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Course Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Visualize & Execute the Future of Your Business

Tara-Nicholle Kirke

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Lesson Info

1. Course Introduction

Lesson Info

Course Introduction

as I said, one of the most common questions that entrepreneurs are asking me right now is what's next? And one of the most common questions I asked them back is what would feel like a breakthrough to you, right? What would feel like, what, what would you, what do you want your business in your life to look like even 12 months or 18 months from now. So I know that many times it's tempting to have like this 10 year action plan or five year vision for your business or your life, but with as many changes as we've all been through and as many changes as are still happening in the market place and in our businesses, I really encourage you to take something closer to like a 12 or 18-month horizon as you begin envisioning what you want for your business and how you want your business to change. So this is a time when I actually invite you to get out a journal or get out some paper or open a open a blank doc on your on your laptop and sit down. I'm going to walk you through a series of question...

s and an exercise um you can think of as guided visualization, so by the end you'll have what feels like a really inspired clear vision for the business that you want to create. Mhm.

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First, let me say her voice is so soothing, I love it. I could listen to her teach me anything for an hours. She doesn't talk too slow and she doesn't talk too fast. Secondly, the best part, I love all her questions. This video helped me to feel excited about my dreams again.

a Creativelive Student

Short and sweet! I loved having the list of questions to work through, as well as the specific tools to implement to see the vision to fruition. Thank you Tara-Nicholle!

Robin Spencer

Such incredibly valuable advice and tips. Love Question #32 and the 4 Tools. She is so easy to listen too and very inspiring.

Student Work