yoanna House, and it is brilliant. I just finished watching this for a few hours straight. I own several Creative Live courses and this is definitely in my Top 3. Matthew's teaching style is so kind but to the point and informative. That's the kind of photographer I aim to be. He puts forth his knowledge here in a way that totally encouraged everyone involved. I loved Yoanna as well. She was very direct but friendly as well. I loved watching her direct the budding models and her experience showed quite well. This part is for John, the guy who commented on June 2017. I completely disagree with you that there were too many questions and that other people were talking much more than Matthew, and that that was a negative. Matthew's whole point was not just to get straight to shooting but to talk a bit about interacting with people in general. This wasn't just about technical stuff; this was about forming that connection between photographer and model/subject. This was as much psychology as it was about actual shooting, and I absolutely loved that. So I 100% strongly disagree with you as this is one of Creative Live's BEST courses that I've seen thus far. Thanks a ton, Matthew and Yoanna, and thanks so much again, Creative Live (I'm a huge fan of you guys!).

a Creativelive Student

So amazing !! Bought this and Lara jade Fashion Workshop and the 2 compliment each other really well. If you're interested in fashion photography these 2 courses are so inspiring. I Love the Matthews passion for the creative process, its inspiring and informative.

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